Best Bathroom Sinks for Hard Water

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Editors Choice
ENZO RODI 8 inch Bathroom Faucets Widespread Brushed Nickel, Two-Handle Bath Lavatory Vanity Sink...
BWE Bathroom Faucet Brushed Nickel Waterfall Single Handle Hole Sink Faucets Bath Vanity Lavatory...
Delta Faucet Lahara Widespread Bathroom Faucet Brushed Nickel, Bathroom Faucet 3 Hole, Diamond Seal...
ENZO RODI 8 inch Bathroom Faucets Widespread Brushed Nickel, Two-Handle Bath Lavatory Vanity Sink...
BWE Bathroom Faucet Brushed Nickel Waterfall Single Handle Hole Sink Faucets Bath Vanity Lavatory...
Delta Faucet Lahara Widespread Bathroom Faucet Brushed Nickel, Bathroom Faucet 3 Hole, Diamond Seal...
Best Overall
ENZO RODI 8 inch Bathroom Faucets Widespread Brushed Nickel, Two-Handle Bath Lavatory Vanity Sink...
ENZO RODI 8 inch Bathroom Faucets Widespread Brushed Nickel, Two-Handle Bath Lavatory Vanity Sink...
BWE Bathroom Faucet Brushed Nickel Waterfall Single Handle Hole Sink Faucets Bath Vanity Lavatory...
BWE Bathroom Faucet Brushed Nickel Waterfall Single Handle Hole Sink Faucets Bath Vanity Lavatory...
Editors Choice
Delta Faucet Lahara Widespread Bathroom Faucet Brushed Nickel, Bathroom Faucet 3 Hole, Diamond Seal...
Delta Faucet Lahara Widespread Bathroom Faucet Brushed Nickel, Bathroom Faucet 3 Hole, Diamond Seal...

If you live in an area supplied with hard water, you probably have seen its effects on your bathroom sinks and bathtubs. Hard water build-up makes your sinks dull and causes clogging to your pipes. However, the solution to the hard water problem is installing the right faucet on your bathroom sinks and bathtubs.

Even if you get the best sinks, it can be daunting to prevent hard water effects without the right faucets. To maintain the best bathroom sinks for hard water, it’s good to install the best faucet for hard water as well. Below are the best faucets for hard water.

Enzo Rodi Widespread Two Handle Nickel Brushed Bathroom Faucet

ENZO RODI 8 inch Bathroom Faucets Widespread Brushed Nickel, Two-Handle Bath Lavatory Vanity Sink...
  • Double Handle Design: Two-Handle installation for effortless flow and water temperature...
  • Surface Finish:Brushed Nickel is highly reflective for a mirror-like look that works with any...
  • Easy Installation: This bathroom sink faucet is designed to fit 3 holes, 8 inch widespread...

Built by low lead solid brass and certified by UPC, AB 1953 standard, you rest assured of increased safety and reliability. Enzo Rodi two handle faucet lets you use your sink without worrying about the effects of hard water.

This brushed nickel faucet measures 14.3 x12.1 x3.2 inches with a 19 millimeters spout height after assembly. The Enzo Rodi two-handle bathroom faucet works best with three holes 6-16 inches widespread installation sinks.

With Enzo Rodi brushed nickel faucet, you can be assured of a convenient and hygienic drain design because it comes with a lift-up drain assembly that allows you not to touch the sink bottom. You’ll

need to pull up and down the drain handle at the back of the faucet to achieve a smooth water drain with ease.

Enzo Rodi features two – handle lever that eases water volume and temperature adjustments. Besides, it comes with the lift pop-up drain assembly with an overflow for your elegant sink.

Created always to look new, the Enzo Rodi bathroom faucet has a three-year limited warranty, including free replacements against water leaks, drips, and any manufacturing defects that arise during the warranty period. Further, you get access to around-the-clock email customer service.

Capable of working on most three-hole standard sinks, this Enzo Rodi faucet spray head is equipped with a neoperl aerator that has rubber nozzles that clean easily while preventing hard water buildup. The two-handle faucet weighs 3.2 (kg), making it light to fit in most sink installations.


  • Two-handle lever for effortless control
  • Has lift pop-up drain assembly for increased hygiene and convenience
  • Quick DIY connection design
  • Strong and durable heavy-duty solid brass
  • Equipped with neoperl aerator
  • Easy to clean
  • Doesn’t leak
  • 3-year limited warranty


  • Does not come with water supply lines
  • Hard to connect drain puller

BWE Waterfall Single Handle Bathroom Faucet for Hard Water

BWE Bathroom Faucet Brushed Nickel Waterfall Single Handle Hole Sink Faucets Bath Vanity Lavatory...
  • Bathroom faucet brushed nickel is coating prevents corrosion or fingerprint residues and is...
  • Waterfall bathroom faucet Spout : The Brushed Nickel bathroom faucet provides a clear and...
  • Easy DIY to Install : With 2 PCS of standard 3/8-In waterline, deck plate. Super easy to...

The BWE waterfall single-handle bathroom faucet features a brushed nickel finish, has a three or one-hole deck mount installation, and is designed for hard water. It also comes with a drip-free ceramic disk cartridge that enhances continued smooth operation.

Thanks to its durable construction material as this faucet compliments any bathroom décor with style. This bathroom brushed nickel faucet is easy to clean and has a coating that prevents corrosion and rust.

Besides, the BWE single-handle bathroom faucet provides you with a clear and steady waterfall that provides a beautiful water presentation perfect for daily use without compromising water pressure.

The multipurpose single handle design makes the BWE waterfall faucet unique as you can control water pressure and regulate temperature from the same point. The spout has an overall height of 7.28 inches. Further, the quality of the faucet is seen improved because of the used solid brass.

Talking of installation, BWE waterfall is the easiest as you can DIY with installation hardware and a deck plate. Although it does not come with a pop-up drain assembly, it comes with two quality water supply lines.


  • Best for any décor
  • Efficient water flow and adjustments
  • Excellent, brushed nickel finish
  • Durable brass material
  • Drip-free ceramic disk cartridge
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Comes with installation hardware
  • Has a long waterfall spout


  • It does not have a drain stop assembly
  • May change color after long use

Delta Lahara Widespread 3 Hole Bathroom Faucet

Delta Faucet Lahara Widespread Bathroom Faucet Brushed Nickel, Bathroom Faucet 3 Hole, Diamond Seal...
  • LASTS 2X LONGER: DIAMOND Seal Technology uses a patented design to reduce leak points and last...
  • SUPPLY LINES INCLUDED: InnoFlex PEX supply lines are integrated into the faucet for one less...
  • REDUCE LEAKS: DIAMOND Valve, a diamond-embedded ceramic disc, requires no lubrication and...

Delta Lahara widespread faucet features a Diamond Seal Technology and comes with two–handle design and widespread faucet installation. You will also find a patented design that reduces leaks while it lasts longer and a metal drain assembly in the box. While it’s easy to install, this delta faucet lasts twice long compared to other available faucets.

The brilliance stainless steel finish uses a building process that results in a durable finish that will not discolor or corrode after long use. The package comes with everything you need for DIY installation, including two water supply lines and a drain assembly.

With its lifetime limited warranty, you can therefore buy and install this Delta Lahara faucet with confidence.

Interested in saving water and money? Delta Lahara widespread faucet is the go-to savior. It is water sense, meaning it uses 20% less water than other faucets without compromising performance.

The diamond–embedded ceramic disc does not need lubrication and removes wear on seals, so you can rest assured that this faucet will perform like new for life. While its patented design helps to reduce leaks, its curve and sleek design create a lasting impression on your bathroom sink.

Designed to work with 3 holes, 4-16 inches widespread configuration, Delta two-handle faucet is easy to install. Included in the faucet box are two innoflex supply lines inserted in the faucet to reduce leak points. You also get a metal pop-up drain assembly for an excellent faucet design.


  • An elegant faucet that adds class to your bathroom sink
  • Built with 2x industry standards
  • It comes with two water supply lines to reduce leaking point
  • Diamond seal valve that eliminates wear and tear
  • Easy to install
  • Prevents hard water build-up
  • Has easy to use metal pop-up drain assembly
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable and brilliance stainless finish


  • Has lifetime limited warranty
  • The preinstalled water supply pipe has to be removed before installation to your bathroom

KOHLER 2-Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet with Polished Chrome

Kohler 13491-4-CP Kelston Bathroom Sink Faucet Centerset and Widespread, 3.25 x 13.50 x 20.25...
  • BATHROOM SINK FAUCET: Stylish bathroom facuet to quickly and easily update any bathroom
  • WIDESPREAD FAUCET: Install on a 3-hole sink or counter for 8"-16" centers
  • DRAIN & SUPPLY LINES INCLUDED: Metal drain and supply lines included to leave the guesswork out...

This widespread bathroom faucet for hard water brings us the best of an old-world design. Transforming the look of your bathroom, the Kohler Devonshire faucet features two lever handles that ease control and operation.

KOHLER 2-handle is easy to install because of the preinstalled supply lines and comes with a polished chrome metal drain assembly which is rust and corrosion-resistant. The finish is long-lasting and ensures hard water prevention.

‎Measuring 3.25 x 13.50 x 20.25 inches and weighing 1 pound, Kohler Devonshire has a flow rate of 1.2 gallons per minute and leak-free ultra-glide valves that increase its performance over a long time. It also has a ceramic disc valve that exceeds industry standards of prolonged performance made to last in your bathroom for a lifetime.

Through its rounded full edges and classic details, you can give your bathroom a traditional world touch. Besides that, it matches with the other Devonshire suites creating functionality and convenience to your bathroom.

Kohler Devonshire features a vibrant color finish and solid brass construction, contributing to its durability and elegance. Thanks to its top mount system and the flexible stainless steel parts that are easy to install when you have putty, sealant tape, wrench, and screwdriver.

Last but not least, the elegant Kohler widespread faucet is one of the best faucets that work well with the best bathroom sinks for hard water. You can install it on 3 hole sink or counter with 8 to 16-inch centers, then connect the pre-installed flexible supply lines.


  • Durable material
  • Has pre-installed supply lines
  • Reflects an old world finish
  • Highly corrosion and tarnish resistance
  • Free of leaks and drips
  • Easy to clean and operate
  • Easy to install
  • Chrome polished finish


  • Lifetime limited warranty (meaning the warranty does not cover all defects)

Moen T6620ORB Brantford Oil-Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Sink Faucet

Moen Brantford Oil-Rubbed Bronze Two-Handle 8 in. Widespread Bathroom Faucet Trim Kit, Valve...
  • UNIQUE FINISH: Oil-Rubbed Bronze finish delivers a rich, dark brown, Old World finish with...
  • VALVE REQUIRED: This trim kit requires valve # 9000 to complete installation
  • FLEXIBLE DESIGN: can be installed between 8" to 16" for a more customized widespread

Creating an elegant look to any bathroom, the Moen T6620ORB Brantford faucet comes with an oil-rubbed bronze finish that adds a rich dark brown color to the old-world finish through striking light and dark accents. It further consists of a collection that coordinates well with other faucets and accessories in the Brantford family collection.

You can install the Moen faucet between 8-16 inches with a flexible design for a more widespread installation. Built on the Moen M-PACT common valve system, Moen T6620ORB Brantford faucet allows you to upgrade style in the future without plumbing replacement.

The two lever handles control temperature and water flow while the oil-rubbed bronze finish prevents corrosion and rust throughout its lifetime. The trim kit requires valve #9000 to complete the installation.

Perfect for daily use, this bathroom faucet has a water flow rate of 1.2 gallons per minute while the consumption is 1.5 gallons per minute. The faucet also meets EPA water sense criteria for water efficiency, meaning it doesn’t sacrifice water pressure and performance.

Moen T6620ORB Brantford bathroom faucet is one of the best hard water faucets in the market in terms of price and quality. Its lifetime shine finish assures you of its service and durability while it promises not to flake.

This faucet weighs 3.55 pounds and measures 13.62 x 9.25 x 2.75 inches, with a sprout height of 5 inches after installation. The faucet rotates at 900widespread area around the sink for your handwashing. Thanks to the eight-inch arc that contributes to its mobility.

Moen Brantford’s widespread faucet is easy to fix and comes with an easy to follow installation instructions. At the same time, you enjoy a limited lifetime warranty that ensures your faucet is always in good shape.


  • Unique oil rubbed bronze color
  • Easy to install
  • Elegant faucet material
  • Durable widespread handle installation
  • Rich dark brown appearance
  • EPA compliant
  • Convenient for daily use
  • Controls temperature


  • Sinkholes could be small  for the long spout
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Bathroom Faucet For Hard Water

When buying the best bathroom faucet to use with hard water, you’ll need to consider a few factors due to the many products in the market. It will help you make a more informed decision on the best faucet within your budget yet works well with your bathroom sink.

Let’s look at some of them!

1. Finish

There are different finishes for hard water faucets, and they differ in quality and price. Here are the most common finishes you’ll find in the market.

Nickel is another finish on high demand, very attractive, and it’s worth a trial. It features a fascinating look and can be made of satin or brushed. They are also easy to clean and durable.

PVD means physical vapor deposition, which is durable and perfect for discoloration and corrosion resistance.

Gold plate is the most expensive type of finish, although it’s high quality and does not tarnish or stain. A bathroom with an expensive faucet saves you the agony of cleaning and routine maintenance to keep it in its original form. Gold plate is the best if you are looking for stress-free maintenance at an extra cost.

Stainless steel finish adds elegance to your bathroom and can provide you with everything you wish for in a hard water faucet. Although it’s a bit expensive, it is the best rust-free and hard, water-resistant faucet you can find. It prevents hard water build-up while facilitating their cleaning and easy maintenance. It’s the best choice you can ever make for your bathroom sink.

2. Mounting Style

This is the position at which you will install the hard water faucet on your bathroom sink. The most common is centerset and widespread, although there are other types. Let’s have a look at all of them!

a. Single Hole

This is the best single-hole DIY faucet installation you can find in the market. Although many sinks have 3 holes, install a single hole faucet where your sink has a single hole provision. It comes with a pre-drilled hole, thus easy to install. Further, this hard water faucet usually comes with a single handle, although some models provide separate handles for cold and hot water.

b. Wall Mount

Famous for adding elegance and reducing clutter to your bathroom sink, wall mount faucets are easy to clean and maintain. The faucet and its accessories are mounted to the wall creating a good impression in your bathroom.

A lot of work is involved when installing them on the wall, thus necessitating the services of a plumber. The faucet is therefore suitable for small bathrooms since it does not occupy space around the sink.

c. Centerset

Centerset faucets are most popular since they are affordable, readily available, and easy to install. It comes with handles and spout combined into a four-inch unit base.

You require three predrilled holes in the sink for easy installation. However, to ensure you don’t get it wrong, confirm the size and gap of your sinkholes before purchasing the faucet.

d. Widespread

Like center set, widespread faucet comes with three installation holes, but the difference is that you can adjust the widespread gap between the handle and the spout, fixed in centerset. It’s more expensive compared to other faucets, although it has flexible installation options.

3. Spout Height

Choosing Faucet height is important, especially if you have limited bathroom sink space. Most faucets are installed below a cabinet, but you need to consider the spout arc height for comfort when using the sink.

A high spout arch will be best where your sink is not crowded, as it will allow you more space in the sink basin when using it.

4. Design

Faucets present different designs for different bathroom sink finish. They are all unique and add a touch of elegance to your style. Here are some of the best designs you can choose from.

a. Single and 2 – handle hard water bathroom faucets

Faucets come with either single or double handles. While single handles are easy to install and offer a nice look, two-handle faucets are best when you have hot and cold water. They are even best for kids as they allow temperature regulation.

b. Waterfall Hard Water Bathroom Faucets

As the name suggests, waterfall hard water faucets remove water in waterfall motion which has low pressure compared to other faucet types. Despite this fact, this faucet has been trending recently due to its unique features that add elegance to your bathroom.

c. Led Hard water Bathroom Faucet.

With the ever-improving technology, faucets have not been left behind. The led hard water faucet is the latest innovation and is trending because it changes color with water temperature change.

However, some led faucet models are battery-powered, although not common compared to the type controlled by water temperature. They also come in different designs.

d. Touchless Hard Water Bathroom Faucet

With the upsurge of hygiene awareness, this touchless hard water bathroom faucet allows you to use the sink without touching it. You only need to place your hands near the spout, and the faucet senses sending the water your way.

Likewise, the sink allows the water to drain using the pop-up drain assembly mechanism while maintaining its original shine since no hand touching.

5. Material

Material plays an important and major role when choosing a faucet for hard water. Hard water spots the surfaces of the faucet body, and thus, the material needs to withstand its effects. Most faucet materials are made from brass, a light metal then polished with a finishing coating that resists corrosion and rust. The finish helps the faucet to look new and retain its sparkle for a long time.

6. Color

Choosing the right faucet color can be challenging, considering there are varieties in the market. The top tip for choosing the best color is to have your bathroom and its accessories color in mind when shopping.

Chose a color that matches your bathroom accessories. Even if you miss a perfect choice, you can always choose a blend. Brushed nickel is one of the famous and readily available colors, although other options will work best with your space.

  • Stainless steel
  • Oil rubbed bronze
  • Polished chrome
  • Grey White
  • Gold
  • Matt black
  • Dark brown

7. Working Method

All faucets have the same function; to turn the water on or off. But how they do it makes all the difference in faucets working method. There are different available faucet working methods, although they vary in cost. Let’s sample some of them.

The touchless faucet working method is the latest invention that does not need to be touched to function. It has sensors that detect your hands when placed under them.

Push-button faucets don’t have a handle. A button is used to turn the water on and off. Some faucets have double buttons, i.e., small for less water and big for more water.

Touch-sensitive faucets look similar to touchless counterparts, but their functioning remains different. The touch-sensitive faucet has a handle, but you can touch any part of the faucet body for it to sense and release water, unlike in touchless where you don’t touch.

Again you can touch its motion sensor-enabled surface with any part of your body, and it will respond. It’s perfect for bathroom sinks where dirty hands are mostly washed. This feature keeps the faucet clean despite the dirty hand washing.

The lever handle needs to be rotated either left or right to turn the water on or off. They are widespread and readily available because of their friendly prices. Some faucets have two handles that are used to control water temperature and flow.

Knob-operated faucet handles are similar to lever but differ on the direction they turn. While the lever handle turns left or right, the knob turns up or down. They are easy to use and best for bathrooms likely used by kids because they don’t tighten when turning off, unlike lever handles.

How to Clean Hard Water Faucets

Hard water is the greatest threat to faucets’ longevity. Hard water builds a layer on the faucet, making it appear cloudy and old if not regularly cleaned. To clean it you’ll require some special products and a guide on how to do it. Let’s go through the cleaning process!

Step 1: You’ll need hot water (most preferred), vinegar, and a clean cloth.

Step 2: Mix vinegar and hot water in equal measures and soak the cloth in it.

Step 3: Remove the cloth from the mixture and wrap it around the faucet. Ensure it sits on the affected area for 15-30 minutes.

Step 4: Unwrap the faucet and use a soft wet sponge to scrub the area affected by hard water. Using a dry sponge may scratch the faucet surface. Repeat the process until all the spots clear away.

Effects of Hard Water on Bathroom Sink Faucets

1. Reduces their Life Span

Continued use of hard water without a routine maintenance schedule will reduce the lifespan of your faucet by half. This is because hard water build-up inside and around the faucet blocking the connecting pipes while reducing water flow pressure. Continued hard water use further increases the wear and tear of the faucet, even if the material is rust or corrosion-resistant.

2. Stains

Hard water stains your sink, which later causes discoloration if not regularly cleaned. When hard water enters faucet surfaces, they form stains that will stick depending on the material of your faucet finish. Some materials don’t withstand stains, while others require to be wiped to avoid build-up.

3. Corrosion of faucet water pipes

Hard water deposits which form inside the pipe can corrode and clog the pipes. This will in turn reduce the faucet efficiency on water flow. Corroded pipes contaminate water for consumption creating a health hazard. It’s therefore important to invest in rust and corrosion-resistant faucet to avoid hard water effects.

How To Replace a Bathroom Faucet for Hard Water

Installing a new faucet can be easy or hard, depending on its type. Although many faucets come with installation manuals for DIY fixes, some faucets require a professional plumber to do the work.

This guide will show you a step-by-step detailed process for replacing and installing a new faucet in your bathroom sink and will take you at least one hour to complete. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Identify and Scrutinize the Type of Faucet you Have

Today, there are only three types of faucets, and the number and size of holes characterize them. They include a single hole, four inches triple holes, and eight inches triple holes.

From the manual, you will notice that for the single hole, the center serves the spout and the mixing valve, while for the triple holes, the center is just the spout only while the four and eight inches mixing valves are located and controlled from each side.

You can install faucets on the sink or the countertop. If you are changing either of them, consider replacing the faucet too, but if not, look for a faucet that matches the existing type.

The benefit of a single-hole faucet that comes with a solid bottom can be installed in a four-inch triple hole where you fix the spout on the middle hole while the base covers the remaining holes. This gives space for future redesigning

Step 2: Assemble the Parts

Once you identify the faucet type while following the manual, assemble all the parts, and counter-check everything is in place. To be precise, check your existing connection and compare it with your assembled parts.

If you had suspected a leaking type, it’s a perfect time to change the pipes also.

Step 3: Loosen and Remove the Old Faucet

Shut down the water main connected to the faucet and turn on the faucet to drain excess water. Place a bucket under the faucet connection and use a wrench to loosen and remove the old faucet. Let the remaining water drain in the bucket.

Step 4: Remove the Hardware Accessories

Connecting the sink are nuts and washers. Carefully remove them, including the clamp bolt, from the drain extension. Since the faucet has been stuck there for years, it might have corroded and stuck harder. Exert some force to remove it

Step 5: Install the New Faucet

If you have vinegar, you can wipe the part previously connecting the faucet before installing the new one. Apply plumbers putty up to ¼ inches rope to prevent water from splashing and getting into the cabinet.

Install the center spout and tighten the nuts from below the cabinets with a wrench. This installation is not standard for all faucets as some require a more sophisticated process. However, this guide is best for faucets mounted on sinks or tabletop.

Step 6: Connect the Mixing Valves

If installing a single-hole faucet, this is your last step. Assemble the hot and cold mixing valves by tightening a large nut washer from below while another washer and c-clip hold the valve from the top side.

Add putty from below the top side washer and install C-clip as you tighten the nuts from below tighten. The hot and cold valves are installed on the remaining holes located to the left and right of the spout.

Step 7: Thread the Top Trims

You install trims by threading onto the mixing valve. Ensure that the handle is parallel to the wall before you start threading and it is in the off position. If using threaded NPT fittings, use a plumbers tape on all connections that do not require rubber or gasket seal.

Step 8: Reconnect the Drain Rod

You can now reinstall the drain rod to the new extension and tighten it using a clamp. Counter-check all your connection and slowly turn on the valves one at a time. If there are no leaks, test by flushing the faucet for two minutes. You are done!

While faucets last long before a replacement, you‘ll be required to have routine checks for possible leaks along the way. Changing the faucets is easy, as you have seen.

Their beauty is that you can change the whole system or the faucet alone while taking advantage of new versions and technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Best Bathroom Faucet Finish for Hard Water?

Choosing the best bathroom faucet to finish for hard water is challenging when you don’t know what qualities you are looking for. First, all the finishes look amazing, and they all add a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

The differentiating factor is the price, durability, and ease of maintenance. You should also consider the finish of other bathroom accessories to have a match-up. Here are some of the best faucet finishes you can choose from.

a. Stainless Steel Faucet Finish

While they may be readily available and durable, stainless steel hard water faucets are more expensive, although they look good in your bathroom. Again they don’t hold water spots because of the fine shiny finish.

b. Nickel Faucet Finish

Featuring a satin or brushed nickel finish, faucets look attractive, durable, and easy to clean. Their prices are friendly compared to stainless steel finish faucets. This is the best and most preferred faucet finish.

c. Gold Plate Faucet Finish

As the name suggests, this faucet is the most expensive of all the hard water faucets in the market. Their quality is commensurate to cost, and they never tarnish or discolor.

d. Physical Vapor Deposition

Also known as PVD, this faucet is durable and resistant to corrosion or discoloration. It’s highly affordable although not very common.

2. What Faucets are Best for Hard Water?

Hard water is the major challenge homeowners encounter daily in their homes. From clogging drainage to staining sinks, it’s hard to get over its effects. However, installing a hard water faucet for all your sinks can help manage the problem.

Besides preventing hard water effects on your sink basins, these faucets also add elegance to your bathrooms. Here are some of the best hard water faucets you can readily find in the market.

  1. Enzo Rodi Widespread Two Handle Nickel Brushed Bathroom Faucet
  2.  BWE Waterfall Single Handle Bathroom Faucet for Hard Water
  3.  Moen T6620ORB Brantford Oil-Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Sink Faucet
  4.   Delta Lahara Widespread 3 Hole Bathroom Faucet
  5.  KOHLER 2-Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet with Polished Chrom

3. How do I Protect my Hard Water Faucets?

Hard water is dangerous and can eat away your new faucet in months if not well maintained. To protect your faucet from the effects of hard water, you always need to clean it using a mixture of vinegar and hot water.

Dip a towel in the mixture and wrap it around your faucet for 30 minutes before scrubbing it gently with a soft wet sponge. This procedure ensures no hard water build-up and keeps your faucet sparkling like it’s new.

4. Which Sink is The Best for Bathroom?

Sinks add a statement to your household accessories. They say a lot about your internal fittings, especially when you have guests around. When washing hands, you concentrate on what surrounds the sink area, including the quality of cabinets.

Although sinks serve the same purpose, they are differentiated by how they are installed, type of finish, and function. Below are the best sinks for the bathroom.

  1. KES Vessel bathroom sink
  2. Vccucine above the counter bathroom sink
  3. Kohler Verticyl under-mount bathroom sink
  4. Aquaterior tampered glass bathroom sink
  5. Wall–cut wall mount bathroom sink

5. How do I Identify Hard Water?

Hard water has different presentations, including soapy color, dull look, spots, among others. Here is how to identify hard water presence.

Water pressure reduces due to mineral deposits in the pipes. Hard water accumulates and forms those deposits that clog the pipes or reduce the pipe diameter, affecting water flow pressure.

Stained surfaces where the water drops are a clear manifestation of hard water presence. They can form on dishwashing and laundry machines or even remain in clothes. If not cleaned, they increase the wear and tear of your clothes.

Spots are the main hard water manifestation signs as they appear on every item that comes into contact with the hard water. It mainly appears on stainless steel utensils, glassware, and silverware. Hard water changes the color of your kitchenware if not taken care of.

A film feeling on your hands when washing them or when bathing. You will also realize that bathing water is not becoming soapy no matter how much soap you apply. Again a whitish realm is created on the edges of the washing basin. It’s caused by soap reaction to calcium while trying to create soap scum.


Looking for the best bathroom sink for hard water can be harder than you might have thought. This is because sinks are not built to prevent hard water effects. Rather, their primary objective is to allow fast and smooth water drain without leaking.

However, to curb the hard water problem, you need to install a special hard water faucet to ensure that the water that drops in your sink is filtered, thus reducing corrosion on your sink surfaces.

Hard water faucets serve the same purpose, although they differ in installation, finish, cost, design, and function.



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