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Best Way to Clean Drains in Shower

More often than not, it is always best to shun the expense of hiring a plumber if possible. This is because cleaning a shower drain yourself is not a hard nut ...

How to Install Shower Pipe in Wall

Usually, a shower valve and all the pipes that connect to it go behind the shower wall. If one of these pipes is not installed properly the shower valve with ...

How Much Does a Plumbing Inspection Cost

A plumbing inspection allows you to find blockages, leaks, and damages to your home plumbing system or tree roots in your sewer line. You can consider a ...

What Does it Cost to Repipe a House

Once your plumbing system is damaged beyond the stage of repairs and replacement, then you know it is time you get the entire home repiped. If you are ...

How to Install a Toilet in a Basement with a Rough-in Pipe

Wondering how to install a toilet in a basement with a rough-in pipe? Well, installing a toilet in the basement with a rough-in pipe isn’t a hard nut to crack ...

What Causes Air in Water Pipes with a Well

Air in water pipes with a well can occur due to different causes that range from easy to fix to ones that require professional fixing. However, there is no ...

How to Repair PVC Pipe in the Ground

Polyvinyl Chloride pipes (PVC) are used in residential plumbing systems are drains, vents, and waste piping. These pipes are typically identified by their ...

How to Install a Water Softener With a Well

How to Install a Water Softener With a Well Want to know how to install a water softener with a well? A well produces hard water which can make water usage in ...

How to Fix Water Hammer in Shower

If you hear a thumping sound or a loud bang when you turn your shower tap off, run the dishwasher or washing machine, most possibly you have a water hammer ...

How to Unclog Main Septic Line

The whole of your homestead, you have drain lines directing wastewater away from your toilets, tubs, sinks, and from other places to the main sewer line. The ...

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