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Having the feeling that others are privy to your bathroom visits is enough to cause embarrassment to the extent to make your system not cooperate with you. Fortunately, this is where a quiet flush toilet comes in handy.

With a quiet toilet in your bathroom, you won’t have to worry about how many times you, your partner or a family member visits the toilet. By installing the right quiet toilet, you can flush as much as you what regardless of the time of the day or night without anyone knowing.

In this post, I review the best American Standard quiet flush toilet as well as I provide a clear guide to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

So, whether you are buying for your home, apartment shared house or commercial property, we hope you will find a quiet flush toilet model perfect for your needs.

How do I Make My Toilet Flush Quieter?

A noisy toilet flush is not an uncommon problem in most toilet models. Excessive toilet flush noise can be irritating and disruptive in the quietest of moments. A toilet that isn’t at its top performance will let you know by making noise when flushing.

Whether the noise emanates from the flush or it is the sound of the cistern refilling, toilet flush noise can overall be disruptive, especially if the bathroom is next to your bedroom or anywhere else where you would want to be discreet or study room. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make your toilet always have a quieter flush. So without much ado, let’s get into it!

Install a quiet fill flush valve

If your toilet is making a trickling noise especially when the cistern is filling up, then you need a fill flush valve to put an end to the noise. A quiet fill valve operates by using an outlet pipe to feed water back to the cistern below the waterline. As such, you will no longer hear the trickling sound when it refills.

Quiet fill valves often come pre-installed on quiet flush toilets. To install in your noise toilet, you don’t need a whole toilet unit, you can purchase a quiet fill valve separately and have them fitted in your cistern. It is recommended that you get a qualified plumber or someone with experience in fixing flush toilets to fix it successfully and enjoy the benefits of a quiet flushing toilet.

Adjust the Water Inflow

A noisy toilet flush can also be caused by the speed at which the water flows in to refill. So, if your toilet is letting in so much water into the cistern at a faster speed, then you are properly going to be noisy. Therefore, adjusting the inlet valve to have the inflow water come at a slower speed can help reduce the noise. However, you have to contend with the fact that your toilet cistern will take longer to fill up. So, if you want to make a second flush, you might have to wait longer.

Tighten the Pipes

Get a screwdriver and manually check-in and around the cistern and find out whether there are any loose fittings and clamps. These loose fittings may be the cause of the noise when the toilet is flushing. Therefore, tighten them up as much as possible but be cautious not to close the water inlet valve and risk having your toilet not refilling at all.

To be sure that the fixtures are well-tightened, actively move the fixtures using the screwdriver as opposed to visual inspection. If your pipe still is making noise, consider soundproofing them.

Soundproof the Toilet

The toilet seat and tank cover sets that are made of velvet, sponge or leather are known to provide great soundproofing of your toilet as these materials have the sound-absorbing qualities of the best soundproofing blanket. Therefore, if you purchase a set with a seat cover, you will then achieve making your toilet tank and toilet bowl even quieter.

Reduce the amount of water in the tank

Noisy toilet flushes have been found to be caused by large tanks which store more water than required. If your toilet tank is holding more than enough water to flush large solid waste away without a hassle, then placing a brink in your cistern will displace water thereby making the cistern refill to full capacity with a little volume of water. Bear in mind that less water flowing into your toilet bowl will significantly reduce toilet flush noise and overall save you water.

Replace the Entire Toilet Unit

If you have an old noisy toilet in your home that seems a bit hard to make operate quietly. A new toilet like American Standard Dual Flush Toilet can come in handy as it not only runs quiet but also uses as low as 0.92 gallons of water to flush liquid waste and 1.28 gallons to flush solid waste. Moreover, all the parts are new and easy keeping it clean from the start.

What to Consider When Purchasing Quiet Flush Toilet

Before you go out shopping for your quiet flush toilet, it is important to look for the following to get the right unit for your bathroom.

Rough In

Knowing the rough-in of the toilet you intend to buy is necessary as you will know if it is the right size for your bathroom. As such, you must know the distance to put the toilet flange from the back wall, the space to leave in front of the bowl, and how to set the cold-water supply line.

You can do this by using a measuring tape to get all the calculations correct. Although the rough-in is often between 10 inches, 12 inches or 14 inches, you should be sure of the correct size before you commit your money to buy a toilet unit.

Flushing System

In opting for the quiet flush toilet, it is paramount to consider the type of flushing system the toilet comes with. Some flushing systems are noisy such as the pressure-assisted system that uses pressurized air. Other flushing systems are less noisy such as the gravity flush that utilizes water to force down the waste from the tank, bowl and into the trap-way while leaving the toilet bowl clean.

But if you are also looking for an equally eco-friendly flushing system, then the dual flush is a better choice. You will have the option to choose between partial or full flush depending on the type of waste you want to flush. Ideally, the flushing system should be quiet, sturdy, long-lasting and water-efficient.

Flush Type

When purchasing a quiet flush toilet, you must take into consideration the type of flush you want in the toilet you intend to buy. Do you want to have a single flush whereby you have control over the quantity of water released or a dual flush type where you have the option to choose a partial flush and a full flush for solid waste?

Moreover, the type of flush you choose will significantly help you save and maximize water usage. Most importantly, the more control you have over the type of flush you want in your toilet, the less noise you will experience when flushing.

Bowl Shape and Height

The determining factor when it comes to the bowl shape and height is the amount of space you have in your bathroom. Round-front bowl toilets are often smaller and ideal for small-sized bathrooms. If you are looking for a comfortable and functional hygienic toilet, then an elongated bowl toilet is an ideal choice.

While you are looking at the shape of the bowl, be sure to equally check on the height of the toilet bowl.  A chair-height toilet bowl will ensure comfortable sitting and standing. Some of the heights you should consider include comfort height, right height, and natural height. So, whichever you pick, make sure it is ADA-compliant.


To know how efficient, the toilet you intend to buy is, you must check the number of gallons it uses per flush (GPF). A high water-efficient toilet utilizes about 1.28 gallons per flush while others can go as low as 0.8 gallons per flush. The unit you intend to buy should also be WaterSense-certified by EPA. This is especially important if you live in regions with water challenges.

Installation Process

Now that you have spent your hard-earned money in buying the best quiet flush toilet, you wouldn’t want to encounter difficulties when installing it. Consider getting the right toilet with installation manuals that are easy to understand and follow. This way, you can install the unit all by yourself without engaging a qualified plumber thus saving you money and time.

What is the Best Flushing American Standard Toilet?

American Standard Champion 4 Right Height

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If you are looking for the ultimate and undisputed toilet champion, then the American Standard Champion 4 toilet could be your perfect choice. This model is the best in clog-free performance owing to its faster, more powerful, yet quieter flush with every flush you make.

This is a contemporary one-piece toilet design that features an elongated right height siphon action jetted bowl. Coupled with the 4-inch accelerator flush valve, the toilet delivers a powerful flushing power that pushes down even the largest solid waste without clogging. The 3-inch glazed trapway makes waste move down to the drains without a hassle.

This toilet requires minimal cleaning as it features an EverClean surface that is easy to clean are remains clean for longer. The surface does not allow dirt to stick, therefore, just a single flush leave your toilet sparkling clean.

The elongated toilet will provide you with a comfortable surface to sit on while you relieve yourself. With the chair-height toilet rim, the toilet becomes ideal for both residential and commercial use as most people can easily sit and stand from it.

It is fitted with a Slow Close toilet seat that allows closing softly without slamming onto the toilet bowl. With this and the quiet flushing system, you will always have quiet bathroom visits thus a more peaceful household.

Key Features

  • One-Piece toilet design
  • Elongated toilet bowl
  • EverClean Surface
  • Low water consumption 1.6gpf
  • Slow-Close toilet seat
  • 4-Inch Piston Action Accelerator flush valve


  • Powerful flushing system for clog-free toilet
  • Easy to clean with EverClean surface
  • Water efficiency with 1.6 gallons per flush
  • Quiet flushing
  • 10-Year warranty


  • May have running water issues

What toilet is Better Kohler or American Standard?

American Standard VS Kohler Toilet

With several years of experience in the toilet industry, American Standard and Kohler toilets have been known to provide superior durability, flushing technologies and modern and advanced features than the other brands. So, which toilet brand will reign supreme and make it to our top spot? In this section, it is American Standard versus Kohler in this head-to-head comparison.

Here is an in-depth guide about each brand that can help you make an informed choice between American Standard and Kohler.

Material and Durability

When it comes to maintenance and longevity, Kohler toilets are said to be a little difficult to maintain. Most users contend that Kohler toilets are prone to clog and leakages thus causing a lot of conveniences. Kohler uses materials like china, vitreous china, porcelain, and ceramic. Vitreous china material is extremely durable and sturdy. Besides, they coat their toilets with ceramic which makes them even more long-lasting without major damages.

On the other hand, American Standard is popular owing to its highly efficient toilet models that do not clog or leak thus lessening the need for a plunger in your bathroom. American Standard uses materials such as vitreous china and porcelain in the manufacture of their toilets. These materials are seamless when it comes to cleaning.

Both toilet brands are based in American, which makes the availability of spare parts easy. The American Standard edges Kohler as it proves to be a better toilet brand owing to its durability, clog and leak-free.

Flushing System

Flushing power is an essential feature that you shouldn’t overlook when shopping for a new toilet. The flushing system will not only allow you to save on your water bill but also ensures the all your waste is flushed down the toilet bowl with a single flush.

To this extent, American Standard offers an advanced VorMax flushing technology whereas Kohler offers water efficiency with Class Five and Ingenium flushing systems. Both these flushing systems can help you save up to 16,500 gallons of water annually with a flush of 1.28gpf.

For instance, let’s take the American Standard Champion 4 and Kohler Highline into consideration. We found that the Highline experiences difficult flushing away solid waste minus experiencing clogs or requiring a second flush.

However, the Champion 4 is able to flush down waste and clean the bowl with a single powerful flush owing to its 4-inch tank flapper as opposed to the standard 3-inch fitted in other toilet models. For this reason, the American Standard edges Kohler due to its highly efficient flushing mechanisms. Unfortunately, you have to trade-off with a little noise.

Toilets and Bowl Types

Both the American Standard and Kohler provide a variety of toilet type choices along with different types of toilet bowl designs. American Standard offers a selection of one-piece toilets, two-piece toilets, wall-hung toilets, floor-mounted toilets, and WC close-coupled toilets that come equipped with either elongated or round-fronted designs.

Kohler, on the other hand also provides consumers with one-piece toilets, two-piece toilets, wall-hung toilets, urinals with either elongated or round-fronted bowl designs. However, the elongated designs are said to be quite comfortable owing to the fact that they distribute the weight on the bowl evenly.


Both American Standard and Kohler toilets offer easy to clean and maintain designs. Kohler uses an outstanding surface finish whereas American Standard offers the EverClean finish coupled with a powerful flush that leaves the toilet bowl sparkling clean after every flush.

Keep in mind that Kohler recommends that you use soft abrasive cleaners to clean their toilets as opposed to strong abrasive cleaners so that you don’t cause damage to the vitreous china material used in the manufacturing of the toilet.

Regardless, the ease of cleaning boils down to the choice of toilet design. For instance, one-pieces is easier to clean compared to two-piece toilets because they don’t come with the gaps between the tank and bowl which are known to harbour dirt.

Design and Colors

Whether you want to go for American Standard and Kohler toilet, it all depends on what your design needs are. Kohler toilets feature an extremely sleek, computerized design that popularly comes with an elongated bowl and Right Height feature. These are the features that make Kohler extremely comfortable to use, access and popular with everyone in the home. Kohler toilets are ADA-certified with their height being more than or equal to 16.5 inches yet still being compact. This makes them perfect for en-suits, power rooms and small-sized bathrooms.

American Standard makes toilets while focusing on efficiency as opposed to design. If you want to buy a toilet that comes with a sleek design, then Kohler could be your best option. American Standard also offers a wide range of colours that include white, linen, and bone while Kohler offers biscuit, white, black, dune, and almond.


When it comes to price, there isn’t any comparison. Although Kohler makes some of the best toilets, they are not as affordable as American Standard. Because of their affordability and quality model line, the American Standard has literally become the baseline on which other toilet brands are compared.

Kohler toilets are generally expensive even if it is with a slight margin. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget, then the American Standard is your fit.


Both American Standard and Kohler toilets surpass the industry standard because of their exceptional manufacturing and performance. The companies are all affiliated with several certifications.

The American Standard is certified with EPA WaterSense, ADA, CalGreen and CEC, while Kohler is affiliated with the same certifications along with Universal Height and Declare. These certifications work together to ensure the toilets made by these manufacturers are eco-friendly and water-efficient.


The American Standards backs their toilets with a 5 to 10-year warranty. Kohler, on the other hand, offers a 1-year limited warranty.

Extra Features


Quick-Release: This feature in Kohler toilets allows easy cleaning since it enables you to remove the toilet seat through the back hinges and returning it without using any tools.

Class Five Flushing Technology: This flushing by Kohler is very powerful and it entails a 3 ¼ -inch flush valve and a full glazed trapway for exceptional flushing performance.

Quiet-Close Seat: The quiet-close seat feature enables the toilet seat to gently close without sharply slamming it.

American Standard Champion 4 Flushing System: The Champion 4 flushing system comes with 2 3/8-inch siphonic trapway and a 4-inch large flush valve that exceeds industry standards. Both of these two features work together to reduce clogging and backups while saving on the water with each flush.

EverClean Finish: The EverClean finish on American Standard toilets offers a layer of glaze on the surface of the toilet thus preventing any dirt from sticking to the toilet.

Slow-Close Seat: American Standard toilet models come with a slow-close seat like the Quiet-Close seat on Kohler toilet brand. This feature ensures the seat closes gently without slamming the seat on the bowl.

American Standard or Kohler? Which is Better?

From the foregone comparison, one can easily conclude that American Standard is a greater option between these two toilet brands. With advanced flushing technologies, superior features and affordable price, American Standard without a doubt proves to be superior to Kohler considering its efficiency and cost. For this reason, the American Standard brand is so popular among residential and commercial applications.

Final Thought

American Standard toilet models are not only quiet but also classy, high in performance and hygienic. So, if you have been wondering which of the American Standard toilet models has the quietest flushing system, then the American Standard Champion 4 is possibly the best you can get. And with the comparison with the Kohler toilet brand, you can easily make an informed decision whether you can go for American Standard toilet models or its bitter rival, the Kohler Toilet Brand. All the best in your Purchase!

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