Best Bathtub Mat for Textured Tub

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Are you looking for the best non-slip bath mat for textured tub surfaces or showers? Unfortunately, there is a problem with ordinary mats sticking to textured surfaces: they don’t stick very well.

It doesn’t matter whether the surface is tiled or natural rocks; suction cups don’t hold well if the surface is uneven. Additionally, suction cups can potentially damage your surface depending on what it is made of. In this case, you’ll want to choose a bath mat without suction cups with an anti-skid surface. This will keep it in place and keep you from slipping.

Many have suction cups to stay attached to surfaces, but they sometimes won’t stick to textured surfaces like bathtubs and showers. Thus, textured tubs should not be covered with suction cups when choosing a bath mat.

Besides the material, you should also look at the construction of the bath mat. Whenever you choose a bath mat, you should make sure that it is made of a flexible material to quickly settle it onto uneven surfaces and make sure that it does not move around when wet. The more “soft” bath mats feel like a loofah for your feet instead of hard plastic and vinyl.

In this review, we’ll look at some of the best bath mats for both smooth and textured surfaces.

Original Refinished Bathtub Mat with No Suction Cups

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This bath mat has texturized rings at the bottom, making it a good choice for textured surfaces. Since it is not equipped with suction cups, which come off on rough surfaces, it performs much better than traditional suction cups.

In effect, these texturized rings produce reverse suction, which keeps the mat firmly attached to the tub without sliding or damaging it. In addition to offering luxury massage for your feet, these rings will help you feel comfortable walking on the mats. Additionally, the rubber is PVC-free, so it is safe for kids and older people.


  • It is heavy enough to be sturdy in the tub
  • Stays in a textured tub or shower
  • Removable after use
  • Easy to clean
  • A mould-resistant material


  • The seams may come off after frequent use

No suction cup bath mat for refinished tub

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A few bath mats have suction cups, but this one does not, so the finish of your tub will not be damaged or pulled.

However, it is held in place by the pressure applied by your foot on the reverse texturized rings or cups while you are taking a bath or shower.

With this mat, you can use the texturized shower floor without any problems. This is because the curtain is long enough to cover a larger surface in the shower.

In addition, it is straightforward to clean. Despite being dirt resistant, it is advised to rinse it well after use and hang it to air dry next to the tub. In this way, mould and bacteria can be prevented from growing.


  • Washable in the machine
  • It does not discolour
  • A mould-resistant material
  • A flat bottom prevents it from slipping
  • Reglazed tubs work great with this product
  • The length is good


  • After frequent use, the edges begin to rip

Non-slip bath mat no suction cups for refinished reglazed tub

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The mat is made of rubber, texturized to provide a firm grip on the tub floor.

Its texturized rubber provides a sure footing to prevent slipping. Taking advantage of the absence of suction cups will ensure your newly reglazed bathtub is not damaged.


  • The rubber is long-lasting and durable
  • Washable in the machine
  • Designed explicitly for reglazed/refinished tubs.
  • It works great on textured tabs as well
  • It stays in place without slipping


  • Cleaning requires a little scrubbing

Webos Foldable Non-Slip Silicone Bath Mat for Reglazed Tub

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Recently, Webos entered the market with these gorgeous bath mats designed to suit textured tubs or ones that have been reglazed.

There are five different colours: green, blue, grey, white, and beige. The mats measure 28 by 14 inches and come in different sizes.

The most important feature of these trays is that they are not equipped with suction cups to adhere to harsh surfaces. Additionally, they have a honeycomb texture to enhance grip under the feet and prevent slipping.

Since they are made of 100% silicone, the mats are incredibly flexible. If it isn’t in use, it is folded and stored away.


  • There are no suction cups on it.
  • Designed explicitly for textured or reglazed tubs
  • They are extremely flexible
  • Portable
  • Make sure you don’t slip
  • Washable in the machine
  • The ability to dry quickly


  • So far, none

Shower mat without suction cups for textured floor

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Some showers have very slippery surfaces, while others have textured surfaces. Whatever kinds of surfaces you have, finding the right bath mat can be a real challenge. If you are currently experiencing this problem, this is the best shower mat for you.

Mat is designed to adhere firmly to the shower floor without using suction cups. As a result, these mats are ideal for shower stalls with rough surfaces that prevent ordinary mats from sticking.

In order to promote quick-drying, the tub has drainage holes so that water drains quickly after taking a shower. Therefore, it is essential to align the centre hole perfectly with the drain to ensure easier drainage.

It should be rinsed well and hung to dry after use. It’s helpful to have holes on the side of the mat for hanging.


  • Fast-drying
  • Washable by machine
  • Ensures no slipping
  • Holds securely on reglazed shower floors without scratching
  • There are no suction cups


  • The drainage holes, especially the ones in the centre, have been described by some users as being too small and requiring manual enlargement.

BOWERBIRD Original Anti-Fatigue Shower Stall Mat

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This one is a winner if you have a stand-up shower with texture when it comes to square bath mats. Mat is made with a high-density, non-suction acetylene foam that adheres to textured surfaces without using suction cups. In addition, this mat features an anti-fatigue design that helps you stand comfortably while showering, and it has several drainage holes to prevent water from pooling. This mat also comes as four tiles that connect to form the mat, making it easy to store when not in use. In addition to the size featured here, you can also choose to go down to the 21-inch option if that fits better in your space.


  • Made from eco-friendly materials
  • The surface that is soft and comfortable
  • Mat with anti-fatigue properties
  • It dries very quickly


  • The size is a bit smaller
  • This is not an anti-slip mat

Yinenn Bath Tub Shower Mat for Elderly

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Yinenn is a full-length bath mat that is suitable for kids, young adults, and parents. The nonskid surface of the bathtub mat prevents the slippery surface from causing falls, while the bathtub mat is perfect for large bathtubs.

Made from high-quality latex and BPA-free vinyl, this mat has a durable and long-lasting appearance. As a result, it is smooth, thick, flexible, and highly durable and sturdy. After unpacking it, it does release a strong smell, but don’t worry because that disappears after a few washings.

Securing an object with suction cups is essential to prevent slips and slides. More than 200 vital little suction pieces make this mat not only puffy to the touch but stick well to tubs and floors as well, guaranteeing its security.

A slightly textured and bumpy front side of the mat provides you with excellent traction and a feeling similar to a massage when you stand on it. In addition, many drainage holes have been embedded on the mat’s surface to ensure proper drainage.

There is a significant drain cut on one side of the mat that allows you to position it in the tub properly.

Despite the many drain holes, we recommend that you take the mat out now and then and wash it. In this way, the mat will be resistant to mildew growth and will last much longer.


  • The entire bathtub is covered by it
  • The object stays firmly in place
  • Installs and removes easily
  • Easy maintenance


  • Not completely draining after taking a shower

SlipX Solutions Extra Large Square Shower Mat

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SlipX Solutions offers a shower mat that will keep you from slipping and make your shower time more enjoyable. It fits nicely into standard shower stalls.

There is a beautiful design to it. Non-slip bumps cover the top of the mat, allowing you to stand and move lightly.

There is also a combination of large and small drain holes, which let the water disperse from the mat’s surface.

The mat’s installation is speedy and straightforward; all you have to do is spray lukewarm water over the suction cups and press it against the tub surface or shower enclosure. The mat will be firmly attached to the ground.

When this is placed into the bath, you can rest assured that your family member will not slip in the bathroom.

In addition to being easy to clean, Slipx mats do not slip. Using a mild detergent and light scrubbing will make the mat look brand new. Machine washing is possible as well, as long as you use a gentle cycle.

The mat is made from vinyl material to emit a foul odour initially, but the smell will disappear after a few showers. Nevertheless, its durability and reliability are due to the material used.


  • 100+ suction cups ensure a very secure grip on the floor
  • The water drainage system has been improved
  • The bubbled surface provides excellent cushioning


  • Release the odour for a few days

Songziming Slip-Resistant Stylish Bath Mat

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The Songziming premium quality mat is stylish looking and will protect seniors from falling while they take a shower.

Three gorgeous colours and two sizes are available in this mat, making it perfect for bathtubs and floors in baths.

Despite being manufactured using BPA-free and latex-free PVC, this mat is durable and long-lasting from a health perspective.

The smooth and highly comfortable mat may take some time to adjust to your feet on its pebbles, but once you do, you’ll love standing on it because it gives you a massage effect by massaging your feet.

These pebbles are connected so that they automatically create a drainage system on the mat, which effectively diverts water away from the holes.

The mat is equipped with suction cups at the base, creating a solid connection between the mat and the bath floor. As a result, older adults are more confident and can take a bath without worrying about slipping.

After taking a bath, you have to remove it from the floor because it sticks so well.

After regular intervals, we recommend washing the mat using a mild detergent. By doing so, you will be able to maintain the appearance of the mat.

After you are finished bathing or washing the mat, leave it out in the open to dry for a few hours.

The mat colour will vary slightly from the one shown in the images, but it won’t affect its beauty; it will complement your bathroom decor.


  • A unique and attractive design
  • It sticks very well to the floor
  • The top layer has a massaging effect


  • The original mat is darker in colour
  • The mat’s surface is uneven

Vive Anti-Slip Shower Mat

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The following product on our list is a slip-resistant bath mat from Vive. In the bathtub, shower stall, and bathroom floor, this mat is used to protect everyone from unwanted movements that could cause them to slip and fall and result in serious injury.

This mat differs significantly from those on the list in terms of its design. The square has a dimension of 22×22. It features a beautiful wave design with a smooth surface on the front.

Its lightly textured surface allows users to stand very securely while showering, thanks to its durable design.

Mats with this texture adhere very well to smooth surfaces when it comes to preventing slips. Additionally, approximately 200 suction cups hold the mat in place and prevent it from sliding a round on wet floors.

A non-slip bath mat has a different draining system from other mats. In addition to the sizeable 6-inch drain hole in the middle of the mat, this boy has not drilled a small hole on the surface to provide fluent water flow.

A mat with this feature does not allow water, shampoo, or soap to remain on the surface.

There is a concern here with water getting trapped beneath the mat, so you should remove it to remove it. However, the drawback doesn’t seem to be a deal-breaker for me.

The man has an impressive number of satisfied customers and positive reviews, so he deserves a seat in your bathroom.


  • The suction cups grip the floor very well
  • It has a 6-inch draining hole in the centre
  • The top surface provides exceptional stability
  • Money-back guarantee of 60 days


  • The water stays underneath the mat

Buyers Guide

We understand that purchasing a bath mat for a textured tub can be challenging. To help you make that purchase decision, we discussed some of the essential factors to consider.

1.       Should not have suction cups

Even though most bath mats are equipped with suction cups to enable them to adhere to surfaces, you don’t need them for your tub or shower with a textured surface.

Those suction cups don’t stick to textured surfaces well, so they cause the mat to slip easily.

2.       Size of your tub

A small tub may have a narrow opening, whereas a large tube may have a more rounded opening. Therefore, if you want a mat to cover the entire floor of your tub, you should measure it before making the purchase.

The mat should not be too small so that the edges become tripping hazards. In contrast, if it’s too big, it may cover the drain, or the edges may arise on the sides of the tub and create a tripping hazard.

3.       Material

When you choose the material for your bath mat, you should ensure it does not contain toxic chemicals. Mats can be made from vinyl, rubber, or memory foam, so ensure they are BPA-, phthalate-, and PVC-free. You should also be sure it contains no allergens that can irritate your skin.

4.       Cleaning and drying

How quickly does the tub dry, and how easy is it to clean? Choosing a material that dries quickly and can be easily cleaned is essential to preventing mildew. Bath mats can be machine washed, making them easier to clean.

5.       Design and colour

The design and colour you choose will depend on your personal preference and the decor of your bathroom. Colour contrast, on the other hand, tends to be more appropriate. To prevent slipping, they allow you to see the mat clearly before you step on it. In contrast, kids may be attracted to bright colours and fun cartoon-inspired designs.

Wrap Up

After reviewing several products, we concluded that the above mats are the top 10 best bath mats for textured tub surfaces. Unfortunately, the mats do not have suction cups to prevent them from sticking to textured surfaces.

Thus, whenever choosing a bath mat, ensure that you don’t choose one with suction cups. However, it should be firmly attached to the surface of the tub or shower to avoid slipping.

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