Best Soaker Tub for Tall Person

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Do you enjoy soaking in the tub or taking a long bath? You may have trouble fitting in it due to the small Bathtub. Does it ever get uncomfortable to use it? Well, we’ve got the best solution available for you. You should not be concerned about someone at home being tall and unable to use the Bathtub to relax. Tall people can find relaxing in a rather congested bathtub very uncomfortable. Bathtubs sometimes have too little leg space for you or are too shallow for enough water.

You have come to the right place if you are searching for bathtubs for tall people. A comprehensive list of bathtubs for tall people is provided below. But before you proceed, how about some insights about a comfortable bathtub for tall people?

The length of the tub is the most important factor in a tall bathtub. You may find it helpful to consider the length of the Bathtub as an indication of how much space is available within it. Therefore, you need to choose a tub that is longer than you need. Ideally, a person over 6 feet tall would need a tub at least 70 inches in length. Before buying a tub for tall people, it is important to take height into consideration as well.

The height of the Bathtub is of little use if it is shallow and leaks water as you get wet. Therefore, if you want a bathtub with approximately 22 inches of height, you need to look for one with that height. In terms of width, people have different requirements and can choose one according to their preference. Nevertheless, a bathtub 32 inches wide is adequate for most uses.

Benefits of Large-Sized Bathtubs

Bathtubs, showers, faucets, mats, and other bathroom items can be beneficial, usable, and valuable when used. Bathroom accessories and items like bathtubs have their advantages and features as well. It is more beneficial and convenient to have a large tub.

In particular, if you do not know what benefits oversized and large bathtubs can provide you, let us specify and clarify them below;

  • Taking a shower with multiple people is easy thanks to large bathtubs (best for the entire family)
  • A large bathtub makes the bathroom more elegant and attractive for tall people.
  • Adding a tall bathroom tub to a property will increase its value (especially a bathroom).
  • Although bathtub prices might seem high, they are long-lasting.
  • A five-year warranty is guaranteed on large bathtubs.
  • Massage is the best method of pain relief and relaxation
  • Bathtubs like this one make breathing easier.

In general, these are the advantages you would get from the largest bathtubs if you installed them in your bathroom. However, our recommendation is to install a large shower tub now if you want to upgrade your bathroom.

Below are our best pick bathtub for taller people based on quality, brand and customer reviews.

Let’s get started.

Melissa 71 inch Freestanding Bathtub in White with Polished Chrome Drain and Overflow Trim

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The tub measures 71 inches in length and holds 53 gallons of water. There is significantly less water used here than in the ‘Slipper’ design, but we are not concerned.

Melissa’s simple curved freestanding appeal creates a soft and welcoming bathing experience thanks to the tub’s no sharp edges. There is an angle on one side that is more relaxing for laying back on and stretching out your body. However, it does not have the ‘slipper’ finish that my Wife so loves.

This Bathtub, however, is still under consideration due to its 71-inch length. Unlike enamel-based bathtubs, this acrylic bathtub is warmer to the touch due to its fibreglass reinforcement, which will be appreciated in the colder months.


  • There are multiple sizes to choose from
  • The features included are incredible and admirable.
  • Better immersion with deepwater structure
  • Bathroom decor at its best
  • A two-year warranty is included


  • Buying it isn’t so cheap


Hydro Systems Designer Soaking Acrylic Bath Tub

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We like everything about this Bathtub by Hydro Systems. At 86 inches long, it’s extra-long and wide enough to facilitate taking both paths simultaneously. The fact that it is 50 inches wide and can hold 110 gallons of water is a dream come true. Despite this, little is known about this tub.

Our research revealed that Hydro System tubs are made in the USA, in a California factory, which is exciting. This is especially true when handling a large item like a bathtub.

In comparison with curved tubs, this soaker tub has a more straight-lined appeal. When in the tub, the backrest is more vertical, so you can sit up straighter. Some people won’t find this appealing, but we find it quite appealing.

A bathtub of this quality is typically made from acrylic and reinforced with fibreglass so that it can hold up to 110 gallons of water before the overflow occurs. There are two types of bathtubs: drop-in or undermount. Nevertheless, due to the size of this group, we think the drop-in is the best option. The only challenge will be finding space for this extra-large Bathtub.


  • Tubs made of acrylic
  • Hydro Systems
  • Measures 19 by 50 by 86 inches
  • Support up to 150 pounds


Ove Decors Freestanding Bathtub in Glossy

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This Ove Decors Rachel 70′′ Bathtub is our favourite of all the designs so far. The curve at the end is interesting but not outrageous, the flow is pleasant, and the rims are nice and thick. Furthermore, it has a nice glossy white finish and is CSA/ULC certified.

After further investigation, we found the drain hole was on the lower end of the tub rather than in the middle, as is stated in the specs. It is stylish and functional to have polished chrome pop-up drain plugs and overflow valves on white gloss acrylic surfaces.

Prices are right on target compared with other similar products. In our opinion, this is worth much more than it is being asked for. As a result, we are sure it will get some compliments on how beautiful it looks. In our opinion, it is the best design we’ve seen so far. The price is right, and installation seems to be on par.


  • The maximum water height is 15.5 inches.
  • Certified by the CSA.
  • Fibreglass reinforced acrylic.
  • The tub is perfectly balanced by level legs


Vanity Art 70 Inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

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Bathtub brands such as Vanity are popular and in demand. These bathtubs are budget-friendly and extremely attractive, featuring some of the most essential and convenient features.

The freestanding acrylic bathtub is very suitable for people whose height is between 6 feet and 6.5 feet. However, before discussing that, let’s find out what kinds of features and specifications this water tub offers.

Its finish is chrome polished, and it is made from 100% glossy white acrylic material reinforced with fibreglass. Its total length, width, and height are 70 inches, and its width is 31.5 inches, and its height is 28.3 inches.

In addition to a flexible drain hose, this tub features a slotted overflow, as well as excludes the tub filter (required). It weighs approximately 95 pounds (47kg) and is durable, and performs well.

It is UPC-certified, stain-resistant, and scratch-resistant, as well as easily maintaining and cleaning. Despite regular cleaning, it will still look brand new afterwards due to its scratch-resistant surface.

It’s true; you won’t find a contemporary stand-alone bath like vanity art acrylic bathtubs (Best for bathroom décor). No matter what kind of bathroom you have, the curved design will complement it perfectly.

All the best materials, raw materials, highest quality, ergonomic features, luxury looks, and a modern design; all these things you will find in this particular and the best soaker tub for a tall person.


  • Drainage system with a pop-up design
  • Overflow slots are available
  • The installation method is straightforward (Freestanding)
  • A one-year warranty is included


  • Those who are 7 feet tall should avoid this

Vanity Art 71 inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

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Could you please tell me if there are any bathtubs that would be good for 6 4? For people 6 feet to 6.4 feet tall, Vanity Art acrylic freestanding bathtubs are precisely shaped and constructed. We will also refer you to this spectacular Bathtub if you are looking for the best soaking tub.

It is important to understand why we choose this tub rather than other top branded ones. It is 71.9-inches long (72-inches freestanding bath), 33.9-inches wide, and 25.6-inches high.

Additionally, it has an oval shape body, round overflow, flexible drain hose, and a freestanding design. The white acrylic soaking tub has the same authentic quality and chrome finishes as other acrylic soaking bathtubs.

You can enjoy your bath for as long as possible by keeping the water warm for a longer period of time. Any decorative bathroom will look good with the modern curved design.

This Bathtub provides you with a relaxing soaking experience, a better spa experience, a superior bath experience, and a long-term hot water shower.

You won’t have to remodel or install deadbolts to install it, which is an advantage. It is hoped that the item weight (93 pounds) and the top surface of the item will not cause any damage during installation.


  • The best soaking tub ever
  • Multipurpose (massage, spa, bath)
  • Bathrooms with this design will look great.
  • The price is reasonable and affordable.
  • A bathtub that meets UPC standards


  • A problem with the hose is possible (possibly, not absolutely).

Ferdy Bali 59″ Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

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You may be wondering which is the best Bathtub for a tall person. But wait, there’s good news! We have the best Bathtub to recommend to people over 6 feet tall.

An ultra-lightweight, multi-coloured and single person bathtub, Feredy Bali is the perfect bath for you. Fifty-nine inches long, 28 inches wide, and 23 inches high, it measures 59 inches long, 28 inches wide, and 23 inches tall.

In terms of size, the Ferny bathtub will be 150cm by 71cm by 58cm (L x W x H). This Bathtub features sleek white looks, slotted overflow, CUPC certified, Toe-tape chrome drain, and graceful oval shape.

Ferdy bathtub is made of 100% glossy white acrylic as well as fibreglass for better durability. Non-toxic, non-cracking, high gloss, eco-friendly, chemical & cosmetic resistant, and more are a few of its features.

In addition, there is an anti-sliding gasket that helps prevent water leakage and adjusts to the floor drainage system. The most important thing is that you won’t regret purchasing this Bathtub.


  • Stunning Bathtub with a stylish design
  • Ideal for people of average size
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Bathing experience that is unique


  • The cost of purchasing is high

Empava EMPV-FT1503 Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

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This tub has a 71-inch diameter and is constructed of a high-quality design that fits seamlessly into any bathroom decor. With a double-walled reinforced design, you can be certain that the water will stay at the right temperature for a longer period of time.

Despite its affordable price, this feature makes the Empava bathtub the most prominent of its kind. In addition to the 60-gallon tub capacity and chrome drain, it includes an overflow hole. Additionally, the glossy white finish acrylic material is easy to clean and warm to the touch.

There is a capacity of 1000 lbs for this Bathtub, so it’s suited for tall people and can accommodate two people at once. With this Bathtub, you can have a good time with your family or take a relaxing soak for yourself.


  • For better stability, the metal feet under the table can be adjusted
  • With a capacity of over 1000 pounds, it is suitable for 1 or 2 people bathing
  • A flexible drain pipe replaces the central drain
  • It installs easily and is built to last


American Standard 7236V002.222 Evolution 6 ft. x 36 in

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One of the deepest bathtubs available is the American Standard 7236V002.222. The design of this Bathtub makes it suitable for taller people. There is enough legroom for someone who is 6 feet tall and above. It has beautiful and stylish armrests that can be used for both sitting and lying down. This tub features a deeper water level than most traditional bathtubs, which can be up to 3 inches deep.

Glossy acrylic is on the outside of the Bathtub, so it will not fade over time. This tub is constructed primarily from fibreglass, which makes it durable. After a long day of work, you can soak your 6 feet tall body in this Bathtub, not having to worry about the water spilling out or slipping into the tub while trying to get into it.


  • Providing a safe anti-slip surface
  • Undermount or drop-in installation options are available
  • Large enough for people 6 feet and taller
  • Featuring moulded armrests for top comfort
  • A floor that is slip-resistant for safety


Buyers Guide

It is estimated that more than 60% of bathtub buyers are unable to buy an ideal bathtub. Often, taller people do not consider product dimensions or quality when purchasing.

Thus, a small bathtub makes them feel uncomfortable when taking a bath. The fact that you are reading this bathtub buying guide shows that you are clever enough.

We gathered some crucial information about taller person bathtubs to help you decide which one to choose. The following tips will help you buy a bathtub that is designed to fit tall people. When buying a bathtub for a tall person, a buying guide could prevent deceiving chances.

1. Bathtub size

It is crucial to estimate the Bathtub’s dimensions before choosing a significant individual. Would it feel strange, for example, if you purchased a 55-inch bathtub when you’re 70-inches tall instead?

There’s no room for you in there. The size of a bathtub has to be chosen correctly and accurately for this reason.

In other words, if your height ranges between 6 feet and 7 feet, a 70-inch to 80-inch Bathtub should be sufficient. Additionally, before buying a bathtub, make sure you measure the size of your bathroom.

2. Shape & design

The only thing that can improve the look and décor of your bathroom is the bathtub design and shape.  Do not choose an awkward and ordinary bathtub design or shape.

According to our recommendation, the oval shape is the ideal choice for making any bathroom look good.

3. Types & style

There are three styles of bathtubs: rounded, square, and oval. Try to buy a square or oval Bathtub if you are buying a bathtub for a tall person. Additionally, they are designed for tall people and constructed according to the client’s specifications.

4. Easy installation

There is no doubt that bathtub weight is too heavy (90lbs to 120lbs). Because they are so heavy and large, they are quite challenging and laborious to install. Diver’s installation system is compatible with a variety of bathtub types.

Freestanding bathtubs are a good choice, for example. There’s nothing more comfortable or straightforward to install than a freestanding bathtub. Installing this in the bathroom will not require any plumbers or installers.

5. Materials

Various types of bathtubs are made from ceramic, marvel, acrylic, and copper. Materials of all types are quite magnificent and provide long-term reliability and performance.

Is there a bathtub material that is worthy? The acrylic material would be our preference. For a bathtub, acrylic is the best material. It is light, strong, durable, and long-lasting.

6. Surface & Colour

Surfaces that are of the highest quality (specifically, chrome finishes) enhance the Bathtub’s performance and quality. A low-quality bathtub surface gets scratched easily, on the other hand.

Choosing a colourful bathtub will also make your bathroom look eye-catching and stylish because it is eye-catching. Choosing the white colour is the best choice for a bathroom.

7. Price

The Bathtub is the most expensive item in the bathroom accessories and items. Due to its material, size, and high-quality features, however, the price can be higher.

If you have a maximum budget of 500 dollars, you can buy an average quality tub. Nevertheless, if you increase your budget to 700$, you will be able to have an excellent and superior bathtub.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a walk-in tub weigh?

The walk-in tub is usually a unique type of Bathtub. Walk-in tubs are heavier due to their structure than ordinary or special bathtubs.

A tub’s weight differs depending on its size. If we take their average weight into account, a walk-in tub weighs more than 200lbs.

2. Can I make my Bathtub taller?

Although it is not possible to make your Bathtub taller in the length direction, you can do so in the height direction. If you wish to extend the length of the Bathtub, you will need to increase its height.

For instance, applying an adjustable extra overflow attachment will increase your bathtub height, and the shape will change automatically.

3. How big is a two-person bathtub?

It is often tempting to buy a two-person bathtub whenever we are trying to choose a bathtub for a tall person. In order to make an informed decision, you must estimate the size of the bathroom with the Bathtub chosen.

For two people to enjoy a bathtub, it doesn’t matter how long it is; it matters how wide it is. 60 to 80-inch-long and 45-inch-wide are the dimensions of a two-person bathtub.

Wrap Up

This article makes it easier for you to find a bathtub that is suitable for tall people. Before choosing one Bathtub for yourself, you have all the necessary information. If you find a tall bathtub that fits your budget and what you need, make sure to check it off the list. We have provided a list of bathtubs above so that you can choose one and have a beautiful bathtub that fulfils all your bathing needs.

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