Best Toilet for Sprinter Van

Should you have a sprinter van with a toilet or without? Most van dwellers have adapted to living in a van without an onboard toilet while others ...

Best Cassette Toilet for Camping

Finding the best cassette toilet for camping can be a great option, especially if you are a frequent camper or road tripper. However, if you feel a ...

Portable Toilet for Large Person

Portable toilets for large person are great for outdoor recreational events like wilderness camping, emergency use, road trips, hiking and RVs owing to ...

Top Rated Toilets Under $300

There are plenty of top rated toilets under $300 with excellent features to consider. Most established toilet manufacturers tend to focus on designing ...

Do Apartments Replace Toilet Seats

Best Selling Toilet Seats When you are living in an apartment or rental house, modifications or upgrades to the living space are almost out of the ...

Does Coke Clean Toilet Stains

Best Selling Toilet Stains Cleaner Coke is not just a popular tasty beverage around the world but is also a liquid with mild acidity which makes it ideal ...

Does Bidet Replace Toilet Paper

Best Selling Bidet Toilet Bidets are bathroom fixtures that are fitted under a toilet seat and uses a stream of water to clean you off after using the ...

Does Roto-Rooter Fix Toilets

Best Selling Roto-Rooter If your need toilet repair, then you need to contact plumbing professionals who can diagnose your toilet problem and fix it ...

Best Add-On Bidet for Toilet

A bidet is designed to send a stream of water toward your butt area to clean after pooping. It is said to be more hygienic and economical than toilet ...

Best Toilet for Flushing Large Poop

If you are eating well with lots of fiber or a plant-based diet, I bet that once your body takes all those nutrients, whatever is left can produce a ...

Is it Landlords Responsibility to Fix Toilet

Best Selling Toilets If you are a homeowner, you take responsibility for any damages that occur in your home, regardless of the cost. However, when it ...

Is there a Substitute for Toilet Paper

Best Selling Substitute for Toilet Paper Is there a substitute for toilet paper we can all agree that the worst feeling in your home is when you have to ...

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