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It can be expensive to remodel an old or build a new bathroom. For example, a bathtub can cost a fortune, and installing tiles on the wall will entail a great deal of extra work and money. One way to save some money is by opting for a bathtub surround instead.

Bathroom tub surrounds are simpler to install, are less expensive than tiles, add style to your bathroom, and are easier to clean than tiles. You might be interested in our top picks for bathtub surrounds if that is something you are considering.

Swanstone Bathtub Wall Kit

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In this bathtub wall kit, the back panel includes a moulded-in soap dish, and the corner panels each feature moulded-in shelves. So there’s a place for everything you need for bath time on each of the three wall surfaces.

As long as your space is within the range of 29″ to 32″, 53″ to 60″ in width, and 59 11″ in height, you can easily cut it to fit, and it can be easily installed. An installation kit is also included with the bathtub surround.

The tiles are made of Veritek and are designed to look as close to actual tiles as possible. In contrast, it does have an advantage over actual tiles in that it does not have a surface coating that can be chipped or cracked.

Additionally, it is entirely resistant to mould and mildew, making it an extremely low-maintenance material.

One of the things we appreciate most about this product is its significant visual effect while also being highly durable.

Many comparable solid wall kits sell at a similar price, but this one is much more rugged.

This is an attractive bathtub surround that can be easily installed and is expected to last for some time. Furthermore, it offers you excellent value for your money, so if you value high-quality and good value at the same time, this is an attractive option to consider.

Despite its name, this kit does not include any adhesive; it only includes a tube of sealant that may not be sufficient to bond the wall strip, and you must be very selective about the quality of adhesive you use. In order to prevent the warranty from being voided, you must follow the instructions carefully in selecting the sealant and adhesive.


  • The installation is simple
  • The design is stylish and elegant
  • Include seams and edges that are sealed
  • It’s moisture-resistant and prevents mildew from growing
  • Showerhead spray is not directed toward seams because of the showerhead’s patented design


  • For better durability, quality adhesives and sealants are needed

Maax Bathtub Wall Kit

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Five pieces are included in this bathtub wall kit, including a back wall, two side pieces, and two corner shelves. Six shelves make for plenty of storage space for bath essentials when it’s installed, so you’ll always have them close by.

It is designed for spaces with measurements between 48″ and 60″ in length, 31″ in width and 59″ in height. Installation is easy, and anyone who possesses even a little bit of handyman skills will be able to do it themselves without the need to call in a professional.

After installation, it has a stylish look that is completed by a matte white texture. For additional peace of mind, the device is backed by a one-year warranty.

The downside of this product is it is not high-end; instead, its purpose is to serve those who would like to spend as little as possible on their bathtub surroundings.

The wall is thin, so it is prone to get dented or nicked without taking measures to protect it. Moreover, some people might consider the look a little cheap – it certainly does not have the same high-quality look you can expect when you spend more money.

Nevertheless, if you view it as what it is – a budget-friendly bathtub surround that won’t break the bank – then it’s a great value product that most users will find satisfying.


  • A stunningly beautiful look
  • Compact design works well in smaller bathrooms
  • Tempered for safety so it can withstand sudden impacts
  • A clear base-seal prevents water from splashing outside
  • Budget-friendly


  • The installation process can be challenging
  • Scratches are typical on glass surfaces

Mustee 56WHT Durawall Fiberglass Bathtub Wall Surround

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In order to fit this thermoplastic bathtub wall kit, your bathtub must have a maximum size of 42″ x 72″. It fits regular 30″ x 60″ or 32″ x 60″ bathtubs.

This five-piece set has seamless corner panels that overlap at the edges for excellent waterproofing and durability. In addition, this wall surround is watertight, so you shouldn’t have any issues with it once it is installed.

Those looking for a storage solution for shampoo bottles, conditioner, soap or other bathing products will love it because it comes with self-draining shelves.

As well as its attractive glossy finish, this product is resistant to scuffs, mould, and mildew. You can easily clean this material and leave it looking like it was installed the day when it was installed – a great way to give your bathroom a stylish and striking look.

Additionally, cutting it to size and installing it is very easy. Many people can perform this task independently without the assistance of a professional, thus saving you some money.

Overall, this bath surround has all the qualities you would expect from a quality bath surround. Besides being rugged and durable, it will enhance the overall appearance of your bathroom, is easy to install, and costs a reasonable price point. Therefore, this is another recommended option.


  • It can be installed in any bathroom without a problem.
  • The product is durable, and the warranty lasts up to one year after the purchase date.


  • At the time the product was being sold, the tub was not included.

American Standard Bathtub Wall Set

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The visually appealing bath wall set, from reputable manufacturer American Standard, measures 60″ x 32″ x 58″ and is suitable for tubs around 18″ high. The faucet is designed with American Standard tubs but can also be used with tubs from other brands.

These panels are made with high-gloss acrylic designed to look great while still providing a high degree of durability – this is a wall set that will stand the test of time.

In addition, there is no water seepage with the interlocking tongue and groove system, ensuring you will not run into any problems after installation is complete.

There are six large shelves in this design, three on each side, providing you with plenty of space for any bath time products you use. In addition, it does not cover the entire wall panel, allowing greater comfort and ease of movement while bathing.

Our favourite aspect of this set is its aesthetics. Although this product features an elegant, minimalist look, this product will add a touch of class to any bathroom.

Additionally, it’s straightforward to install. Instructions are provided, and they can be installed directly on the studs.

This is one of the more expensive choices among the options here, so that is the only real downside. In any event, you have to expect to pay a little bit more for high quality, and we feel that this bathtub surround represents excellent value.

This is an option that should be high on your list if you are looking for a stylish and classy surround, regardless of whether you are willing to pay a little more for the superior product.


  • A transparent pricing policy
  • Spa tubs with customizable soaks and massages
  • Technology that drains quickly
  • Self-cleaning features are available


  • The cost of installation varies
  • A limited warranty applies

STERLING 71220110-0 Ensemble Bath and Shower Kit

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Sterling Plumbing offers another bathtub surround, this time with slightly narrower dimensions that will fit smaller bathrooms more comfortably. The piece measures 60″ x 32″ x 74″.

Several of the attributes of the bathtub surround that we just reviewed are present in this alternative, as well.

This item is made of Vinyl, which means it is very durable and strong but also pleasing to the eye. In addition, you can easily maintain it, which means it will stay in top condition for a long time and reduce the time you need to spend on maintenance.

Furthermore, it has the same high-gloss, smooth and shiny finish that will give your bathroom a classy and striking appearance.

The primary difference is in style. This style could be described as contemporary but with a classic touch.

The shelves provide ample and convenient storage space, as well as gentle curves in the design. In addition, the surround provides plenty of options for organizing and tidying your bath time products.

There is nothing particularly wrong with this product, and ultimately it is simply a question of taste. However, considering this bathtub surround might be a good idea if you appreciate this kind of design.


  • It is incredibly durable and robust.
  • Your bathroom will remain beautiful for a long time with this product
  • The surface of this product is smooth and shiny, making it easy to clean
  • Tongue-in-groove interlocking joints add to the seamless appearance of the panelling


DreamLine QWALL-Tub Backwall Kit

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Tub back wall kits from Dreamline measure 32″ deep by 59 1 2″ wide by 60″ high – but can be lengthened to 28″ deep by 56″ wide, making them compatible with a range of tubs and suitable for most installations. It will fit with rectangular bathtubs.

White acrylic and ABS construction mean it can be easily cleaned and maintained. Besides its attractive shape, it also comes with a tile-like pattern, making it an excellent alternative for those who wish to be more economical.

Installing it is pretty simple, and it will add a classy and attractive look to your bathroom. The two glass shelves contained within this surround have an added touch of style and elegance not found with other designs with moulded-in shelves.

One additional advantage is that this product is backed by a one-year warranty, which eliminates any worries you may have after installation is completed.

Although the walls appear somewhat flimsy, they are not the most durable we’ve seen. However, the issue should remain a minor one as long as you look after it properly, since it should last a long time.

In conclusion, this is a visually pleasing and functional bathtub surround that will enhance the look of your bathroom. Of course, choosing this style comes down to personal preference, but if you appreciate this style, consider it.


  • Installing it is simple enough
  • Add a classy and attractive look to your bathroom
  • This product comes with a warranty of one year


  • There seems to be a slight flimsiness to the walls

ASB 39240 Vantage Tub Wall

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The product could be of interest to you if you are looking for a bathtub wall surround at the lower end of the price range. Its maximum dimensions are 60″ wide by 31″ deep, with a minimum sized 49″ wide by 28″ deep.

The case is made of high-impact polystyrene for extra strength and has a heavy gauge durable design. There are also overlapping corners to help provide a waterproof seal and prevent any leaks from occurring.

This bath unit has plenty of storage space, with six shelves and two towel bars – everything you need for a relaxing bath can be kept organized and neat.

Furthermore, we are also impressed by the visual effect this tub surround creates – your bathroom will have a modern, clean look.

We have mentioned that this is designed to be an inexpensive option, but since you get what you pay for, you shouldn’t expect extraordinary quality.

This is an affordable, functional surround that provides good value, although if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line product, you’ll have to pay more.

However, if you’re looking to make improvements to your bathroom without burning a hole in your pocket, this would be a great option for you – and if that’s what you’re looking for, this is another option we recommend.


  • Parts of it can be hard to crack due to its durability.
  • It is affordable to buy the shower tub combo.
  • You can clean it more easily.
  • This shower bathtub combo is simple to install for DIY enthusiasts.
  • It allows the maximum amount of storage to be organized


  • It would be helpful to have a more comprehensive selection of colours.

Delta 39984 Bathtub Wall Set

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Delta’s minimum measurements of this bathtub wall are 49″ wide by 28″ deep, with maximum measurements of 60″ wide by 31″. The easy-up adhesive installation ensures a simple installation – all that’s required is to cut the holes for the shower and bath fixtures carefully.

In addition to adding a little visual flair to your bathroom, it’s relatively inexpensive. Furthermore, it is easy to maintain so that you can spend less time on maintenance.

You can arrange all your toiletries neatly and efficiently using this five-piece set. It comes with six shelves for easy access. This product is also manufactured in the United States, appealing to people who prefer making their purchases locally.

As mentioned, this is not meant to be a high-end option but instead geared toward budget-conscious users. You will be satisfied with the quality of the product as long as you understand that – however, if you prefer something of more excellent quality, you should consider your other options.

It is easy to install and looks great. This is another reasonably priced bathtub surround. A model such as this is certainly worth looking into if that’s what you need.


  • The device has dual functionality.
  • The shower tub combo provides a refined showering experience.
  • Temperatures can be adjusted according to your preferences.
  • You can save 20% of your water with this.
  • Using monitor technology, it offers balanced valves.


  • Instruction manuals can be difficult to understand.

Swanstone TI50000.010 Veritek Bathtub Wall Kit

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This item is perfect for those who wish to display a sense of class and elegance in their shower room. Built of quality materials, it is an excellent choice for either new construction or remodelling. Mildew and mould are not present in the finished product. Thus, the product will remain solid and durable for quite some time.

There are shelves large enough to accommodate all of your shower room products. Bathroom shelves are also built-in to the bathtub, which provide a place to store toiletries.

The product is covered by a one-year warranty that takes effect upon purchase.

There is, however, a warranty that the product does not contain any defects. The guarantee is valid for one year.

As it can be remodelled according to the user’s needs, the bathtub can easily be installed in any shower room. In addition, a large room is available for taking a shower, so your movements will be free.

The product is highly recommended to anyone who intends to purchase one. Your money will be well spent when you install the bathtub because the bathtub is worth owning.


  • The material is durable and capable of giving you many years’ service.
  • The bathroom can be modified to fit the user’s preferences so that it can fit any bathroom.


  • Window kits are sold separately from main kits.

El Mustee 53WHT Durawall Thermoplastic Bathtub Wall Kit

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The tub brands provided by this company allow you to choose from several different colours. It allows you to customize the appearance of your bathroom completely. The appearance fits well with the colour scheme in the bathroom. Anyone who wants to have a classy bathroom should go for it. Those who want more out of their bathroom can also choose from advanced tub options that come at a slightly higher price.

There is no need for batteries to run this product. In other words, incidental costs are entirely avoidable. You no longer have to worry about the cost once it’s installed.

A bathtub is sold together with the plumbing fixtures that complete the set when installed.

Despite its shock-proof properties, this tub is made out of solid polystyrene material. Because of the materials used in its manufacture, it is durable. Water cannot seep through the joints of the tub because the edges interlock. Cleaning is easy, as all you need is water and mild soap.


  • There are several colours available for this tub.
  • Designed for larger shower rooms, it is large and spacious.
  • Several large shelves are built into the tub to accommodate all the bathroom accessories.
  • Battery costs are minimized since it does not require batteries to run.
  • It is up to the user to decide what they want and how they want their shower rooms to look.


  • It is impossible to find a replacement for any part of the shower tub that is damaged.

Swanstone TI07260.010 Veritek Glue-up 5 Panel Bathtub Wall Kit

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This large bathtub is suitable for shower rooms with larger spaces. The tile is designed to resemble a natural tile, but the grout is not necessary for maintenance. This tub would be an excellent choice whether you were remodelling or building a new home. The design is flexible enough to fit any bathroom regardless of its size.

There is a storage shelf built into the bathtub for all the toiletries so that you can store them there for future use. Besides that, there are generous shelves that can hold all of the accessories for a shower. The shelves are easy to care for and to clean. Cleansing can be accomplished with just mild soap and water.

The shower tub is made of durable materials and has a robust construction. In addition, it has strong connections that prevent water from seeping through the joints.

There is a one-year limited warranty on the product, which kicks in on the date of purchase. The peace of mind that comes with everything being taken care of is priceless. Anyone who wishes to add elegance to their bathroom should consider this product.


  • Durable and strong.
  • You will be able to rely on the product for many years to come.
  • It is also lightweight, so it is easy to move around.
  • The tub weighs about 155 pounds.
  • Toiletries can be stored on shelves built into the cabinet.
  • The shelves are large and stable enough to hold other shower items.
  • It can be cleaned easily with water and mild soap.


  • The original sales package might not contain all parts.

Sterling Bath and Shower Kit

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The bathtub is designed to fit into a slightly smaller shower room. There could be a little more width in the shower room, but they should still be standard size. People living in crowded houses cannot take advantage of this tub because their bathrooms are too small.

The shelves provide plenty of storage space. All shower accessories are conveniently stored on these shelves because of the generous space they provide. In addition, due to the lack of water retention, the shelves can easily be cleaned.

Strong and durable vikrel material is used, which is not known to bow under pressure. Therefore, this material can withstand any force from within or outside the tub, making it a long-lasting material.

Because it has curved corners, it can be moved freely throughout the house. An 18″ apron on the tub allows water to drain freely during shower times. The tub is easy to wash with just water and mild soap. As a result of its smooth surface, the bathtub can be cleaned easily without hurting the cleaner.

Anyone interested in installing and buying this premium product should consider it.


  • The material is durable and long-lasting.
  • The bathtub comes with a limited warranty, effective from the date of purchase.
  • It is, however, guaranteed to work without any defect for a long time.
  • Despite its size, the bathtub can fit in a standard bathroom.


  • The bathtub is large enough to fit a standard bathroom.

DreamLine Aqua Fold 36 in. W x 58 in. H Frameless Bi-Fold Tub

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The DreamLine Aqua Fold is a good choice for people who prefer modern design. As a shower combo, it would be perfect since it is a bi-fold shower door or screen with a European flair.

With an elegant trackless style and self-centred pivot, this door welcomes you into your bathroom with a wide entryway. As the screen rotates into and out of the tub, it uses the minimum amount of space so that you can enjoy your space according to your preferences.

If you have a small bathroom, it is the best solution because it saves you from dealing with swinging doors.

The clear ANSI certified glass adds style and charm that is very rare at this price point.

It is mainly designed for straight bathtubs. However, this tub screen is more than satisfactory as long as the opening is centred over the water deflector when taking a shower.


  • Bath lovers can shower in a high-quality finish.
  • It comes with a cosy shower space.
  • Modern rotating technology is used in this shower combo.
  • Cleaning is simple.
  • Strong design for long-term use.


  • Only tiny bathrooms can use this shower tub combo.

My PlumbingStuff R2200A Clawfoot Tub Shower Faucet

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This remarkable shower combo set will give your bathroom a complete appearance. A centre diverter chrome plated faucet, a showerhead, a shower rod, and a ceiling support shower rod are included. You will receive more than you expected from this combo set.

Using the WaterSense certified showerhead will help you conserve water by following the water restrictions in your state. You don’t need to understand the ideal flow rate independently. You don’t have to worry about these little details of your shower set because the high-quality combo set fits your bathroom perfectly with seamless rod supports.

Installing this set is more straightforward than installing the other two sets, but it will be considerably more manageable if you have another person to assist you.


  • Stainless steel parts are resistant to rust.
  • Style bathroom looks quickly with this easy-to-modify template.
  • Adaptable to small rooms, it fits seamlessly.
  • For the price, this is an excellent deal.
  • Bathrooms can look good with this trendy design.


  • To install it, you will need two people.

Buyers Guide

There are many products available on the market. Many different types and designs are available, as well as different prices. Therefore, it is essential to consider the characteristics of a product before making a purchase. In conclusion, what is the most important thing to consider before buying a bathtub? Take a look at this explainer below.

The size of the bathroom.

Different sizes of bathrooms are available today. Standard-sized ones measure about 60 inches by 32 inches. Before purchasing a bathtub, make sure you know the size of your bathroom. However, the situation is not hopeless as some bathtubs can be adapted to fit smaller shower rooms. Perhaps remodelling the bathtub to fit the larger bathroom is not feasible. If your bathroom is smaller, it’s easier to cut down the bathtub than to extend it.

The remodel of the bathroom to accommodate the tub might be difficult. Therefore, it is essential to choose one that fits the shower room without causing any problems.

The number of shelves.

The size of the shelves is just as important as the number of shelves. For example, having too many accessories for your shower room might be a problem. In order to house all those items, a bath must be large enough to accommodate them all.

There is a need for space to put all of these products. In general, the more shelves offered, the more likely you are to buy the product.

The majority of shower tubs have six shelves. Besides average shelves, some units have shelves for storing items. Some of the smaller shower tubs also have shelves adorning them. It is certainly wise to consider purchasing a shower cabinet with the maximum number of shelves if you have many products in your bathroom.

Advanced shower tubs that are more expensive have an even more significant number of shelves.

Warranty provided.

Nobody would want to purchase a product whose durability is uncertain. Before purchasing, it is recommended that you review the warranty provisions. A consideration here should be the warranty’s scope and the duration of its validity. Find out what the warranty exclusions are and the terms and conditions as a whole.

The cost.

There are many bathtub products on the market. In addition to the prices, there are different costs. To determine the cost of a product, one must examine various options. There is a common practice to locate similar products at different prices offered by different stores. This is an instance where you need to compare prices. Compare the prices of at least five stores in your area and choose the best one for your budget.

However, it is not the cost that should determine whether someone purchases a product. Before buying a product, you should consider what it offers. It is not always true that the more expensive the product, the better the quality. Although the product has a higher price tag, it still turned out to be of low quality. So, before buying a bathtub, make sure that you do your due diligence.


If you plan to buy a bathtub, you should determine whether it will be durable. You might be able to gather some helpful information from friends who have used the product. It is advisable to compare as many products as possible before choosing one that will last long.

The truth is, some products have been concealed as genuine, but they can’t endure the test of time. So especially when ordering a product online, there is a lot to be careful about. There are, however, some manufacturers who are not as careful as they should be. So you need to exercise caution when shopping.

A quality bathtub should be able to serve you for more than a year without any problems. The one that breaks down after short intervals should not be the one.

Ease of cleaning.

Now and then, give your bathtub a thorough cleaning. You should be able to complete this task quite quickly. So, when buying a product, make sure that the surface is smooth down to the shelf. Ownership of a product that is difficult to maintain may not be healthy. The same is true, especially when it comes to shower items. It is important to remember that dirt is transferred from humans to bathrooms. A wet environment is a breeding ground for bacteria, so sanitation is critically essential.

Make sure you choose a bathtub that’s easy to keep clean and resistant to dirt.

Ease of installation.

You should always choose a bathtub that is easy to install when you want to buy one. If you use a user manual provided when you purchase the product, this will be possible. If you need assistance doing the work, you can always contact someone with experience. Then you should ask someone to assist you if you lack the technical skills. Otherwise, you may end up breaking the whole thing by trying it yourself. A loss like that would be devastating.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do your products ship internationally?

Sure. Exports are part of our business. It’s as simple as selecting a product, placing an order, and making your payment. Several payment methods are available but choose the one that suits you best. Once your payment in full is received, your product will be shipped. Provide the correct shipping information and confirm that it is accurate. To prevent the wrong product from being shipped, this process should be followed.

Upon inquiring about the countries where shipping is not possible, you will be informed accordingly. It is always possible to arrange for delivery to any location in the world.

2. Are there bathtubs that can only be used as tubs and not showers?

These kinds of people do exist. Nevertheless, most of them can be used either way since most of them are multipurpose. Therefore, it is important to buy one that can be used as a shower as well.

3. How many gallons of water does a bathtub hold?

The size of the tub determines the amount of water. In most cases, a standard-size tub will hold up to 40 gallons of water. The same size tub has a depth of up to 11 inches. However, a few tubs are slightly bigger than 40 gallons that can hold more water than that. As a result, tubs don’t all have the exact sizes, and the water capacity that’s held will differ significantly.

Wrap Up

A bathtub purchase is an exercise that is too involved. In order to purchase a bathtub, it must be determined if it is needed. The next step is to identify the features you require and the cost and other information related to the product. When going to the market, you need all the necessary information for a successful investment.

It is essential to check the size of the bathroom before you select any product. Whenever possible, try to construct a standard-sized bathroom. Finally, be careful when handling this product, especially during transportation and installation. The minor damages you may incur due to mishandling may be highly costly.

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