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Strongest Drain Clog Remover

We all hate these: You are taking a bath and as minutes go by, the water in your shower is getting higher and higher above your feet. Or, you are washing your ...

How to Fix Black Water Coming Out of Faucet

How to fix black water coming out of faucet? Well, plumbing problems are often diversified and may come and go in different directions. However, these problems ...

How to Plumb a Hot Water Recirculation Loop

Plumbing a hot water recirculation loop is relatively easy. However, plumbing the system in a way that saves you energy is the trickier part. A hot water ...

How to Replace Cast Iron Sewer Pipe

Cast iron pipes have been in use for sewer pipes way back before the 1970s. These pipes were built to be stronger and last way over 50 years. They are commonly ...

How to Fix a Broken Pipe Inside a Wall

A broken pipe inside a wall is the last thing you will want to handle as a homeowner. Fortunately, your broken pipe can be fixed and the cause of the damage ...

Best Way to Clean Drains in Shower

More often than not, it is always best to shun the expense of hiring a plumber if possible. This is because cleaning a shower drain yourself is not a hard nut ...

How to Install Shower Pipe in Wall

Usually, a shower valve and all the pipes that connect to it go behind the shower wall. If one of these pipes is not installed properly the shower valve with ...

How Much Does a Plumbing Inspection Cost

A plumbing inspection allows you to find blockages, leaks, and damages to your home plumbing system or tree roots in your sewer line. You can consider a ...

What Does it Cost to Repipe a House

Once your plumbing system is damaged beyond the stage of repairs and replacement, then you know it is time you get the entire home repiped. If you are ...

How to Install a Toilet in a Basement with a Rough-in Pipe

Wondering how to install a toilet in a basement with a rough-in pipe? Well, installing a toilet in the basement with a rough-in pipe isn’t a hard nut to crack ...

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