Best Toilet for Flushing Large Poop

If you are eating well with lots of fiber or a plant-based diet, I bet that once your body takes all those nutrients, whatever is left can produce a large ...

Is it Landlords Responsibility to Fix Toilet

Is it the landlord's responsibility to fix the toilet If you are a homeowner, you take responsibility for any damages that occur in your home, regardless of ...

Is there a Substitute for Toilet Paper

Is there a Substitute for Toilet Paper Is there a substitute for toilet paper we can all agree that the worst feeling in your home is when you have to go to ...

When to Replace Toilet Flush Valve

When to Replace Toilet Flush Valve Maintaining your toilet in top working condition makes both environmental and economic sense since you can conserve water ...

Can a Clogged Toilet Fix Itself

You wake up early in the morning and the first thing to is dash into the bathroom to relieve yourself. To your shock, however, you find that the toilet is ...

How to Get Toilets Really Clean

Cleaning the toilet is, without a doubt, one of the most dreaded household tasks that we often postpone. However, you must clean your toilet regularly to keep ...

The Best Portable Toilet for Road Trips

It is difficult to make it through a camping trip without having to answer a call of nature at least once. And with the legitimate Covid-19 risk factors to ...

Do Plumbers Replace Toilets

Do Plumbers Replace Toilets Do Plumbers Replace Toilets A toilet is one of the most important installations you can ever have in your home. It is ...

The Best Toilet Flushing System

Toilets are some of the home installations that provide invaluable services in the home. However, one often goes unnoticed until something goes wrong.  ...

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