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Best Selling Bathtub Rust Remover

Showers are great, especially after a long tiring day at work or simply when feeling unwell. Nothing is more relaxing and soothing than soaking in the tub. Of course, the tub must be clean at all times, so this soak does not turn negative. We encounter one such condition when there are rust stains right under the faucet. In light of this, you should find a rust stain remover as soon as possible.

Bathtubs can be made of different materials, including enamel, acrylic, and porcelain. Thus, each kind of rust stain remover available on the market will impact each kind of material. Bleach, for example, can discolour acrylic tubs.

In order to clean the rust stains from the bathtub, we have provided some methods. You can make and use these DIY stains removers easily. Be sure to read to the end for an extra tip.


Use Lemon Juice and Salt Mixture

Lemon Juice and Salt MixtureAdd 1 to 1.5 teaspoons of salt to half a cup of lemon juice. Stir to mix and create a solution. Apply the solution to the rust stain on the tub with a clean cloth dipped in the solution. After applying it thoroughly, let it remain there for some time.

After soaking the stained area in the solution, use a damp cloth to rub it over after about an hour. You should be able to get the stain out by using this DIY method. Follow the next step if it does not.


Use Vinegar and Salt Mixture

Vinegar and Salt MixtureDue to its acetic acid content, vinegar can be used for most cleaning tasks. For each half cup of vinegar, two teaspoons of salt are required. Mix to form a solution. Follow the same steps as in the first step.

Using a clean cloth, dab the stain and allow it to become wet. Rub the stain with the same cloth after letting the solution sit for a while.

Warning: Vinegar has acid, so it might not suit some bathtub materials as a rust stain remover.


Scouring Pads

Scouring PadsIf you have light rust stains, you may be able to remove them with just the scouring pad side of a standard kitchen sponge.

In any case, we don’t mean using your kitchen one. You can also purchase scouring pads without the soft squishy sponge side.

Wet your scouring pad and scrub the Rust gently.

It’s a great place to start; if it doesn’t work, you can go on to more heavy-duty and difficult removal methods later.


Shaw’s Pads

Shaw's PadsShaw’s Pads are an option if you’re looking for a scrubbing pad that’s safe to use on ceramic tiles and porcelain tubs.

As far as removing Rust and other stains are concerned, these pads are almost magical. Chances are you would see Shaw’s Pads used by a plumber if you called them!

Buying a handle for them is one of the best things about them. You will be able to do the cleaning job a little bit easier on your hands and back.


 Pumice Stones

Pumice StonesMost people know that Pompeii stones are helpful in removing dead skin from their feet.

However, these fantastic, natural scouring rocks can do so much more than that, including removing Rust from your tub without scratching it.

As a result, it is perfect for porcelain tubs, which other materials may scratch on this list. Fibreglass tubs, however, should not be treated with this product.

Rust and scrubbing areas should be wetted before using the pumice stone.

Keep getting the stone wet until you create a bit of paste that will enhance your cleaning efforts. For example, if you have a lot of Rust to remove, you can keep wetting it until the paste forms.

After you’ve finished, rinse the area with clean water.


Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking Soda and VinegarWith vinegar and baking soda, you can remove rust stains effectively! This is perfect for those tough stains that won’t budge. The interface is also relatively simple to use! Pour one part vinegar into a bowl and combine three parts baking soda.

Using a scrub sponge, you will prepare a paste that can be applied to the skin. Allow the paste to sit for at least an hour after applying it, then scrub and wash it off.

Repeat the rinsing process if you see any rust after you’ve rinsed. The great thing about vinegar and baking soda is that they are entirely natural and safe for the environment!

Additionally, they won’t produce any harmful fumes that could affect sensitive skin that contacts the paste.



SandpaperIn any hardware store, you can pick up lightweight sandpaper or a cleaning screen. It will be questionable how good the hardware store you are if it does not stock them.

Start gently rubbing the Rust away with wet sandpaper or a cleaning screen after letting it soak for a minute.

Be gentle when cleaning your tub, as too much scrubbing can cause permanent scratches. Consider other options instead if you are worried about causing damage to your tub.


Commercial Rust Remover

Commercial Rust RemoverRust removers available for purchase are pretty effective at removing Rust. However, most of them contain harmful chemicals that are poisonous when ingested or absorbed through the skin.

As a result, most people refrain from using commercial rust removers. In addition, they are often very harsh and can damage tubs.

We do not recommend you use commercial rust removers for all these reasons. We felt that this list would not be complete without it, simply because it is so commonly used.



Rust-OleumAn ideal rust-reformer for cars and bathtubs is Rust-Oleum Rust Reformer. As soon as it comes to Rust, it transforms into a paintable, matte black surface. Refinishing is made much easier and less tedious by skipping the sanding step. In addition, you can rest assured your vehicle won’t rust after you repaint it.

Your car can be sprayed from any angle, thanks to the can’s comfort tip. Rust-Oleum should be applied in back and forth motions, creating slightly overlapping stripes.


Quick-Glo – Original

No products found.

You should use Quick-Glo if you are working with Chrome. An excellent rust remover and metal polish in one! It’s excellent for chrome tools, faucets, kitchen utensils, car parts, and bikes. Additionally, it removes water spots.

As opposed to sand or other complex materials, Quick-Glo contains pumice. Cleaning and polishing can be done using this method on a wide variety of surfaces. As well as preventing future rusting and oxidation, it also creates a protective coating!.


Whink 1261 Rust Stain Remover

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Whink Rust Stain Remover can help you eliminate hard water stains and rust stains from your clothes. Even the toughest stains from colourfast fabrics can be quickly removed with this liquid formula.

Rust usually disappears with a dab, and you don’t have to scrub vigorously or use it with other products to remove stains. Additionally, it works well on carpets, sinks, toilets, and pipes.

CAUTION: Bleach should not be used to Remove Rust from a tub. Bleach is great for cleaning a wide variety of things; however, it isn’t necessary for cleaning Rust. In reality, however, Rust can become a significant issue because of this!

Therefore, when searching for rust remover, make sure the cleaner you select does not include bleach in its ingredients.


How to Remove Rust Stain from Porcelain Bathtub

Prepare a paste by mixing equal parts cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide. Place the paste onto the rust stains and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, to gently remove the rust stains, scrub them gently with a nylon brush.


How to Remove Rust Stain from Fiberglass Tub

Spray baking soda over the affected area while it is still wet, and use a nylon brush to scrub it until it forms a paste. If necessary, wipe the paste clean with a damp cloth or sponge after sitting for one hour.


Bonus Tip! Remove rust stains with WD-40.

There might be instances when neither of the earlier steps works. And even if they do, their acidic properties may damage the tub material. As such, we can use WD-40 as a bonus method since it is suitable for most surfaces.

Spray the stain with WD-40 and let it sit for 10 minutes. The stain will disappear after you rub it with a moistened, clean cloth and spray. Before getting into the tub, remember to wash off the residue.

Wrap Up

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