Best Toilet with Powerful Flush

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Apart from the sink and toilet paper, the toilet is the most used item in the bathroom. For this reason, you need to choose a toilet that functions well.

An ideal toilet should eject solid waste within a single flush and without being noisy. The toilet further needs to look good to complement the overall bathroom decor.

Now choosing the best toilet with powerful flush can be challenging as there are plenty of toilet brands in the market. This review article will help you get the best toilet with an ideal flushing power to improve your bathroom experiences.

Let’s delve right in!

Toto UltraMax II MS604114CEFG#01 One-Piece Flushing Toilet

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The TOTO UltraMax II one-piece toilet features the double cyclone flushing system. Enjoy your super clean toilet with this unit since it uses two powerful nozzles, the double cyclone flushing system, that creates a forceful centrifugal action that cleans the rim and bowl thoroughly with every flush.

Since the toilet’s rim has no holes, it is easier to clean and will offer a seamless appearance. The TOTO UltraMax II, a one-piece toilet unit, is highly efficient since it has 1.28 gallons per flush, so you get to reduce your water bill.

Rest easy, knowing that particles will not stick to the toilet bowl since it has a large glaze that gives it a lubricious factor. The height of the TOTO UltraMax II toilet gives you a comfortable seat position regardless of your size!


  • High efficiency 1.28 gallons per flush
  • Easy to clean
  • Powerful tornado flush system
  • It has a glaze that gives the bowl a lubricious factor
  • Allows comfortable seat position for every user
  • It comes with a SoftClose seat
  • ADA compliant


  • A bit pricey
  • It may require a special outlet connection fitting

Kohler k-3810-0 Santa Rosa Comfort Flushing Toilet

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With the Kholer k-3810 Santa Rosa toilet one-piece design, you can enjoy the added contemporary look to your bathroom setting while saving space with a compact elongated bowl. The toilet further provides water savings of up to 16,500 gallons per year thanks to its 1.28-gallon high-efficiency flush.

The elongated seat has a chair height that makes it comfortable to use while sitting or standing, even for adults with joint issues. Also, you do not need to purchase many cleaning supplies or equipment to clean this unit since it has a seamless integration of the tank and bowl, which forms an easy-to-clean design.

Users come in different sizes, thus the need for comfort while occupying the space. With this in mind, this toilet unit has a compact, round-front elongated bowl, which will offer you the comfort you need while using the toilet bowl.

Always rest assured to have a clean and wholly flushed toilet with this unit’s 1.28 gallons per flush (GPF) flushing power. With a single flush, the Kholer k-3810 Santa Rosa toilet uses the force of gravity and a precision-engineered tank, bowl, and trap-way to build a strong siphon during flushing.


  • Tank and bowl integrate into a seamless, easy to clean design
  • Compact elongated bowl
  • Chair-height seating
  • Standard left-hand trip lever
  • 1.28 GPF (gallons per flush)
  • Single flush gravity


  • It is not quiet during flushing
  • The unit doesn’t come with a self-closing toilet seat

Kohler K-3817-0 Memoirs Stately Two-Piece Flushing System

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If you like a toilet that describes the old and new era, the KOHLER K-3817 is the toilet for you. With this two-piece unit, you can rest assured that your bathroom will remain clean after a single flush since it has a powerful flushing system, Aquapiston. This flushing system ensures that no remains are left after each flush.

As one of the best flushing toilets, the Kohler k-3817 is manufactured with long-lasting vitreous China material, which withstands tough cleaning supplies and other elements. You can enjoy the feeling of a standard water bill since this two-piece unit has a highly efficient 1.28 gallons of water per flush system that can save your water usage by sixteen thousand gallons annually.

With an elongated toilet bowl, you can enjoy the comfort of the added room, and when placed at a convenient height, it is easy for any user to stand or sit regardless of their leg muscle strength.


  • Elongated toilet bowl for comfort
  • Elegant looking design
  • Two-piece toilet
  • Chair-height seating for ease of use


  • Seat and supply line not included
  • It is quite expensive

Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained Flushing Toilet

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The Sanicompact flushing unit is one of our top picks for the best toilet with powerful flush due to its flexibility on the installation locations. You can install this fantastic unit in the basement, attic/loft, upper or ground floor or even in your garage. This unit is also easy to install, so you can add it in areas like under a stairway as a half bathroom or garage conversion.

The flushing action and the macerating pump unit is automatic when you press an air switch(push button) on the bowl’s top, so you do not need a toilet tank. This unit allows approximately a single gallon of water to pass through the toilet as it is electronically timed.

The Sanifli 023 comes with a rubber hose you can use to connect to the sink and other water sources; therefore, it is easy to install it even in the tightest spaces. This unit has a dual-flush flushing system that allows you to flush with 1.28 gallons of water or just 1 gallon for effectiveness and to regulate your water usage.

Worried about the limited space in your bathroom? You can rest easy since you can transform your tiny space into a half bathroom with this toilet.

Instead of spending more money on demolition and renovation of a bathroom, you can take advantage of this toilet and have an extra bathroom at a cheaper price making entertaining and hosting easier. So, if you consider saving your walls and your money with a half-bathroom in your home, you can add the Sanicompact self-contained toilet to your list of best flushing toilets!


  • Suitable for a half bathroom for residentials
  • Allows the connection of a sink.
  • Uses a minimum amount of water
  • Uses 1-Gallon of water per flush
  • It comes with a stylish toilet seat with chrome hinges


  • Expensive
  • No water storage tank

Swiss Madison St. Tropez One Piece Flushing Toilet

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If you have an eye for design, the Swiss Madison SM-1T254 one-piece is the ideal toilet for you. This is because this unit has a skirted trap-way that offers a clean, sleek, and appealing design that makes it elegant and easy to clean. With its elongated toilet bowl, any user can enjoy comfort during bathroom breaks.

With a choice between 0.8 and 1.28 gallons per flush, this unit has a dual-flush flushing system making it one of the strongest flushing toilets. When cleaning, you can easily remove the toilet seat thanks to the quick-release matte chrome hinges, making it easy for you to unlatch the seat.

This unit comes with a soft-close toilet seat that eliminates the loud crashing sound in that when you release the seat, it closes slowly with zero noise.

Avoid the hassle of searching every neighbouring store or online store for supplies and equipment to install your toilet by purchasing this dual-flush toilet. You will receive the whole package that includes the wax fitting and bolt caps you need during installation. So, if you are a lover of modern and elegant flushing toilets that can bring charm and class to your bathroom, then this unit is appropriate for you.

That said, you should always keep in mind that this unit has a unique-shaped toilet seat, so you should be keen when buying a toilet seat for this unit.


  • Modern design
  • Clean, sleek, and elegant look
  • Easy to clean skirted trap-way
  • Dual-flush flushing system
  • Soft closing toilet seat
  • It comes with bolt caps and a wax ring


  • The toilet requires enough space

Niagara 77001WHCO1 Stealth 0.8 GPF Flushing Toilet

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When searching for the best flushing toilets, you should ensure that the unit is made from the best materials, conserves water, is the strongest flushing toilet and has the right size to fit in your bathroom. The good news is that with the Niagara 77001 stealth toilet, you get this and more.

This unit uses a minimum of 0.8 gallons of water per flush, allowing you to save money and water. With the elongated toilet bowl and tank, you get extreme comfort, especially adults or people with limited mobility when sitting or standing due to its height, making it ADA compliant.

With a pressure-assisted flushing system, this unit functions exceptionally, leaving zero contents within a single flush. You can enjoy these advantages with the best flushing toilet at a pocket-friendly price of less than $200.

Let your visits to the bathroom be non-distracting or calling for attention with the soft-close seat of the Niagara 77001 stealth toilet, which closes slowly and quietly when you let go. Do not be alarmed by the white color of this unit since it adds life to your bathroom and is easy to clean.

Acquiring this unit with a powerful flushing system for your home at a friendly price and outstanding components is an excellent choice for you.


  • Soft-close seat
  • Pressure-assisted flushing system
  • Easy to install
  • ADA compliant
  • Comfortable to use
  • Conserves a lot of water with 0.8 gallons per flush
  • Elegant design that complements your bathroom easily
  • No contents left behind after every flush


  • It doesn’t come with a toilet seat
  • Can be time-consuming during installation

American Standard 2886218.020 H2Option Dual Flush Toilet

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Enjoy water efficiency with the American standard H2Option right height elongated toilet that uses a dual-flush system. With this unit, you get to decide between making a partial or full flush, thus giving you a water-saving advantage. The powerful siphonic dual-flush flushing technology leaves zero solid waste in the bowl after every flushing action.

Standard height flush toilets tend to be lower to the ground giving you luxurious comfort. The American Standard H2Option Siphon flushing toilet has a universal height that allows anyone to stand and sit easily. The unit’s height also makes it suitable for persons with limited mobility as they can easily transfer from the wheelchair or walker.

Similar to some American Standard flushing toilets, the American Standard H2Option Siphonic comes as a two-piece unit with a dual-flush flushing system and an elongated flushing toilet bowl. Say goodbye to the annoying flushing noise with a simple press on the chrome buttons on the top of your unit. With these factors in mind, you can decide to add this unit to your home for awesome bathroom experiences.


  • With the EverClean surface, cleaning is easier
  • Siphon jet bowl technology
  • Elegant and eye-appealing designs
  • Easy to clean
  • Conserves a lot of water
  • Made of a strong vitreous china material
  • Limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer on chinaware
  • 5-year warranty on all mechanical parts


  • The unit doesn’t come with the seat
  • It can be challenging to install the toilet

TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake 2-Piece Flushing Toilet

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The TOTO two-piece Ada toilet gives you an elegant design and is long-lasting; therefore, it can be used in residential homes and commercial spaces. This unit uses a TOTO G-MAX flushing system, has a siphon jet, flush valve, and a trap way that together produces a powerful flush of 1.6 gallons of water.

The g-max flushing system is used in the strongest flushing technology for toilets with a wider flush valve. Also, with the g-max siphon jets, water gets into the elongated bowl and gets flushed with more force leaving zero solid waste in the toilet.

Enjoy easy cleaning with a high-profile and concealed design that brings out a sleek and smooth look. Since this unit comes in several colors, such as cotton white, Ebony, Sedona beige, and others, you can purchase a toilet that matches your bathroom’s scheme and style.

If you are a person living with a disability or you have a senior in your family, worry not, for you can also enjoy the luxury of a beautiful and well-made flush toilet from TOTO.


  • Complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Serves people of every age and size
  • Optimizes the bathroom experience for every generation in the family
  • Has a silent flushing power
  • ADA compliant


  • Set up and installation of the toilet can be time-consuming
  • It lacks toilet seats, thus you buying them separately

Woodbridge T-0019 Cotton White Flush Toilet

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If you are looking for a luxurious modern flushing unit, the Woodbridge dual-flush one-piece toilet is suitable for you. It has a sleek and clean look that compliments your bathroom space with different styles, whether you are going for a traditional or modern look.

This unit has a skirted trap way that gives it a seamless, sleek look and makes it easier to clean since it has no folds, grooves, or corners that can trap dirt. The Woodbridge unit allows 1.28 gallons of water per flush with a dual-flush flushing system, leaving zero contents behind.

Enjoy the comfort of not having to unclog or repair any leaks with the siphonic dual-flush design that creates a glazed, tranquil, and powerful flushing system. This unit is just the right chair height for adults, making seating and standing easy while providing comfort.

You do not require additional supplies when installing this unit since it comes with all the required equipment in the package. The supplies include an installation manual, pre-installed soft-close set, wax ring, floor bolts for floor mounting, and the toilet.

Cleaning the seat is made easy by the removable seat hinges that are long-lasting, giving you years of effectiveness. You can also easily install this unit with a special hand wrench to tighten the floor bolts in tight spaces.

With the Woodbridge brand, you are guaranteed to get quality bathroom and kitchen products and the best customer care. So, if this is what you are looking for, do not hesitate to place an order and enjoy using your toilet!


  • Luxurious modern design
  • Easy to clean
  • Powerful siphon flushing
  • Chair-height seating comfort
  • Comes as an all-inclusive package
  • Watersense certified


  • You might need professional or extra help to install

Johnson Pumps – 80-47229-01 Aqua Toilet Compact Manual

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The Johnson pumps Aqua toilet is is a mix of compact and long-lasting designs. With this unit, you do not have to worry about collapsing walls to create more room in your bathroom since it can fit in any bathroom. Whether you are a left-handed or right-handed person, the pump can be mounted to suit every person’s need. With any type of marine toilet room, the Johnson pumps toilet is suitable.

If you want a reliable and hygienic quiet toilet, this unit is the best choice for you. This 26-pound unit is easy to install, maintain, and clean. You do not need to worry about corrosion since the material used to make this unit is non-corrosive and long-lasting.

The Johnson pumps Aqua toilet may not be your best option, especially when looking for a comfortable unit due to its height.


  • Compact manual marine toilet
  • Made from white china vitreous porcelain
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Hand-powered piston pump for left or right-handed users
  • Quiet flushing system
  • Easy to clean


  • Unsuitable for persons with limited mobility due to its height.

A Buyer’s Guide to The Best Toilet With Powerful Flush

There is a surge in the number of toilets with a powerful flush in the market, which makes choosing the best one overwhelming. For this reason, you should consider these factors to choose the best toilet with powerful flush.

1. Flushing Toilet Type

Flushing toilets come in different styles and types, so you should choose one that suits your home depending on your taste and preference. The different flushing toilet types include;

a) One-piece Toilet

This toilet type integrates the toilet and bowl as one unit. As they are a single unit, one-piece toilets are easy to install and clean. They are common in modern, contemporary, and eclectic bathrooms, thanks to their sleek appearance.

b) Two-piece Toilet

As their make suggests, two-piece flushing toilets come as two units, the bowl and the tank bolted at the top.

c) Tankless Flushing Toilet

This flushing toilet lacks a tank, so it connects directly to the water supply line. Thanks to the lack of a tank, these toilets take less space, so they are ideal for both small and large bathrooms.

The tankless unit is among the quickest and strongest flushing toilet as it connects directly to the water supply line, unlike other flushing toilets that depend on tanks. A tankless toilet can suit a modern, contemporary or eclectic home.

d) Wall-mounted Flushing Toilets

These toilets are bolted to the wall; therefore, they do not take up much floor space. Wall-mounted toilets, also known as wall hung toilets are ideal for both small and large bathrooms. You can further install this type of toilet in an eclectic, modern or contemporary interior.

If you or a family member has limited mobility, this type of toilet is suitable for your home as it makes transferring fom a walker or wheelchair easy. That said, ensure that your house’s walls are thick enough to support the unit before selecting this toilet type.

2. The Toilet Size

You want to ensure that the flushing toilets fit properly into your bathroom space; therefore, you should consider the size before purchasing. You should consider the distance between the floor drain and wall when determining the best flushing toilet size. The standard toilet measures 12 inches, but you can still find a larger one measuring between 10 and 14 inches.

Additionally, consider the height of the toilet. An ideal flushing toilet height should guarantee maximum comfort, especially if you or a family member has limited mobility. A more comfortable toilet height measures 17 inches, while the standard flushing toilet is 15 inches tall.

3. The Toilet Bowl Shape

When choosing the best toilet with powerful flush, the shape of the bowl or seat is of paramount importance. This is because it contributes to your comfort while using the flushing toilet. Now toilet bowls come in different shapes, including;

a) Elongated Bowl Shape

These are toilets with a larger rough-in measurement and is a few inches deep to provide comfort while using the toilet. The large rough-in measurements on the elongated flushing bowl toilet provide accommodation for its increased depth.

The elongated bowl is the most common best flushing toilet and is available in various styles, including one-piece toilet, two-piece toilet and wall-mounted toilets.

b) Round Toilet Bowl Shape

As their name suggests, round toilet bowl shapes have circular rims with short rough-in measurements and are ideal for small bathrooms. These bowl shapes are available in different toilet types, including the one-piece, two-piece and wall-mounted flushing toilet.

4. The Flushing Technology

You cannot choose the best toilet with powerful flush without considering the flushing technology. This is because the strongest flushing toilet technology determines the toilet’s ability to eject waste while ensuring nothing is stuck to the sides.  The following are the different flushing technologies you could choose from;

a) Dual Flush

This best flushing toilet technology allows you to select either a partial or a full flush. You could choose either a 1.1 or 1.6-gallon flush, depending on the contents of your elongated flushing bowl. That said, the 1.1-gallon dual flush is ideal for liquid waste, while the 1.6-gallon flush is suitable for solid waste.

b) Gravity Flush

The best toilet with powerful flush that uses this technology depends on gravity to eject waste contents. The toilets store water in tanks, then generates flushing power from gravity to drain the water into the bowl and trap way.

Looking for the best toilet with powerful flush that is pocket-friendly? Consider one with a gravity flushing technology as they are easy to maintain therefore cost-effective.

c) Pressure-assisted Toilets

These are toilets with a pressure tank inside the system’s water tank. The function of this pressure tank is to increase the flushing power of the water as it drains into the bowl. While this flushing system cleans your toilet perfectly, it may not be your choice for the best toilet with powerful flush as it is noisy and can be difficult to maintain.

d) Double-cyclone

Looking to cut down on your water bills? Consider installing toilets with double-cyclone flushing technology. This system uses 1.28 gallons for every flush, so it consumes less water.

Double-cyclone combines gravity and pressure-assisted flushing technologies to eliminate waste, making it the strongest flushing toilet and is common with Toto flushing brand. It is worth noting that the double-cyclone technology opts for two nozzles and not the usual rim holes common with other flushing units to eject waste.

5. Water Consumption

When looking for the best toilet with powerful flush, you should consider its water efficiency. Often, the toilet contributes 30% of the water used in households, so you should opt for a water-saving unit. You should purchase a unit with a lower GPF to lower your water bills.

You could further go for a unit with a dual flush system to regulate the amount of water to use depending on the contents in the bowl. A Toto flushing toilet uses 1.28 GPF; therefore, it is a pocket-friendly option to save on water consumption.

6. The Toilet Material

The material used to make the flushing toilet determines its durability. Most flush toilets are made from vitreous china, ceramic and  Porcelain materials. You should go for toilets with ceramic and porcelain materials as they are long-lasting and durable.

That said, it is worth noting that the more durable the toilet material is, the more expensive it is likely to be.

7. The Design and Color

While choosing the strongest flushing toilet is crucial, ensuring that the unit blends with your bathroom decor is equally important. So you should choose the best flushing toilets with designs and colors that complement your home’s appearance.

8. Noise Level

The best toilet with powerful flush should produce the least noise. This is crucial, especially if you intend to install the toilet next to a baby’s nursery or bedroom. To determine the noise produced by a specific elongated flushing system, you should consider the flush’s technology. The gravity flush model is best for flushing toilets as they produce the lowest noise levels.

Some toilets that use alternative powerful flushing technologies such as the dual flush system, or pressure-assisted unit, to mention a few, have a fill-flush valve that allows a quiet flush. That said, ensure that you purchase a unit with a quiet closing toilet lid to avoid the loud banging noise when locking the system.

9. The Brand

When choosing the best toilet with powerful flush, you should consider the unit’s manufacturer or brand. This is because the toilet’s brand contributes to the quality of the unit you purchase. But how will you identify a reliable brand?

To choose a quality brand, you could seek referrals and recommendations from trusted friends, relatives or colleagues who have installed powerful flushing toilets in their homes before. Alternatively, you could visit the various available brand’s websites and read reviews and testimonials from the manufacturer’s existing customers to gauge the quality of their products. A site with plenty of positive reviews should be top of your list.

For the best toilet with powerful flush, we recommend brands such as TOTO, American Standard, Kohler toilet, Niagara and Woodbridge, to mention a few.

10. The Budget

How much are you willing to spend to purchase the best toilet with a powerful flush? Although there are various toilets on the market, you should go for one within your budget. That said, do not go for the cheapest powerful flushing toilet as you may have to compromise on quality.

Ensure that you research first and consider the pros and cons of the different available toilets before setting a budget. Our top pick in terms of affordability is the American Standard 2886218.020 Flush Toilet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What toilet has the best flushing power?

The best toilet with powerful flush is the Toto UltraMax II. This is because this flushing toilet has high efficiency of 1.28 GPF, is easy to clean, and has a powerful tornado flush system. It further has a glaze that gives the bowl a lubricious factor, allows comfortable seat position for every user, comes with a SoftClose seat, and is ADA compliant.

That said, here is a list of the best toilet with powerful flush you could consider for your home.

1. Toto UltraMax II MS604114CEFG#01 One-Piece Flushing Toilet

2. Kohler k-3810-0 Santa Rosa Comfort Flushing Toilets

3. Kohler K-3817-0 Memoirs Stately Two-Piece Flushing System

2. Are power flush toilets good?

Yes. A power flush toilet is a great addition to your home because it does not allow condensation as water is held in a pressure tank instead of a porcelain tank, as is the case with a traditional toilet. What’s more? The best toilet with powerful flush is excellent in clearing solid waste and outperform other toilet types.

3. What makes a toilet flush stronger?

A water-level half an inch below the overflow tube, unclogged flushing toilet, a clean siphon jet, rim holes, and an adjusted flapper chain length result in the strongest flushing toilet. Remember to clear the vent stack to guarantee the best flushing toilet.

4. Can I convert my toilet to a power flush system?

Yes. You can convert any kind of toilet to a power flush model. This is because a power flush model uses basic technology; therefore, it is easy to incorporate into your traditional toilet. This system has a bladder that is used to compress small amounts of air inside it after flushing, and then by using the air, it pushes water under pressure through the toilet.

5. How do you flush a power flush toilet?

Flushing the best toilet with powerful flush involves turning the valves knob to the right to shut off the water and then pouring bleach into the elongated bowl shape and letting it sit for around twenty minutes.

Next, you should turn the knob of the valve to the left to allow water flow to flush the strongest flushing toilet.

6. Why does my toilet have a weak flush?

A weak flush in the best flushing toilet may result from sediment build-ups in rim feeds and jet holes. But what causes sediment build-up? Minerals that naturally exist in the water, such as calcium and rust, can cause a build-up resulting in a weak flushing toilet.

You should clear sediment build-up as soon as you notice them, as they can further clog holes that allow water to flow into the powerful flushing toilets bowl.

7. How do you stop a power flush toilet from running?

Stopping the best flushing toilet from running involves pulling out the actuator, inspecting the rings for any damage, and then replacing them( the actuator) if they are worn out. Next, install a new cartridge or replace the old one by turning it clockwise and turning the water on.

If the water continues to run, you should tighten or loosen the actuator( consider tightening or loosening in quarter turns) until it stops.

8. What is the best chemical to unblock a toilet?

A mixture of white vinegar and water. Mixing white vinegar and water creates a great chemical reaction for unblocking, descaling, cleaning, and removing soap residues in your powerful flushing toilet. It is also helpful when deodorizing waste pipes.

9. How far from a wall should a toilet be?

You should always consider the distance between the flushing toilet and the wall during installation to improve functionality. An ideal distance between the sidewalls and the flushing toilet is 15 inches and 30 inches from the toilet to other sanitary fixtures. This distance is measured from the center of the toilet.

That said, ensure that you leave a clear space of at least 24 inches in front of the flushing toilet or bidet.

1o. Why won’t my toilet flush but isn’t clogged?

The reason why the best toilet with powerful flush does not flush could be a jammed float or clogged siphon jet or a disconnected or stuck flushing toilet chain. So to fix the problem, you should check the float to ensure that it is not jammed and that the siphon is not clogged. You can further connect the chain if you notice that it is disconnected or stuck.

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