Best Angle for Soaking Tub

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The majority of us do not always have time to soak in the tub. In the morning, we are rushing out the door, and in the evening, we are too exhausted to run the bath. But for us who consider bathtubs sacred, buying the right one is ideal, i.e., gorgeous, comfortable, and affordable.

It helps if it is low maintenance because you do not want cleaning your bathtub to take longer than the bath itself. But how can you be sure you have bought the best bathtubs? That is why we are here to review some of the best Best Angle for Soaking Tub.

Let us start.

Sinkology Heisenberg Claw Foot Bath

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Copper jewellery is sometimes worrying. It turns green with time, and that sickly shade may transfer onto your skin. Copper bathtubs don’t have that problem, especially the Sinkology Freestanding Claw-Foot Tub. It’s hammered over 100,000 times for that perfect finish.

This tub features 14-gauge copper curves; additionally, the bathtub has bronze feet cast and finished by hand. In addition, the bathtub has a higher back on one side, providing extra support for your back. If the copper patina bothers you, wax it off using Copper Armor products and microfiber cloth.

Copper tubs promote longer soaks because they retain heat better than acrylic or fibreglass tubs. The Heisenberg is freestanding, so that you can install it anywhere in the bathroom. But the plumbing process is a bit more complicated than wall-mounted tubs, so call a plumber if you need to.

To make a statement and create a cosy cabin ambience in your bathroom, consider buying a Heisenberg copper bathtub. It conducts heat well and works with 2-inch drainage pipes.


  • Each tub is handcrafted, so it has a unique design.
  • The tub is pure copper, and the claws are pure brass.
  • It gives you home antique elegance and fits well with a rustic theme.


  • Sinkology bathtubs don’t have their faucets or drain kits included, so you have to buy them separately.

Vista Copper Euclid Roll-Up Bathtub

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If clawed feet aren’t your style, you might prefer the type of tub that sits flat on the floor. The Euclid bathtub has decorative detail at its base and raised rims on both sides. The lower central curve makes it easier to climb into the tub. In addition, its decorated pedestal keeps it stable on the ground.

This beautiful bathtub is hammered from 16-gauge copper. At 170 lbs, it’s heavier than fibreglass or acrylics, so avoid installing it on flimsy floors. It could crash through plaster or crush ceramic tile, especially when the metal frame and water weight is added to your body mass.

The tub is extra wide, stretching 71 inches at its longest point. It holds as much as 70 gallons of water. Its rim is rolled, but it doesn’t have an overflow valve. Each tub is unique and distinct because it’s hammered and moulded by hand. Its tapered sides offer good back support.

The Euclid copper tub looks good and feels great. Its pedestal distributes weight better than its clawfoot cousin. But it uses a thinner gauge of metal, so it’s more susceptible to dings.


  • The bottom of the bathtub is accented with rivets and horizontal bands.
  • The drain is in the middle of the tub’s pedestal rather than the side.
  • The bathtub comes pre-drilled with a faucet hole.


  • Patina is inevitable, so you may have to wax it off twice a year.

Ove Decors Freestanding Bathtub

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This freestanding bathtub can hold up to 52.9 gallons of water. This product has turned out to be the best option to enjoy an immersive and deep soak. In addition, it comes up with the prerequisite support for freestanding, wall-mounted, and deck faucets.

It can provide a unique look and feel to the elegance of the bathroom. Due to the presence of a comfortably sloped back, it can bestow the ultimate relaxation to you. The adjustable feet of this product offers hassle-free installation along with high durability.

Although the bathtub is acrylic, its fibreglass coating gives it an element of luxury. With many soaking tubs, you worry about drilling your holes. The Ove Decors isn’t just drilled; it’s also fitted with a leak-proof chrome overflow and drain cover. The tub is 69 x 31 inches at the rim.

It tapers on all four sides and has armrests all around its rim. The tub comes with a limited warranty of 5 years. It’s a deep bathtub, allowing you to cover yourself with 17.7 inches of water. The tub resembles a water trough, and this design is eye-catching of modern and mythical.

You don’t need to worry about leakage anymore as you choose this product. This product is loved owing to the built-in chrome finish centre drain as well as overflow.

For a tub that mixes the best of classic and contemporary bathroom sensibilities, buy the Houston Ove Decors. Its pop-up drain is already fitted, so less plumbing work for you!


  • At 17.7 inches, this tub fills deeper than the average tub.
  • Its acrylic fibreglass body feels lighter and lasts longer.
  • It weighs 120 lbs so that it won’t stain your floor.


  • While the outer rim is vast, the inner rim is 58 inches by 26 inches, so you lose many bathrooms, pun intended.

Ferdy 67″ Freestanding Soaking Bathtub

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This freestanding bathtub is considered to be the perfect combination of simplicity and luxury. It features an ergonomic design that plays an integral role in supporting the body while you stretch out. In addition, the gracefully shaped lines of this product play an integral role in complementing a variety of bathroom styles.

This freestanding soaking bathtub has become the prime choice of end-users owing to the ease of installation. Moreover, it is equipped with sloped lumbar support, which offers additional comfort while you are taking a bath. Apart from this, the classic overflow feature of this product ensures deep soaking.

Also, this bathtub boasts acrylic reinforced along with fibreglass material which ensures high durability. People love to choose this product owing to its durable finish and non-toxic material. This product is a class of its own in offering enhanced durability.

Moreover, this product includes adjustable levelling feet, which are exquisite in stabilizing the tube to the prerequisite surface. Also, the plastic drain connectors of this product are capable of scaling, almost up to 32 inches. Again, it comes with an anti-sliding gasket, which can prevent any sort of leakage of water. It is capable of adjusting to different requirements of the floor drain.


  • Great design.
  • Lightweight.
  • Sturdy.


  • The tapered sides of this product might make the tub uncomfortable.

ARIEL Platinum AM128JDCLZ Whirlpool Bathtub

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You are sure to forget all the stress as you take a dip into this bathtub. This product has become the number one choice of the potential audience owing to its thoughtful design. It is composed of premium acrylic, which adds to its durability.

Likewise, it offers resistance against heat as well as other damage like fading, chipping, cracking. Furthermore, because of the presence of the fibreglass reinforcement, it is matchless in imparting an energizing bath experience for a prolonged period. Moreover, it boasts of ergonomic design and oval shape, capable of cradling the bather comfortably.

Furthermore, it supports the body while stretching for the prerequisite repose to seek a relaxing and deep soak. Therefore, it is considered to be the perfect combination of function and form. It is equipped with Overflow drainage and advanced Bath waste, which is beneficial in preventing the pouring of water into the floor.

Apart from this, it includes the drain fixtures, which play an integral role in draining the water without causing any clogging problems. Then, it features an advanced Hydro massage system helpful in targeting the pressure points to confer a relaxing experience.

Other than this, this freestanding tub includes six water flow settings and 14 acupressure water jets, which ensure customized water action, catering to your needs. In addition, the waterfall faucet of this product has an elegant design that is capable of filling the tub with a flow rate of 3.7 gallons of water every minute.

Also, it has a 1.5 HP motor, which offers the prerequisite power for the effective operation of the unit. Furthermore, this product’s ready-made LED chemotherapy lighting stands out of the ordinary in offering an immersive bathing environment in different colours. You can also listen to your favourite track with Bluetooth technology, a touch screen keyboard, and onboard FM radio.


  • Durable.
  • Looks great.
  • Comfortable.


  • It needs professional installation.

Empava EMPV-FT1518 67″ Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

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The stand-alone and white acrylic design of this product stands out of the ordinary in complementing the bathroom decor. It is feasible to combine this unit with any tub filler, which goes with the style of your restroom. The potential audience prefers purchasing this unit due to the modern curved design, as it can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

It also bestows a sophisticated touch to the design of the bathroom. It is known to comprise an ergonomic design, which ensures that the product will fit perfectly into your bathroom. In addition, it is constructed from white acrylic, thereby offering a glossy surface.

Fibreglass is used for reinforcing it, and hence it increases the longevity of the bathtub. Therefore, these units can please the eyes owing to which customers are purchasing it more, as compared to the other products, present in the market.

The manufacturer selects the finest quality raw materials to give the contemporary design of this product. The presence of a brushed nickel drain, as well as overflow, prevents the chances of spillage.


  • Feels luxurious.
  • Ergonomic.
  • Comfortable.


  • Lack of Tub filler.

WOODBRIDGE Acrylic Freestanding Contemporary Soaking Tub

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Curved tubs occupy a lot of space so that they can crowd your small bathroom. But if you have the square footage, the Woodbridge bath is a lovely luxury to indulge. It has a high profile, standing 23 inches off the ground. But the first 10 inches are your base and plumbing, so be careful.

The actual water depth is 13.75 inches, so while this tub seems larger and more profound than the average tub, it offers slightly less coverage. Lengthwise, the tub is 54 to 57 inches at its longest point. The sides taper inwards, so the tub is about 35 inches at its base. Its width is tapered too.

The Woodbridge bathtub has three alternative lengths, depending on the style you choose. Its rim can be higher on one side (54″), flat throughout (56″), or dipped in the middle (67″). All three versions are acrylic with fibreglass glazing, and they have pre-installed drains and overflows.

For lovers of long soaks, this Woodbridge bathtub is ideal. It has a double wall, so your water doesn’t cool as quickly. In addition, it has valves that eliminate leakage and prevent bad smells.


  • The tub is made of Lucite acrylic and coated with Ashland fibreglass and resin.
  • Its curvy contours and high gloss give it a luxurious look whether you buy black or white.
  • It sits on a stainless steel bracket that can hold up to 1,000 pounds.


  • It comes in similar heights and shapes, which can be confusing, so double-check your order. Also, the pedestal is almost 10 inches thick, so your tub isn’t as deep as it looks.

MCP Whirlpool Corner Bathtub

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The internet of things offers far more entertainment and utility options. This MCP Whirlpool partly benefits from that trend. It’s not WiFi-enabled, but it can send and receive Bluetooth signals. This lets you communicate with your remote controller, and it powers other functions.

These include an FM radio and two built-in speakers so that you can soak in soothing surround sound. This whirlpool corner bathtub has 13 air jets and 12 rear water jets. You can massage your body in 4 modes, and the tub has a portable shower wand with waterfall settings on its faucet.

It’s a two-person tub, and every user gets their own padded, waterproof headrest. Aside from the remote controller, you can use the LCD panel to control your bathtub. Its underwater light gives your bath time session a gentle glow, and it’s a safer option than bath candles.

You can enjoy a relaxing ritual without burning the house down. Use your submerged LED in place of candles, and turn up the music on your MCP whirlpool. There’s room for two!


  • It has a moulded corner seat for soaking convenience.
  • It has a sliding glass lip for walk-in users.
  • You can set its function by remote.


  • It’s a hi-tech electrical bath, so you can’t soak off your stress while the power is out.

Woodbridge 54 Inch Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

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The dimensions of this tub from Woodbridge make it a good choice for smaller bathrooms. It measures 54 inches long by 28.375 wide and 28.375 high so that it won’t take as much room as some other models.

It has a 55-gallon water capacity, and the water height will reach 15 inches at the overflow. This means, despite its compact size, you can still have a nice deep bath. Great for soaking away the stresses and strains of the day!

It has smooth curves designed to contour to your body and is higher at one end, so you could pop a bath pillow there and lay your head back. It has a gentle slope as well to keep your back supported.


  • It has a sturdy construction
  • Overflow and drain is included
  • It comes with adjustable legs


  • It is not good if you are tall

Wyndham Collection Soho 60-Inch Freestanding Bathtub

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The smooth rounded curves of the classic design on this tub make it a good choice for any bathroom. It’s an oval shape and has a pure white colour, plus you get a choice of trims to add, including brushed nickel or brushed chrome. These choices extend to the overflow and pop-up drain cover.

The bathtub comes in three different lengths: 60-inch, 68-inch and 72-inch. When measuring, remember that all measurements can be plus or minus half an inch, as advised by the manufacturer. These variations mean that no matter what size your bathroom, you should be able to choose one to fit.

There are packages on offer to include a matching faucet, but you can also buy one separately.


  • It’s warm to the touch
  • It’s profound for soaking
  • It is seamless when fitted


  • It’s difficult to fit on a concrete slab

Ferdy Shangri-La 59″ Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

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With a seam-free oval shape, this tub from Ferdy could bring a modern look to your bathroom. It has a high gloss white finish, making it easy to clean and retain its good looks.

It has been ergonomically engineered with a sloped interior to keep you comfortable as you soak in your chosen bubbles or sea salts. The curved external lines are pleasing to the eye and will match any bathroom decor.

The overflow and pop-up style drain are silver in colour, although the manufacturer doesn’t say what materials these are made from.


  • This tub is strong, with a maximum capacity of 1,763 pounds.
  • This tub comes with easy-to-follow and step-by-step, illustrated instructions.
  • You can choose from either a 59-inch or 67-inch length.


  • Some find issues with the drain on this tub.

Soaking Tub Materials

Below are the most common bathtub materials

 1. Porcelain Enameled Steel

This is one of the most common materials because it’s inexpensive, lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. However, there are a few drawbacks to consider. For example, porcelain-enamelled steel can chip easily, allowing rust to form, and it doesn’t retain heat very well, which can cut your soaking time short.

2. Acrylic

Acrylic is a popular material choice for its durability, versatility, affordability, and lighter weight. The main thing to keep in mind when purchasing an acrylic bath is the type of cleaner you use. Abrasive cleaners will scratch the surface of an acrylic bath.

 3. Fiberglass (FRP)

A fibreglass is an inexpensive option that is great if you can turn your freestanding soaking tub into a shower combo. It’s lightweight and easy to install, clean, repair and maintains. However, it isn’t as durable as other materials, so that repairs may be more frequent.

 4. Enameled Cast Iron

A classic bathtub material, enamelled cast iron has excellent heat retention, is very durable, chip and scratch-resistant, and can be resurfaced. The only primary consideration is the weight; cast iron tubs are very heavy, making them difficult to install.

Buyers Guide

Are you looking to add a bit more colour and depth to your bathroom? Well, an easy way to spruce up any bathroom is by replacing an old and outdated bathtub. Here’s what you should consider when choosing a new bathtub

1.       Style

There are quite a few styles to accommodate just about any bathroom when it comes to bathtubs, with each style emphasizing two key factors: space and material. The amount of space you have will largely influence what style is right for you; while you may be inclined to an oval-shaped freestanding bathtub, you might only have space enough for around the bathtub. Complimentary to space, the material will also influence the style as some materials are only made with a specific style, such as copper and natural stone.

2.       Freestanding Bathtubs

Possibly one of the most popular styles of bathtubs are freestanding, and it’s not difficult to see why. Freestanding bathtubs can freely fit just about any space and don’t require connecting walls to be installed. They also provide a more vibrant centrepiece for your bathroom aesthetically compared to most drop-in tubs and are priced relatively evenly to the other options on the market.

3.       Regular

The classic look that has existed since the early 1800s and is widely popular, the traditional design pr ‘clawfoot’ has been changed today with more of a modern flair, taking away the pegged claws on the base and replacing it with a more sleek, uniform look. Though if you wished, the clawfoot design is still being made today if you prefer that style instead. These are traditionally longer and rectangular, requiring more space than the alternatives.

4.     Oval

Contrary to the more classic design of the clawfoot is the oval bathtub. These bathtubs are round in shape and symmetrical, quite similar to a water basin. Immensely popular in apartments or smaller homes where space is a premium, these bathtubs have a more modern look that contrasts nicely against the sharper corners and edges of the rest of your bathroom.

5.       Angled

Finally, there’s the angled style for those who want something a bit different from the angled or standard design. An angled bathtub is slopped slightly higher on one side, with the idea of providing support for your back and neck during the bath. Highly flexible in size, these can be equivalent to an oval bathtub in size or be found more significant than both the oval and standard freestanding styles.

6.       Materials

There are two factors in choosing the suitable material for your bathtub, namely price and comfort. Every material feels different to the touch, so you should test out which is the most comfortable to you as you will be spending a significant time in your bathtub, and your comfort is essential to enjoy it.

However, the most comfortable material may also be quite pricey and quite a tad bit heavier, so you should research what your bathroom can handle before purchasing.

7.       Size

Another important consideration is the size of your bathtub. Size is an important factor as your home may not need a more oversized bathtub if a smaller bathtub size does. Generally, if your home can support it and have the space for it, a more oversized tub is recommended.

In the case of freestanding and corner bathtubs, if you have the requisite space, then, by all means, choose those styles. But, if your space is more limited, alcove, drop-in, and soaking might be more suitable for you. While it looks visually more appealing, a more oversized bathtub will also require a heftier water bill as it will require more water to fill wholly compared to a smaller size.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.       How Deep Is A Soaking Tub?

Soaking tubs are designed for long and luxurious soaks, so they are deeper than a standard bathtub. While standard bathtubs typically hold 12 inches of water, a soaking tub will hold at least 14 inches– enough for most of the bather’s body to be covered entirely. We recommend seeing the tub in person so that you have the opportunity to get in and test out the depth and size needed for yourself.

2.       How Big Is A Soaking Tub?

The best thing about soaking tubs is their versatility; the variety of sizes for soaking tubs allows you to fit one in nearly every type of bathroom. Soaking tubs can come as short as 54 inches long or as long as 90 inches. Soaking tubs can also be as narrow as 19 inches or as wide as 76 inches to comfortably fit two bathers, leaving you with the flexibility to work within your space.

Wrap Up

These products have become the prime choice of end-users as they can fit almost any style. They stand out of the ordinary in conferring the luxury style statement to your home. With the installation of these products, you will make the best use of space in the restroom. With a chic look, they can grab the attention of almost everyone as they enter the bathroom.

The products which are encompassed in the guide have been researched thoroughly.  We hope you enjoyed reading our article and that you find the best Bathtubs. Happy shopping!

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