5 Best Fireclay Farmhouse Sink Brands for Your Space

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Searching for the ideal sink type for your modern home? Fireclay farmhouse unit offers you a great dishwashing experience and decor enhancement. This unit also offers you long-lasting service as it is made from fireclay, which is passed through high temperatures to make it sturdy and durable.

These sinks are easy to clean and maintain, making them suitable for any space. Moreover, they don’t lose the glare even after many years unless you neglect the maintenance practices.

So, what are the 5 best fireclay farmhouse sink brands for your space?

Let’s find out!

The Best Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

BOCCHI Classico 1138

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Looking for a top-quality fireclay farmhouse unit with a long-lasting sparkle? The BOCCHI Classico 1138 offers you this and more! This sink features a single bowl design that gives you a great experience whether washing large pots or dishes.

Sink stains can make your kitchen space seem untidy, giving you a hard time enjoying your chores. But with this sink, you get a Clean plus+ technology which makes it stain-resistant. In addition, this farmhouse sink has an unrivaled surface smoothness that eliminates stains, calcium deposits, and lime residues.

When it comes to quality, Bocchi did not baffle with this sink. Rather, it went beyond expectations as it made the farmhouse sink with durable materials resistant to chipping and corrosion. This means you and your loved ones get to enjoy a beautiful sink for a prolonged period; hence no extra costs.

BOCCHI Classico 1138 oo1 0120 has a heatproof surface that can withstand very high temperatures. You can place hot pots right from the stove on it without getting worried about discoloration or other damages. Moreover, you can extend its use to your workshop!

If you are anxious about your limited sink cabinet, then this farmhouse sink is what you need. BOCCHI 1138 fits into a 30-inch sink cabinet and has exceptionally crafted corners for a clean look. It also has a sink protector that ensures the sink’s bottom is not accidentally scratched.

Nevertheless, the model weighs around 200lbs, which makes it difficult to install. Moreover, it requires two people to carry it comfortably!


  • Reasonably priced compared to its peers
  • BOCCHI 1138 001 0120 farmhouse sink white color will blend well with any kitchen
  • The model has a protective grid
  • Resistant to cracking and chipping
  • It makes cleaning large pots or bowls easy
  • Easy to clean
  • Retains its lustre
  • Sturdy and stable for durability
  • Stain-resistant; sparkles all the way


  • You need cleaners to eliminate heavy stains
  • Difficult to carry due to its heavyweight
  • Needs some enhancements to drain better

Other Great Fireclay Farmhouse Sinks

Houzer PTG-4300 WH Apron-Front

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This fireclay sink features a modern design that enhances the look of any contemporary kitchen. If you like handcrafted items, then the Houzer PTG-4300 WH Apron front is the ideal sink for you as it is custom-made, offering you a novelty.

This farmhouse sink features a single bowl that allows you to wash your utensils comfortably. You don’t have to strain as you clean large pots. More so, it fits well in homes with a minimalist look and is attractive.

Sink chips and cracks can be a nuisance, especially with an elegant finish. Houzer PTG 4300 apron front meets the need of the hour in this, and even when you drop metal pots accidentally, you will not have a dent!

Being one of the best fireclay farmhouse sinks, the Houzer PTG 4300 offers you two installation options. You can either install it as an apron front or an under-mount, depending on your space demands.

Looking for a farmhouse kitchen sink that will drain water fast and require less cleaning? This Houzer sink has a large and strategically positioned drainage hole that ensures water drains quickly. And the good thing is that its drain doesn’t get slippery so, you don’t need to clear it often.

Quality is essential in farmhouse sinks; you don’t want to spend more dollars repairing or replacing them after the initial cost. As a result, the manufacturer with over 70 years of experience passes it through fire at 2200 degrees Fahrenheit for over 20 hours, making it sturdy and durable!


  • Features a single bowl design that gives you more workspace
  • This farmhouse sink has a center drain location for fast drainage
  • Complements any contemporary kitchen space
  • Attractive and serves as a decor besides the main function
  • Sturdy and durable
  • ISO certified, showing it is top quality and safe


  • The Houzer PTG 4300 is relatively expensive compared to the BOCCHI 1138.
  • Dark liquids stain it when not cleaned immediately.
  • It has a limited lifetime guarantee

Latoscana 33″ Reversible Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

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This single bowl farmhouse unit is a versatile design that can complement contemporary and vintage styles exceptionally. The sink features a rectangular shape and a flat bottom for easy installation.

The Latoscana fireclay sink is white and maintains its glaze over time. You don’t have to worry about stains or discoloration! This model leverages the non-porous feature of fireclay sinks to maintain the shine and resist chipping.

If you’ve had difficulty installing fireclay farmhouse sinks in the past due to limited space, then Latoscana 33″ is the ideal model for you. Reason? It uses less space and requires shorter cabinetry.

So, how about its installation process? This Latoscana fireclay sink has a flat, smooth, and fluted Italian design that allows you to install it with any side facing out. So, you can have it raised or under-mounted!

This sink also features thinner fireclay; hence it’s lighter and can be moved around with much ease compared to other fireclay sinks. This also makes it easy to install and is convenient if you are worried about having inadequate support below.

Thinking of a DIY fireclay sink installation project? If yes, then the Latoscana sink is the perfect choice for you because it comes with clear instructions and a simple installation process. But that does not rule out the need for professional assistance if you find it challenging.

Nevertheless, this fireclay sink may be unsuitable for you if you like deep bowls. Its single bowl is shallow and causes water spills on the floor when you place many dishes in it.


  • Features fluted and smooth sides for reversible installation.
  • Lightweight for easy installation.
  • This fireclay sink comes in an attractive white color.
  • Has a centered drain for easy draining.
  • Latosacana is resistant to high temperatures and staining.
  • It has a single bowl design for easy use.
  • You can install it for various purposes.
  • Long-lasting
  • The bowl is shallow, saving on water usage.


  • The Latoscana 33″ does not have a drain assembly.
  • If you like deep bowls, this may not be suitable for you.

Sarlai 24 Inch Kitchen Sink

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Do you like a sink that is more silent when washing dishes as water runs from the tap? If yes, Sarlai kitchen sink is the ideal brand for you! This fireclay sink is made with a sound-deadening material that eliminates almost all the sound and vibration from running water.

You can enjoy your chores without disturbing anyone! The Sarlai kitchen sink also features a unique and elegant design that can fit most spaces; you can fit on either side.

Its reversible pattern allows you to attach it according to your kitchen decor. Moreover, this sink has a beautiful, elegant white color and a smooth surface that enhances the appearance of your kitchen space.

What more does Sarlai kitchen sink has to offer? It is sturdy and durable, serving you for a prolonged period while maintaining a brand new look. You don’t want a chipped or cracked white sink in your home!

It is made with a thick material that can withstand extreme heat from hot pots. The kitchen sink also features a strainer that prevents pans from touching the base directly. Consequently, there is no heat transferred to the bowl, acting as an additional layer of protection.

However, it is very expensive, and its parts are costly too. Moreover, you cannot replace these parts with cheaper ones in case they malfunction. But if you are not on a tight budget, you can enjoy its novelty and enhanced look!


  • Sarlai kitchen sink is resistant to heat and discoloration.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Features a deep bowl for easy dishwashing.
  • This fireclay sink has a non-porous glaze.
  • Robust and durable.
  • Quieter to work with.
  • Top-quality
  • Features a versatile design that can complement any kitchen space.


  • Expensive compared to its alternatives.
  • Cannot use cheaper parts when it malfunctions

Lordear 33″ Luxury Modern Fireclay Farmhouse Apron Kitchen Sink

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Looking for a farmhouse sink that’s sturdy and long-lasting? The Lordear 33″ is among the best fireclay farmhouse sinks you can acquire for your working space. It is made from special clay passed through 2900 degrees Fahrenheit, guaranteeing you quality and strength.

Moreover, it is proof of chipping and wearing out, making it an incredible choice for a busy bar or kitchen. And you can count on its long-term service! So whether you need to clean a lot of utensils or foodstuffs, this is the fireclay sink to buy.

Worried about the quantity, it can bear? The Lordear 33″ can carry different weights and sizes without quality deterioration. Moreover, you can install it on either side according to your preference. It helps you realize your desired appearance!

This farmhouse sink features black color, making it ideal for any kitchen decor. It also features a gorgeous texture that blends flawlessly with your space enhancing its look. If you have a small garbage disposal unit, you can grab this farmhouse sink as it fits in almost any unit.

The stainless steel dish makes it function better by draining foodstuff and utensils. It also offers maximum protection to the sink, helping you to maintain it.

What bonus does Lordear come with? This fireclay sink comes with a cotton apron, oven gloves, and oven mitt to safeguard you as you go through your daily duties.

Nevertheless, it is sensitive to excessive pressure and may crack. As a result, you need to be cautious to enjoy a long-lasting service.


  • Robust and durable for a busy kitchen.
  • This sink does not corrode or stain.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • The single bowl sink comes with an oven glove, mitt, and an apron for your protection,
  • Large enough size to carry numerous utensils and foodstuffs.
  • Features a grid that protects it from damage.
  • Appealing, enhancing your space look.


  • Sensitive to excessive pressure.
  • This farmhouse sink is relatively expensive compared to other options.

Buyers Guide for the Best Fireclay Farmhouse Sink Brands

With numerous fireclay units to choose from, it can be an uphill battle for you to pick the most suitable sink. But there are fundamental factors you can consider before you grab a fireclay sink to ensure it performs its functions.

So, how do you choose the best fireclay unit?

1. Size

Think about it: you spend a lot of dollars on a gorgeous fireclay sink only to find out it cannot fit your cabinetry space and does not allow you to wash your dishes comfortably. That would be frustrating, demanding more money to get a better one!

The size is one of the most crucial factors to consider before you settle for a farmhouse sink. No matter how attractive or sturdy a sink is, it is a waste of time and money if it does not fit your countertop.

Once you verify that the sink you want to purchase can fit your kitchen space, you can now think about extra details like how it blends with your decor. Then, depending on the appearance you want to accomplish, you can pick one if you’ve not made the countertop.

So, how deep is the sink? Do you like it that way, or do you need one with more capacity?

You can get a 30-inches sink for easy dishwashing without restrictions. But if you are less concerned with roomy fireclay sinks, you can grab a 24-inch sink.

Remember, your sink size also affects your water usage. The smaller the sink, the less water it takes to fill it, minimizing your water usage!

2. Fireclay Apron Sinks Design

The apron is the front part of your farmhouse sink. Most farmhouse sinks have a smooth and flushed front apron, while others overlap the countertop. You can also find more unique options like fluted or raised front lips.

Depending on the appearance you want to add to your kitchen space, you can choose a farmhouse sink with a matching front apron. For instance, if you want a simple look, you can get a flat apron fireclay unit.

But if you prefer an outstanding look, getting a uniquely shaped farmhouse sink will help you accomplish that. Unfortunately, although these outstanding designs help you enhance your kitchen appearance, they get dirty fast and are more challenging to clean.

Consider all the demands that come with that fire clay sink!

3. Installation

Fireclay sinks may look the same, but they are not as they have different installation requirements. Some are easy to install even on your own, while others demand much labor, precision, and time.

You don’t want a sink that takes forever to set up and digs deep into your pocket after spending a significant amount of money to purchase the unit. To learn more about the ease of installation, you will need to consider factors like size, drain hole location, design, and the sink’s thickness.

Some fireclay sinks will be easy to install, as they have a thick design; however, they are more fragile. As a result, they require more care when installing them.

Ensure you don’t take too much time on installation or have it sitting around due to installation challenges!

4. Number of Bowls

Farmhouse sinks offer you two options depending on your needs and preferences, a single bowl and a double bowl. Of course, you need one that is spacious and good enough for your tasks.

The single bowl is more popular as it serves the main functions and covers less space, unlike a double bowl. You can get one that measures 24 inches or less if your space is limited. But, if you prefer a large one, some measure 30 inches and above.

Nevertheless, if a need for a double bowl arises, you can choose from the best fireclay farmhouse sink brands. They also come with a lot of benefits like separating utensils, dishes cookware. Moreover, you can use one bowl for washing and the other for drying!

Does the number of bowls affect a fireclay farmhouse unt installation process? Installing single bowl farmhouse sinks is much easier than double bowls. For instance, a single bowl has one drain, while a double bowl has two drains making the installation more complex.

Although the double bowl sinks can be time-consuming to set up, they allow you to install a garbage disposal unit. So, the hustle is definitely worth it!

Depending on your needs, you can either get a single bowl or double bowl farmhouse kitchen sink.

5. Reversible Design

Looking for a versatile farmhouse unit that will adapt to different installation styles? If yes, then the reversible design can help you do that! Most fireclay farmhouse sinks are interchangeable; you can install them on the right or opposite sides and maintain an appealing look.

Other best fireclay farmhouse sink brands will present to you a plain finish on one side and a fluted on the other. For such models, you can install them according to your preference.

Furthermore, if the sink features a corner drain, you can position it on the right or left, depending on your plumbing needs. This makes the installation process much easier!

6. Garbage Disposal Compatibility

When selecting a sink, you should consider whether it is garbage disposal compatible. If you purchase a model that is not garbage disposal compatible, you will have to get an external flange. Adding this extra part demands more resources that you may not want to cover if you are working on a tight budget.

7. Resistance to Wear, Tear, and Staining

Whether you get a single or double bowl sink, you need to ensure it can withstand much use. Having a white fireclay farmhouse unit is great as it adds some glamour to your kitchen space.

But if this unit cannot handle the daily use and stay in good shape, then you may have to pay more in the future to replace it. Consequently, you need to choose a farm sink resistant to staining, discoloration, and chipping to avoid this.

For enhanced protection of your sink, you can use a stainless steel strainer to prevent pots and pans from having direct contact with the bowl farmhouse sink. This will optimize its durability and ensure there are no chips.

Why Buy a Fireclay Farmhouse Sink?

The market offers alternatives to fireclay material sinks for you to choose from. Perhaps you are wondering why not buy stainless steel or any other farmhouse sink.

Below are the reasons why you should stick to the best fireclay sink brands:

1. Durability

Fireclay sinks were initially made for farmhouses. As a result, they underwent a thorough process to ensure they can withstand heavy duties in a kitchen. They’ve now gained popularity in modern homes as more people prefer them over other types of sinks.

To make a fireclay unit, manufacturers shape clay, dry it, glaze it, then place it in a high degree kiln. For instance, they can use ceramic to glaze it, enhancing its lifetime.

So, whether you spend much time in the kitchen entertaining or have a large family, a farmhouse kitchen sink will give you a long-lasting service. Put another way, with high maintenance; fireclay sinks can last a lifetime!

2. Handcrafted

What comes to your mind when you hear handcrafted?

With custom-made units, manufacturers pay keen attention to every detail of the fireclay sink. Whether a single bowl sink or double bowl, they ensure each part is flawlessly integrated to ensure exceptional quality.

These units are resistant to chipping, scratches, heat, and stains. So, you can enjoy your white fireclay unit’s glare for years with proper maintenance.

Being handcrafted also means your apron front sink can be easily customized to different sizes and styles that suit your home appearance. As a result, it’s easy for you to get a single or double bowl kitchen sink that fits your countertop.

These handcrafted units also offer you reversible, smooth, or fluted designs, giving you an easy time to install them.

3. Maintenance

If a sink is not scratch-resistant and stains easily, you may have to do extra work to keep its glare. This also means it has a limited lifetime, and soon, you will pay more for a replacement. You don’t want a bowl kitchen sink with yellow stains as it will spoil the appearance of your space.

Thanks to the fireclay farmhouse apron front sinks, you won’t have to go through this hustle. Since they are non-porous and scratch-resistant, you can keep them clean with a simple wipe.

Nevertheless, when needed, you can utilize non-abrasive cleaners to scrub kitchen residues. You don’t need products like steel wool to keep the glare!

4. Great Cleaning Experience

With some conventional sinks cleaning the sink and counters can be a headache because of protruding lips. Dirt gets stuck repeatedly, building up and getting dirtier to keep the space tidy.

Thanks to the best fireclay farmhouse sink brands, they do not have extended lips that limit your cleaning. Instead, you have an easy cleaning time that leaves all parts sparkling clean.

Other Farmhouse Sink Materials

After exploring the best fireclay farmhouse sink brands, you may be eager to know whether there are other material options you can get in the market. For instance, if you prefer steel or cast iron units, you are more likely to choose them over fireclay.

Do you want to learn alternative materials to fireclay sinks? If yes, let’s delve in.

I. Stainless Steel Sink

Stainless steel makes classic farmhouse units that fit most spaces. They are high quality and durable, hence a great option for most homeowners. They are also easy to clean, making them ideal for spaces where there are many duties.

If you have a professional or heavy-duty kitchen, this may work well for you as it can withstand tough duties. However, to ensure you get the best out of this sink type, go for a 16 or 18 gauge size because they are thicker, hence long-lasting.

Stainless steel sinks come in a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes. As a result, you can choose one that suits your home and needs best!

Nevertheless, they are easy to scratch and can show watermarks. This can spoil the appearance of your space.

2. Natural Stone Sinks

If you prefer having a natural look, then this sink type will help you accomplish it. The natural sink is made from one boulder, making it unique and beautiful. Manufacturers utilize different store types like marble, limestone, travertine, and limestone.

Consequently, you get multiple options to choose from and enhance your home’s appearance. Another great advantage of natural stone sinks is that they can last a lifetime when properly maintained.

However, they can be pricey and are heavy so, they require extra reinforcement.

3. Copper Sinks

The best fireclay farmhouse sink brands are ideal for different purposes, but when you want a luxurious option, copper sinks are perfect for that. This sink type is also unique and continues to change, making them an incredible decor element.

But when getting a copper sink, you need to observe maintenance practices that retain its polished look. This farm sink is also very expensive and not a good option when working with a tight budget.

4. Cast Iron

Like fireclay, cast iron has existed for ages and is a familiar asset in Eon’s kitchen. This sink type is long-lasting and beautiful, although it poses many challenges when installing due to its heavyweight.

There you go; you have numerous options to choose from depending on your needs and the service period you want.

How to Install a Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

After exploring the best fireclay farmhouse sink brands and choosing one that fits your preferences, you need to go to the next step, installation. But before you proceed, there are a few factors you should ensure are in place. They include:

  • Confirm the sink size you select matches your countertop.
  • Check the weight of the sink type to build a strong base that can support it when it is filled with water.
  • Order the farm sink early to avoid inconveniences.
  • When you receive the unit, inspect for damages for a replacement to avoid unnecessary costs.
  • Ensure you familiarize yourself with any special instructions in the manufacturer’s guide.

So, how do you install a farm sink? Here is a step-by-step guide to help you set up your fireclay kitchen sink:

Step 1. Kitchen Cabinet Preparation

To install your fireclay apron front sink, start by preparing the kitchen cabinet space. You will have to turn off the water lines, usually two valves in the base cabinet, and disconnect the other fittings as you remove the waterlines.

Beneath the sink, you will get other elements like the drainpipe, which need to be emptied. To accomplish this, use a towel and a bucket while adhering to all the local plumbing codes.

After you are through with this, you can now remove all the cabinet contents, drawers, and doors. So, how can you do this efficiently?

  • Remove all screws that hold the countertops in place.
  • Cut the silicone beads and lift the countertop.
  • You may need assistance from one or two people depending on whether the countertop is lightweight or heavy (stone or marble).

Step 2. Support Frame Construction

Farmhouse apron front sinks require much support since they are heavy, unlike conventional ones. As a result, you have to build a strong structure that will keep it in place even when water is added to it.

Due to the handcrafted nature of farm sinks, there is no standard template for cut-outs. Instead, you use the actual unit as a guide to making a cut-out. Below are instructions to help you achieve this:

  • Start by marking the cabinet’s inner walls where the sink will sit and the height while considering the installation type (undermount or raised). Then build a frame that is 2×4 to provide enough support for a 300lbs weight.
  • To enhance the support frame, install four vertical 2×4 props and ensure that the frame is tightly fitted behind your cabinet because you will mount a trim on it later.
  • So, what if you want to save space? You can screw the 2×4 frames on the cabinet’s sides. If your apron sink is 100 lbs, you may opt for an under-mount installation kit and use plywood to make a smooth surface for easy drilling of drain holes.
  • Under-mount installation requires sinks to sit under the countertop. Consequently, you have to confirm the measurements before you go to the next step.
  • Identify the drain outlet hole in the support and cut it out precisely. Remember the hole’s diameter should clear the garbage disposal set-up system in case it’s used.

Complete this step by installing, securing, plumbing, and leveling the base cabinet. While doing this, ensure there is clearance for drain, water supply pipes, and garbage disposal.

Step 3. Cutting the Cabinet Front

With the base cabinet ready, now you can cut out the space where your apron front farmhouse will fit in. Again, it’s crucial to be attentive when executing this step, as measurement disparities can lead to loose-fitting and unsightly spaces.

Here is how to cut the cabinet front for your fireclay apron sink:

  • Measure and cut your cabinet’s face meticulously where you will fit the new fireclay kitchen sink. You can use a heavy material to make the template for better results. Remember, some sinks thin slightly; hence you should be precise to cater to this.
  • Measure the opening to see if it matches the maximum measurements of the sink to ensure there’s only a minimum gap between the unit and the cabinet.
  • Suppose you have a fake drawer in place, pull it away from the sink and keep the false panel for future use.

If the opening still needs alteration, you can sand it or add wood filler spacers to achieve accurate measurements.

Step 4. Installing the Fireclay Kitchen Sink

Finally, your efforts are paying off; you can start seeing some progress in this step. To install the bowl fireclay unit:

  • Place the apron front unit in the frame and ensure you center it in the cabinet.
  • Level the farm sink and confirm it is straight at the top and bottom. You can use shims to achieve seamless evenness on all sides for a great look and proper water drainage.
  • Use a plumber putty to install the disposal flange and make a watertight seal amid the sink and drain.
  • If necessary, apply sealant between the sink and the cabinet. Then install the fixtures, garbage disposal and connect the drain pipes according to your manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 5. Countertop Installation

Whether installing a single bowl or double basin sink, there is so much change due to the new elements introduced to the countertop. As a result, countertop installation may demand professional assistance.

Alternatively, you can place your sink on the countertop in an upside-down position. Then trace out its shape for precise measurements. Complete this step by sealing your sink edges to the countertop using silicone. This will prevent any water leaks!

Step 6. Cabinet Frame and Doors Installation

After installing the fireclay apron front unit, you need to ensure the cabinet is still intact like before. The most probable thing is that you have different measurements on your cabinet opening from the initial ones.

You can build new doors and install them to enhance the finishing of your space. So, how can you go about this?

  • Start by removing all hardware from the old doors like pulls, hinges, and screws from the door.
  • Cut them out as per the new measurements. To accomplish this, you will need to draw up the measurements and then use a circular saw to make the right pieces.
  • After you complete making the doors, install them in your cabinet’s front.

Alternatively, if you do not want to build new doors, you can use a curtain to cover the space.

Now that you are done installing the farm sink, you can enjoy yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are All Fireclay Sinks the Same Quality?

No. Even the best fireclay farmhouse sink brands differ when it comes to quality. Remember, all fireclay units do not pass through one specific process. Some have varying ratios of fireclay and other additional materials.

These materials help in making the unit lighter and less expensive. As a result, some manufacturers will use much of these due to their affordability, affecting the quality. For example, the best fireclay farmhouse sink brands use 60% fireclay for top-quality units and then fill it with other materials.

While it’s heavy, you are guaranteed the real deal!

The glaze also varies depending on the brand; for instance, you will notice some words like ‘triple glaze,’ which are stain-resistant and don’t discolor over time even when exposed to high temperatures.

The thicker the glaze, the more long-lasting the surface!

2. Does Kohler Make a Fireclay Farmhouse Sink?

Being one of the most renowned companies for bathroom and kitchen elements, Kohler presents to you a Whitehaven under-mount kitchen fireclay sink. The apron front unit features a versatile style to enhance any decor.

It’s a large bowl that can hold large pots and pans for easy washing. It also has a sloped bottom that allows for easy cleaning and draining. In addition, Kohler uses enameled cast iron to offer you a sturdy sink and durable service.

This unit is also resistant to staying, chipping, and cracking. It handles the tough duties exceptionally so you can enjoy its stunning appearance for a prolonged period. Its standard apron front allows you to install it on a 30-inch cabinetry front.

Moreover, you only need a rough cut-out overlapping the cabinet’s front to enjoy incredible results!

3. What Faucet Type Fits a Fireclay Unit?

Since fireclay units do not come with openings for faucet mounting, you need a wall or counter-mount faucet. However, it can be overwhelming to get the right one for your sink due to numerous factors.

Before purchasing the faucet, some of the factors you have to consider include style, color, finish, sink features, and your budget. In addition, you need to ensure that the faucet blends flawlessly with the kitchen hardware finish and its accessories to have an appealing aesthetic.

4. What Are the Installation Options for Fireclay Units?

The best fireclay farmhouse sink brands offer numerous installation options to meet different homeowners’ needs. These options include:

I. Under-Mount Installation

In this installation style, your sink sits under the countertop.

II. Top Mount Installation

Also known as built-up, this option allows you to set up your sink above the countertop position.

III. Flush Mount Installation

With the flush-mount installation, the sink is positioned in level with your countertop.

If you are installing a fireclay unit, you should apply the under-mount installation style. This will provide enough support to your unit ensuring it’s easy to clean.

5. Which Types of Farmhouse Units Are More Durable and Affordable?

Oftentimes, when searching for a farmhouse unit to purchase, most people consider its price and durability. Typically, fireclay and composite granite farm units are more durable than other materials.

Most of these sink types are highly resistant to stains and scratches, giving you long-term service!

Metal sinks like copper and stainless steel are extremely durable, but this depends on the thickness of the metal used. For example, if you choose a stainless steel sink for home use, you can acquire any unit above 16-gauge thick.


Fireclay units are durable and versatile to fit or enhance your home decor. With these five best fireclay farmhouse sink brands we’ve reviewed, you can find one that’s outstanding and fits your needs like a glove.

Whether you are building your dream home or planning to do an overhaul, you can explore these units in detail to choose one that resonates with your style. This will be a great investment that can last a lifetime with proper maintenance!

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