Best Toilet that Flushes Everything

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Whether you are renovating or installing a new toilet in your bathroom, you need to have the best toilet that flushes everything to guarantee you a greater bathroom experience. Without due diligence in your buying, you may end up buying a toilet that will end up experiencing frequent clogs. Certainly, a clogging toilet is the last thing you want in your bathroom, right?

In this article, we provide you with extensive information on the best toilet that flushes everything options available for you on the market and helps you make an informed decision through our buying guide. So, come along and see the different toilets that flush everything before making an informed choice.

10 Best Toilets that Flushes Everything

ProductTypeGallons Per FlushType of Flush
TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II ToiletOne-Piece Elongated1.28 gpfTornado Flush System
American Standard 2034.314.020One-Piece Elongated1.6gpf4-Inch Piston Action Accelerator Flush
Kohler K-3493-0 Highline ClassicTwo-Piece Elongated1.6gpfPressure Assisted Flush
Signature Hardware 413995 StalnakerTwo-Piece Elongated1.6gpfSiphon Flush System
American Standard 2889218.020 H2OptionTwo-Piece Round0.92/1.28gpfDual Flush System
Swiss Madison Well Made Forever Ivy SM-WT450One-Piece Elongated0.8/1.28gpfDual Flush System
TOTO AQUIA IV 2PC Connect+ W/ SS124Two-Piece Elongated0.8/1.28gpfDual Flush System
WOODBRIDGE B-0960S B0960S Smart Bidet seat ToiletOne-Piece Elongated1.0/1.6gpfDual Flush System
Kohler 3810-0 Santa RosaOne-piece Elongated1.28gpfAquaPiston Flush System
Kohler K-3998-0 Wellworth Elongated
Two-Piece1.28gpfSingle-flush gravity system

Toto MS60411CEFG#01 UltraMax II – Top Pick

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The TOTO UltraMax II is arguably the best toilet that flushes everything owing to its Tornado flush. It is a one-piece elongated bowl design toilet that is sleek and will easily blend with your bathroom décor for an elegant appearance. Moreover, the one-piece design removes the gap between the tank and bow that often harbors dirt and debris thus making the cleaning process seamless.

The toilet features a hole-free rim design with dual nozzles that create a powerful centrifugal washing action that helps clean everything from the bowl leaving the bowl clean. All these actions use 1.28 gallons of water per flush making it one of the most water-efficient toilets you can have in your home.

The elongated bowl design and universal height allow for a more comfortable seat position for most of the users. Moreover, it is ADA compliant and meets the standards for EPA WaterSense. So, if you are looking for the best toilet that will enable you to flush everything whenever you visit your bathroom, then TOTO UltraMax II is the real deal.

Key Features

  • One-piece elongated toilet
  • Powerful tornado flush system
  • 1.28GPF Water Efficiency
  • Universal height


  • The efficient tornado flush system flushes everything effectively with a single flush
  • High water efficiency with 1.28gpf
  • Ergonomic one-piece compact design


  • A bit heavy to lift
  • Quite expensive

American Standard 2034.314.020 Champion 4 – Runner Up

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The American Standard Champion 4 is another great toilet that flushes everything from the bowl in a single flush. With its powerful siphoning water jet that allows flushed water to move in a circular flow in the bowl, you can be sure of having optimal performance with this toilet. Both the waste and water are siphoned into the trapway with such great power leaving the bowl sparkling clean.

It features an accelerator 4-inch flush valve that lifts straight up to allow water to pour into the 4-inch valve opening from all directions. About 1.6 gallons of water flows into the bowl faster with great power to push down all the waste. Better still, the entire flushing action is quiet!

It has a right height bowl that lifts the sitting height with an extra 1.5 inches of the ground for a more comfortable sitting position that allows easier sitting and standing. With the elongated bowl design, you can be sure of having a greater experience using this toilet. For this reason, it is ideal for men, women, adolescents, and the elderly.

With the EverClean surface and one-piece design, you are guaranteed a seamless cleaning and cutting down the overall maintenance cost. With its medium prices and durability, this toile comes out as a top pick for those with a medium-range budget.

Key Features

  • One-piece elongated toilet
  • EverClean Surface
  • Low-consumption 1.6gpf
  • Siphon action jetted bowl
  • 10-Year Warranty


  • Powerful 4-inch piston action accelerator flush valve
  • Excellent water efficiency with 1.6 gallons per flush
  • EverClean surface for easier cleaning and maintenance


  • Quite heavy with 111 pounds of weight

Kohler K-3493-0 Highline Classic – Best Top-flushing Toilet System

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The Kohler K-3493-0 Highline Classic is a pressure-assisted two-piece toilet that offers the style to perfectly fit in your home bathroom. And with its powerful pressure-assisted flush system, you can easily install it in a public restroom as it can flush everything without experiencing clogs regardless of the traffic.

To ensure that this toilet flushes everything, it is equipped with a top-flushing system- pressure-assisted. The flushing system is backed with Kohler Pressure Lite flushing system that ensures the toilet seamless flushes down even the bulk of waste in a single flush. A turn on the left-hand trip lever delivers 1.6 gallons of water into the bowl faster and with more power.

The toilet features vitreous china construction material that ensures its durability and dependability in the bathroom. It has an antimicrobial finish that inhibits the growth of mildew, stain, mold, and odor-causing bacteria on the fixture surface. The vitreous china material is equally resistant to stains thus assuring that cleaning will be seamless and straightforward.

The Kohler K-3493-0 Highline Classic features an elongated bowl shape that makes sitting comfortable for most of its users. Overly, this is a high-performance toilet that will fulfill your needs to flush everything. With its elegant style, powerful flush, and affordable price, it is one of the best purchases you can make for your bathroom.

Key Features

  • Two-piece elongated toilet
  • Pressure assisted flushing system
  • Universal height
  • Class five flushing toilet technology


  • Powerful pressure-assisted flushing system that flushes everything
  • Comfortable universal height with an elongated bowl for more room for comfortable sitting
  • Water-efficient as it uses up to 1.6 gallons per flush


  • Toilet seat and supply line are bought separately

Signature Hardware 413995 Stalnaker – Best Middle Range Price

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What makes Signature Hardware 413995 Stalnaker the best toilet that flushes everything is the fact that it comes with a power siphonic flush that pushes down all the solid waste and flushes water with a single flush. Moreover, it ensures that you use as little water per flush with it 1.6gpf consumption rating.

The Signature Hardware 413995 Stalnaker is a two-piece toilet that is designed to complete your bathroom no matter your style. The two-piece design not only allows for easy access to the areas around the toilet but also allows an easy installation process. Moreover, it comes with a 12-inch rough-in making the installation process is a breeze.

Although this is a two-piece toilet, it is a compact, stylish, and easy-to-care toilet unit. Its elongated toilet bowl comes with a standard seat that is fully compliant with the best ADA regulations. Therefore, it allows for use with people of all ages and physical abilities safely and with maximum comfort.

The elegant white color and the graceful lines ensure that this toilet blends perfectly with the rest of your bathroom décor. The smooth porcelain bowl is smooth making the flushing of the waste and cleaning of the bowl seamless. Most importantly, it comes at a very affordable price.

Key Features

  • Two-piece elongated toilet
  • 1.6gpf Siphon flush system
  • ADA compliant
  • Porcelain material


  • Powerful siphon flush system that is water-efficient. 1.6 gallons per flush
  • Quite flushing compared to its competitors
  • Comfortable height with an elongated bowl that is roomy and comfortable to sit


  • Slamming toiled lid

American Standard 2889218.020 H2 Option – Most Affordable

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The H2Option is a dual flush right height two-piece elongated toilet that is designed not only to flush everything but also to deliver exceptional water efficiency. The toilet features a gravity-flush system that delivers flushing water into the bowl with exceptional power and speed. The siphon jet bowl technology features a PowerWash rim that provides maximum ultra-high efficiency performance to flush down all the waste contents in the bowl with a 1.28gpf single flush.

The toilet is made from vitreous china material with an EverClean Antimicrobial surface that ensures seamless cleaning as the surface repels stains, mold, and mildew infestation. Besides, this lowers the frequency of cleaning making the overall maintenance cost-effective. The chrome-plated top-mount push-button actuator ensures seamless flushing of this toilet.

This American Standard toilet comes with a 16-1/2-inch rim height making it slightly higher off the ground than most standard height toilets. Moreover, with the elongated front toilet bowl, you will certainly have unmatched comfort regardless of your height and weight. However, you have to buy the toilet seat separately.

If you are on a strict budget and you want the best toilet that flushes everything without experiencing clogs, then the American Standard H2Option is the best pick. It comes at amazingly affordable prices yet with features that only come in high-end flush toilets.

Key Features

  • Two-piece round front toilet
  • Dual flush 0.92/1.28gpf
  • EverClean surface
  • Fully glazed 2-inch trapway
  • Siphon jetted bowl technology


  • Water-efficient with the dual flush option of 0.92gpf or 1.28gpf
  • EverClean surface for seamless cleaning and maintenance
  • Siphon jetted bowl with PowerWash rim for exception flushing and cleaning performance


  • Might not be comfortable for taller users
  • Seat is purchased separately

Swiss Madison Well Made Forever Ivy SM-WT450 – Best Water Efficiency

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Swiss Madison SM-WT450 is an elegant wall-hung toilet that is designed to save space while adding elegant style to your bathroom. Although the carrier tank is completely concealed, it still has access to the plumbing system through the actuator plate. Its sleek and seamless design is extremely easy to clean.

To ensure it flushes everything down the drains, this toilet comes a dual flush system that delivers high-performance gravity with either 0.8 or 1.28 gallons in every flush. The bowl is made of ceramic materials that make it simple and easy to clean. A single flush can flush everything while leaving the bowl clean. This way, you will have easy cleaning and maintenance schedule.

The elongated bowl design offers an extra room for added comfort for all users regardless of age or weight. Since this is a wall-hung toilet, you can easily adjust the height to your comfort and easy sitting and standing. It is fitted with a soft-close quick-release toilet seat for quiet bathroom visits.

Key Features

  • One-piece elongated wall-mount toilet
  • Dual flush system
  • Adjustable height 15 to 19-inch
  • Slymn soft-close quick-release seat


  • Adjustable height allowing you to find a perfect height for your comfort
  • The dual flush system gives you’re the option to choose either 0.8 or 1.28 gallons per flush for water-conserving
  • One-piece compact design enables seamless cleaning


  • Difficult to install

TOTO AQUIA IV 2PC Connect+ W/SS124 – Best Easy to Clean and Maintain

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The TOTO Aquia IV is a two-piece elongated dual flush that delivers either 0.8 or 1.28 gallons per flush depending on the type of waste you are flushing. Use 0.8 gallons per flush option for liquid waste and 1.28 gallons per flush for solid waste. The toilet is skirted with CEFIONTECT that is coupled with Dynamax tornado flush that helps reduce the frequency of toilet cleaning.

The powerful Dynamax tornado flush allows water to get through the rim with such power that cleans the bowl and evacuates all the waste into the drains. Even with the low volume of water, this flush system is able to flush everything. The bowl is designed to minimize water flow resistance and turbulence thus ensuring a quieter flush.

With the full ceramic glazing, it prevents molds and debris from sticking to the bowl surface thus every flush leaves the bowl sparkling clean. The glazing extends to the no-clog 2.5-inch trapway to ensure the flushing of everything in the bowl without a hassle.

The toilet comes with an elongated front bowl design that is overly room for comfortable sitting for different users. Moreover, the chair height is perfect for a variety of users for easy sitting and standing. With the skirted design, you will have a seamless cleaning and maintenance experience.

Key Features

  • Two-piece elongated toilet
  • Dual flush system 0.8/1.28gpf
  • Universal height
  • Dynamax Tornado Flush


  • Water-efficient with a dual flush that gives you the option to choose between 0.8 or 1.28 gpf
  • Universal height for comfortable sitting and standing regardless of age or condition
  • Integrated with Dynamax tornado flush technology to ensure flushing of everything


  • A bit heavy thus requires more hands to install

WOODBRIDGE B-0960S B0960S Smart Bidet Seat Toilet – Best Smart Toilet

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The WOODBRIDGE B-0960S is a modern design toilet that features a sleek, low-profile skirted design. With the one-piece design, the toilet is quite minimalistic thus won’t take much of your toilet space. It comes with a dual flush system that gives you the option to use 1.0 gpf or 1.6gpf depending on the waste you want to flush.

This smart toilet features an automatic toilet lid that automatically opens to ensure hands-free operations in your bathroom. Once you sit on the toilet seat, the seat warms up to provide you with optimum comfort, especially during cold winter days. Besides, it is fitted with a bidet with warm air that eliminates the use of toilet paper.

The dual flush is automatic and flushes down the waste as soon as you stand up from the toilet. The powerful flush ensures that all the waste is eliminated from the bowl down into the drains. If the power is out, you can use the manual flush button to seamless flush down waste.

The elongated bowl design is roomy to ensure you have a more comfortable sitting experience. the bowl height is equally comfortable to allow you to sit and stand comfortably. Moreover, with the intuitive touch-screen remote that can be hand-held or mounted onto the wall, you will have a seamless operation in your bathroom.

Key Features

  • One-piece elongated smart toilet
  • Dual flush water efficiency system
  • Integrated powerful siphonic technology 1.6/1.0gpf
  • Instant warming comfort toilet seat
  • Remote-controlled bidet


  • Luxurious and comfortable contoured instant warming seat
  • Powerful water-saving dual flush system with 1.6gpf or 1.0gpf
  • Remote-controlled bidet seat that allows hands-off operation


  • Very expensive

Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa – Best With Comfortable Height

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The Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa is a one-piece toilet that is designed to not only flush everything but add modern looks to your bathroom space while conserving as much space owing to its compact elongated bowl. It features a 1.28gpf high-efficiency flush that delivers significant water savings while keeping the high performance of flushing everything.

The AquaPiston single flush canister technology uses the force of gravity and combines with the glazed trapway to create a strong and efficient siphon during flushing that ensures all the content in the bowl is flushed down into the drains.

It comes with a comfortable height to offer greater accessibility and ease of use. The bowl height is between 16.5 and 18 inches, just like any standard chair. Besides, the bowl features an elongated shape for more comfort. Moreover, this toilet is ADA compliant thus can be easily used by persons with disabilities.

To ensure its longevity and sturdiness, this toilet is made of vitreous china material. This material is said to be strong and durable to serve many years in your bathroom. However, the toilet is backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

Key Features

  • One-piece elongated toilet
  • Comfort height
  • AquaPiston flush system
  • ADA compliance


  • Easy to clean with a one-piece compact design
  • Completely glazed trapway for no-clog bowel movement
  • Affordable price
  • Powerful AquaPiston flush mechanism that flushes everything


  • The toilet lid is a little fragile

Kohler K-3998-0 Wellworth – Best Easy to Install

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The Kohler Wellworth toilet is an American benchmark for style, innovation, and performance in toilet manufacture for decades. This toilet is highly efficient and delivers high water savings with its 1.28 gallon per flush setting. This will see you save significantly on your water bills without compromising on the performance of flushing everything.

The toilet uses single-flush gravity that utilizes the force of gravity and a precision-engineered tank, bowl, and trapway to create a powerful siphon during flushing. The siphon effect is extremely powerful in that it pulls down all the waste in the bowl into the drains without clogging. Coupled with KOHLER’s canister flush valve, the force of gravity is harnessed to optimize flushing power and performance.

It comes with a fully glazed trapway to ensure the smooth movement of waste without clogging. To ensure your toilet visits are as comfortable as possible, the toilet features an elongated bowl design that offers extra room and comfort when seated. Since this is a two-piece toilet, the installation process is extremely seamless.

Key Features

  • Two-piece elongated toilet
  • Concealed trapway
  • AquaPiston canister flush
  • Water-saving flush with 1.28gpf


  • Comfortable height for easier sitting or standing for adults
  • Concealed trapway for easy cleaning and maintaining
  • High water efficiency with 1.28 gallons per flush
  • An elongated bowl that is roomy for comfort sitting


  • Hard to install hence requires a professional plumber to get it done

What to Consider When Buying the Best Toilet that Flushes Everything – Buying Guide

The following are some of the most important factors to look out for when choosing the best toilet that flushes everything.


Size is one of the main things to consider when purchasing a flushing toilet. Whether it is a new installation or you are looking for a replacement, it is important you get the correct measurements so that it fits perfectly in your bathroom. The distance between the floor drain to the wall and the height are two important measurements to keep in mind.

Type of Toilet


Flushable toilets come in two types; one-piece or two-piece. One-piece toilets have a toilet tank and bowl fused together. This design creates a seamless and sleek outlook that is appealing to most people. Besides, they are compact thus saving bathroom space while they don’t have crevices that make cleaning difficult. The drawback with one-piece toilets is that they are a bit cumbersome and pricey.

The two-piece toilets feature two separate parts and are the most common toilets that flush everything. Moreover, they are affordable compared to the one-piece models, easy to transport, easy to install, and widely available replacement parts. However, this toilet design is difficult to clean compared to one-piece units.


The height of the toilet you want to buy is another important consideration. Most flushing toilets range between 14 to 16 inches in height, which is the chair height seating. There are also toilets that come between 17 and 19 inches are ae commonly referred to as “comfort height” or tall toilets. This extra height makes it easier and comfortable to sit on. However, if you are with limited mobility then you should consider going for ADA certified which come at 16.5-inch high making them easily accessible.

Flushing Technology

Toilet flushing technologies have tremendously evolved over the years. Flushing toilets come with either of the following flushing technologies;

Pressure-assisted toilets: The pressure-assisted flushing systems come with a pressurized tank inside the unit’s water tank that increases the water pressure flushing into the bowl. While they are excellent in flushing everything, this flushing system is a bit noisy and requires extra maintenance.

Gravity: Most flushing toilets come with a gravity flush system. These toilets hold water in a tank and take advantage of gravity to create flushing pressure that clears everything in the bowl into the trapway. Gravity flush toilets are the easiest to maintain.

Double-Cyclone: This flush system is common in TOTO flushing toilets. However, the best part is that it uses 1.28gpf thus saving more on the water bills. This type combines both gravity flush and pressure-assisted flushing functionalities. Besides, toilets with a Double-Cyclone flushing system come with two nozzles instead of the standard rim holes common in other flushing systems.

Dual-flush: This flush system is a recent technology that is, without a doubt, is gaining popularity among flushable toilets. This system allows users to choose between partial and full flush. As such, you can use between 1.1 and 1.6 gallons of water per flush depending on the waste you want to flush. However, a 1.1-gallon dual flush system is the best option for flushing down fluid waste.

Noise Level

If you are intending to install your toilet near your bedroom or baby’s nursery, then noise level is something you should consider. Based on the flushing system the toilet comes with, you can easily estimate the noise level. Gravity flush toilets are said to be the best with the lowest noise levels. Some toilets with special fill-valves equally deliver quiet flush. Moreover, get a toilet model with soft lid closure as opposed to one that slam shuts.


The material construction of the toilet has a great impact on the quality and durability of the unit. Toilets made from ceramic material are overall fragile than those made from vitreous china. There are also models with EverClean surface finish to prevent skid marks. High-end toilet models are made from high-end materials that guarantee durability and reliability.

Final Thought

Evidently, when it comes to choosing the best toilet that flushes everything, there are plenty of options in the market in a wide range of styles and at prices to suit any budget. So, if you are in the market shopping for a new toilet that flushes everything, but you can’t decide which model to go for, any of our picks in this review can be a great place to start looking.

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