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Water Purifying Straws
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Are you often involved in outdoor activities such as hiking and camping, where survival situations are a real possibility? Well, you might want to have the best water purifying straw for your next adventure.

Most outdoor activities are tedious, and your body will need constant hydration for it to remain healthy. And perhaps, you have run out of clean water that you often carry along in your water bottle. A water purifying straw helps you filter less pure water source to ensure you drink clean water that is vital for your hydration.

A water purifying straw has an internal filtration system, which purifies water as it passes through it. Essentially, it filters out bacteria, protozoa, and viruses that often lurk in contaminated water sources. However, the kind of water purifying straw you choose will determine what contaminants it will block and ones that it cannot filter out when you are trying to purify water from the source.

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Features of Water
Purifying Straws

The water purifying straw you buy will often come with a decent flow rate that allows you to filter up to a liter of water per minute. However, some filters can do up to two liters per minute. To determine the filter system’s ability to deliver a quick flow rate is to check the surface area of the straw. The bigger the filtering system, the higher the flow rate, the more water you get.

When comparing different straw water purifiers on the market, the product manufacture provides you an estimate as to how faster the straw can filter water. However, at times you may find a straw that the manufacture claims deliver a liter per minute, but when you use it, you find that it filters a bit slower than recommended.

Water purifying straws come with benefits that include;

What to Look For

When shopping for a water purifying straw can be a challenging undertaking. Without a doubt, a water straw purifier is limited in what it can filter out. Honestly, these devices can filter out most of the water contaminants, but it doesn’t mean that they can filter our viruses. Nonetheless, some water purifying straws promise to lock out viruses when in the real sense, it is not plausible.

Check the weight and size of the water purifying straw you intend to buy. A straw that fits well in your backpack is a great option. If you have a small space to store your straw once you have filled it with other survival necessities, it is ideal to go for the small-sized straw you can get. You can find models that are pocket-sized in the market.

Look at the kind of filtration system in the water purifying straw and keenly study what the straw can filters out and what it can’t filter from your water. Some manufactures suggest that their straws improve the flavor of your water, but you won’t know until you try one or more of their straws. By checking the filtration system, you will know whether that particular straw brand is the best for your needs or not.

You can also consider the price of the straw you intend to buy. It is advisable not to go for the least expensive just because you will pay less amount. However, you can go for one that is reasonably priced and has all the features you want. Investing in good quality water purifying straw is worth it because it may save your life one day!

How to Help in Water Purification Process

Regardless of the straw you buy, some common-sense tips make the entire process of purifying water through the straw easier. These tips will help you find the safest water source available, even under extreme survival circumstances.

Look for the Clearest and Stillest water: Finding a small pool of water, river, stream, or lake, where the water is calm, is a better source of water than where water has been recently disturbed from either running water or the latest storm. Calm water contains less debris to filter, whereas disturbed water has silt and sediments moving around in it. Moreover, clam waters have cryptosporidium and other water contaminants sunk, thus minimizing the risk of your exposure.

Refrain from fetching water directly after rainfall: This tip is similar to that of not fetching your drinking water from a disturbed water source. As the rain strikes the water, it stirs up its contents, thereby agitating the water to bring up debris and bacteria. Therefore, try to look for undisturbed water sources and unused by humans or animals.

Having pure water for drinking, cooking, and sanitation is vital, no matter where you are. And since water purifying straws are readily accessible and affordable, you don’t have any reason not to invest in one. However, when buying one from the market, consider the elements of portability, quality of water purified, ease of use, and the convenience the straw promises.

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Best Bendable Straws

One of the universal drinking tools ever invented is the bendable straw. However, it took an existing invention – the “soda straw.” The bendable straw made it possible for individuals who couldn’t sit up at a tall counter and bend their heads to the angle required to sip out of a straight straw.

With the many brands of bendable in the market, choosing the best for your drinking needs can be challenging. However, with proper guidance, you can find your ideal bendable straw for your daily drinking as well as parties. But why should you go for bendy straws?

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