Can We Build Swimming Pool on Terrace?

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A swimming pool is one of the best amenities to have on your premises, especially when it’s hot and dry. While most people are familiar with inground pools on the ground, there has been an increasing interest among homeowners in the safety of getting a rooftop swimming pool. This could sound strange to some, but having a terrace swimming pool is one of the ways to add interest and style to your home.

So, if you are asking, “Can we build swimming pool on terrace?” we’ll answer your question shortly. This post covers the considerations to make before building a pool on your roof and the benefits of doing so.


Factors to Consider Before Building a Swimming Pool on a Terrace

There are different considerations and calculations necessary to have before you can build a swimming pool on the rooftop of your building. Let’s discuss them in detail below.

1. Weight of the Pool

The main component of any pool is water. Water has a considerably high density which means it is quite heavy. A cubic foot of space can hold water that weighs approximately 62 pounds which is why the weight of the water is the first consideration you should make. A standard 24′ x 12′ x 4′ deep pool can hold water with an approximate weight of 70,000 pounds.

It’s crucial to determine the weight of the pool to know whether the roof is strong enough to contain it without getting overwhelmed. Keep in mind that there will be an additional weight of the people swimming in the pool.

2. Pool Designs

The size and shape of the pool is another vital factor to consider since they determine the distribution of the water’s weight on the terrace. The design must be compatible with the structure of your house to ensure maximum stability. Most people prefer a rectangular-shaped swimming pool since most buildings are constructed in a similar design.

If your building is relatively small, there’s no need to invest in a large-sized pool. A small-sized pool can comfortably meet the needs of a few people and won’t carry as much weight as a huge pool. Nevertheless, the shape will mostly rely on preference since certain shapes appear more appealing to various people.

3. Structural Support

The structure of the house is also important because it determines the safety of the individuals inside. The shells of inground pools have ample support from the ground. Unfortunately, rooftop pools don’t have this advantage since their installation takes place on the roof of a particular building.

When considering the structure, you’ll need to ensure you think of the impact of constructing the pool on the walls, beams, columns, and other parts of the house. The process of building a swimming pool can cause structural damage to the establishment if proper care isn’t maintained. You might have to consult an engineer to find out the flexibility you have in installing your pool.

4. Reinforcement Installation

After assessing how much support your pool will need to stay on the roof, you’ll need to make the appropriate modifications to ensure the installation goes smoothly. This means you’ll need to add some reinforcement to the structure of the building to ensure it can support the load appropriately.

You’ll have to consult an engineer to determine the specific adjustments to make. Nevertheless, it’s a necessary step if you want a functional and safe pool for your roof area. Some of the areas that could require fortification include the walls, beams, and columns.

5. Construction Materials

Next, you should look at the materials to use for the construction of the terrace swimming pool. You have three material options; concrete, stainless steel, and fiberglass. These materials are meant to prevent leaks from developing because they can compromise the integrity of your building.

Concrete is a strong and supportive material that can make a leak-free floor for any pool. Unfortunately, it’s heavy and would put too much strain on a building with a weak foundation. So, it might not be the best fit for terraces of buildings that are not sufficiently reinforced.

If you want something lighter without a compromise on durability, you should go with stainless steel. It’s a material that’s suitable for inground and rooftop pools thanks to its superior qualities. Of course, a stainless steel pool has to be built within a solid steel frame structure to ensure the best performance.

Fiberglass is another suitable alternative for rooftop pools since it can resist algae development, and you can install them quickly. This material eliminates the need for replastering or changing the vinyl liner, making it a more convenient option.

6. Insurance

Like other construction projects, installing a pool on your terrace could also result in some unforeseen problems like cracks or leaks. While there are preventive measures that you can put in place during the construction of the pool, the most certain way to ensure any damages will be repaired is by getting insurance.

So, you’ll want to ensure the building owner has insurance in case of any leaks or if structural issues arise.

7. Lighting

Since pool spaces are among the areas where people like to gather, you should consider installing lights around your terrace. Having lights around the pool section will ensure that guests or residents can enjoy the cool waters even at night. This can be especially helpful in the summer when temperatures are high throughout the season.

Plus, lighting can also help prevent accidental falls or slips that could occur due to poor visibility. When people can clearly see every part of the rooftop, there will be a reduced chance of incidents happening, increasing the level of safety on the terrace.

8. Non-Slip Surface

The roof is subject to the elements, which is why it’s necessary to install anti-slip flooring to minimize the likelihood of slips. While there are aesthetic and stylish aspects to decide on, you should avoid placing slippery surfaces on the floor of your roof.

So, while tiles or wooden floors could seem appealing, they could also make it hard to move around the pool without falling. A surface with ideal traction and grip will make the area a safer place to relax for everyone. Plus, since the water from your pool can get splashed around the area, people will have to be extra careful during movement.

9. Maintenance

The labor and equipment necessary to keep the pool clean at all times are also crucial to consider. The level of maintenance will firstly depend on the size of the pool. For example, it will take less time, effort, and resources to keep a small pool clean than a large one.

Fortunately, you won’t need to spend too much to maintain your terrace swimming pool since debris and leaves from trees won’t be an issue. You might have to prevent rainwater from carrying items into the pool, which means you’ll need a functional drainage system.

You could also get a robotic pool cleaner designed to automatically vacuum the pool, eliminating the need for manually cleaning it. Buying the pool-cleaning chemicals required to keep your pool sanitary is also a good step in setting up your rooftop swimming pool.

10. Cost

Lastly, you should think about the overall cost of constructing and maintaining the terrace swimming pool. This will include the price you incur when making the structural adjustments necessary for accomodating your pool on the roof.

The installation alone could range anywhere between $25,000 and $100,o00 depending on your pool’s size, style, and features. Additionally, the cost of hiring an architect, engineer, and construction crew will also raise the initial price.

You want to avoid starting a project that you can’t finish, so you should determine the cost of the construction process and compare it with your budget early enough.

Benefits of Terrace Swimming Pools

1. Luxury

One of the leading reasons people invest in a terrace swimming pool is to add luxury and style to the place. It offers a figurative and iconic experience of being at the height of life. This is especially important to commercial establishments like a spa or hotel since it makes the place more marketable to high-end clients.

2. Privacy

swimming pool decking garden luxury home

When you have an inground pool in your compound, it’s easy for neighbors and passers-by to have a sneak peek at your activities. This can make it uncomfortable to use the pool since you might feel exposed. So, rather than setting up an outdoor pool, you can invest in a rooftop swimming pool that is far beyond the line of sight of anyone on the ground.

If anything, you’ll be able to see your surroundings much better from above. A rooftop pool allows you and your family to enjoy a private time bonding and relaxing without the fear of being seen.

3. Financial Value

While a terrace swimming pool offers a safe space to unwind and let loose, it also adds to the financial value of the property. Nowadays, people are investing indirectly in real estate by upgrading or remodeling their establishments to increase the overall worth of the building.

One of the things you can do in this direction is constructing a terrace pool. The pool will serve as a symbol of elegance and distinction, allowing you to raise the overall value of your space. This means that if someone is interested in buying the property, you can sell it at a much higher value than you initially could.

4. Space-Conservation

Having a pool outside your establishment could be great, but it will require additional space. This could necessitate you to remove or reorganize your compound, which can be hectic to handle. By setting up a pool on the roof, you’ll be saving on space which is an obvious advantage.

It’ll allow you to use your backyard for other projects while making the pool more accessible to those inside the home. As such, it can be a great option for people who want a pool but have limited space on the outside of the house.

5. View

man using a camera to on a terrace pool view point

The last advantage a rooftop pool offers is a stunning view. Looking at your neighborhood or surroundings from above offers a different feel from the view on the ground. A good view can make your property more valuable and appealing since it’ll provide a place to relax and enjoy great sights.

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