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Your dreams have come true if you have been dreaming of basking in the sun in your own outdoor oasis. Whether they are for domestic or commercial use, swimming pools have come in handy to provide you with the tranquility you need after long and tiresome working hours. This is the most crucial facility your descent home or hotel needs to have.

Sometimes paying to access services of a swimming pool can get expensive and you may not have the best time as you thought. Having your own swimming pool helps you to have fun at the comfort of your home. Swimming is a great exercising tool that will help you relieve stress as well as depression.

Finding the best swimming pool builder can get difficult owing to the fact that a majority of the population pay to have access to swimming pools. This article is set to give you brief but detailed information about the best swimming pool builders and what you need to know about them. Enjoy the read.

Premier pools and spas

You are considering transforming your outdoor living space. You need professional swimming pool contractors who can guide you through the designs to choose from. With an experience spanning over thirty years of building quality swimming pools, premier and spas companies will have you sorted almost immediately with much ease.

ūüŹÜ Premier Pools & Spas - The Worlds Largest Pool Builder

This pool and spa company has been operational for over 30 years since 1988. It has managed to build over 60,000 swimming pools across the US and Its many years in the field is proof enough that they have experience in building swimming pools.

Premier pools spas have 60 offices in over 30 states in the United States and offer a variety of pool services ranging from pool design and construction to maintenance. They are easily accessible and have higher ratings than other pool builders since they are an accredited business with a Better Business Bureau. This is proof enough that they have been trusted for their pool building services.

Quality of their services

The company offers some of its services online. You can easily receive free quotations by filling an online form found on its website. This enables them to stay in contact with clients and serve them better.

With premier pools and spas your interaction with them is optimized. By any chance if their designs do not please you, you can come up with your own design. If your design does not match with the current trends, they will help you come up with a better version of it.

Premier pools and spas have maintained high customer ratings. This has been enhanced due to the presence of highly trained pool contractors with the ability to build the best swimming pools. Also their ability of being available anytime you need them has improved their customer relations

In case you have been delayed building your dream swimming pool by  having the fear of contacting the wrong swimming pool contractor, premier pools and spas have come in handy to sort you out. They offer all the services from design and swimming pool installation to maintenance.

Cody pools

Home Design:

You have been in search of a consultation free swimming pool builder to install you a classy and magnificent swimming pool. Take a rest, search no more. Cody pools will get your project sorted. They are an award winning swimming pool builder with a solid reputation of building high end swimming pools.

Home Design: Get to Know the 10 Different Shapes of Swimming Pools

 The swimming pool company has been operational for over 15 years since 1994. It has managed to build pools in over 15000 homes. It is trusted for its services by residents across George town, Austin and San Antonio.

The Cody pools builder builds both commercial and residential pools. They also offer upgrading services in case you want to upgrade your old swimming pool. Their services are worthy owing to their experience.

They have different styles and designs. Presence of freeform designs, geometric and vanishing edge pools with water and fire features gives your home a decent look. They also provide for outdoor living construction and landscaping after your pool is installed.

Company flexibility 

They offer a hotline number through which they can be reached. You can follow them on social media. In case you need to talk to one of them, you will be required to pick an appointment.

The swimming pool company can work with you no matter your financial status. This is due to their ability to work with other money lending companies that will finance you to foot their bills. This flexible feature has been the secret behind its growth.

Just in case you found yourself a new house and the swimming pool does not seem decent and appealing to you, just contact Cody pool builders. They will ensure that you upgrade your swimming pool at  affordable rates.

California pools

You have been looking for a swimming pool builder who will restore and bring back nature’s lost glory at the comfort of your home. You are not far from your aspirations. California pool builders will sort you with a variety of pool designs that come with their expertise ranging from waterfalls to fountains and fireplaces.

Arizona Swimming Pool Builder

California pool builders have a good history of pool installation. The company has built over 70,000 pools across locations in California, Nevada, Texas, Florida and Utah. It has highly invested in building custom builds.

This pool construction company builds swimming pools with a modern taste. They have a variety of pool features in store for you ranging from waterfalls to fountains to fireplaces. This pool builder makes your dream pool a reality.

California pool builders offer financial assistance and will upgrade your old pool. They will also source for a lender that will help you foot the pool installation fees. To get their services and quotations, you only need to visit their website and you are all set to go.

California pool builders will ensure that you have your dream pool and that the value of your money is tangible. Features of a pool built by highly experienced pool builders will ensure tranquility. You will have a real-time taste of a modern swimming pool.

River pools and spas

Inground Fiberglass Pools |

Have you been looking for a swimming pool company that can install you a dream pool with fiberglass? search no more. River pools installation company has  come in handy to help you choose the best swimming pool design that suits you the most.

River pools and spas have been in existence for over 20 years since 2001. It was founded in Virginia by a group of friends and has over time grown to install its own fiberglass pools across Virginia.

River Pools and Spas| Pool & Spa News

This pools construction company will give you the opportunity to choose from its several offers ranging from pool designs to colors to sizes. They will also give you an option to design your own swimming pool and select the features you want your pool to have.

Among the different styles and designs that the company will allow you to choose from include slides, covers, fences and even custom colors. The river pools and spas will also provide you with a guide that will answer frequently asked questions relating to the fiberglass and other pool related issues.

Installation of the fiberglass has four options to choose from that ranges from DIY where you will be required to do most of the work to Turkey service whereby the company will take care of every responsibility.

Van kirk and sons, pools and spas

Van Kirk Pools |

In case you have been looking for a private company to build you a modern and classy swimming pool, van kirk and sons, pools and spas will provide you with the services you need. The company has been operational for over 50 years since 1975 and has done over 18000 swimming pools in Florida in both residential and commercial properties.

The company, over the long periods it has been in place, has specialized in different types of swimming pools that include lagoon, freeform, roman geometric, classic and straight pool designs. It also offers you an opportunity to customize your own pool.

Van Kirk & Sons Pools and Spas

Van kirk and sons, pools and spas include you in the entire process of pool making. The pool builders will include you in every major step to making your swimming pool that includes designing the pool, planning the features you want your pool to possess and finally building the final product. The pool building company will finally offer renovation, restoration and remodeling services for your pool.

The company will be financing your projects by recommending you to apply for a loan from one of their financial partners. Being part of the Florida swimming pool association that offers lifetime structural warrant to its pools, you can easily access them via email or their office hotline.

Tips on choosing the best swimming pool builder

How do you go about sorting all the pool builders and getting one to install you a new swimming pool? That process is a bit hectic and deceiving in equal measure. Here are some of the tips you will use to determine which company will best install you a swimming pool.

Search local pool contractor websites

With advancement of technology and availability of the internet to almost everyone, it is easier to find a pool builder and review their websites. It is on those websites that you will evaluate whether a particular pool contractor is fit to build you a swimming pool that suits you. If you find the right swimming pool contractor online, you will pick their contacts from that website  and initiate a talk about your deal.

Find a certified swimming pool contractor

Sometimes it can get difficult to determine whether whoever you are about to hire is qualified for the job to build you a new pool and you are wondering what you should do in that scenario. Worry less. Swimming pool contractors are always certified and they should be ready to show you the necessary documentation to win your faith. Don’t be that easy!

Ask for a referral 

In case you find it difficult to conduct a research online or rather have low trust level with individuals you have never met, it is always wise to ensure that you seek referral from your close associate. Your close associates will always give you correct feedback that will enable you have your dream pool project done.

Take your time and visit the pool store


In case you happen to secure one pool contractor , do not rush into making an immediate deal with them. Take your time and visit the pool store or showroom. Visiting the pool store will enable you to make an evaluation of your own on the basis of whether those people seem professional and knowledgeable, and how they handle customers. This will help you identify people who will be working on your pool.

Listen to what the contractor tells you and put your agreement on writing

Sometimes deals go south. Putting your deal in writing will save you a great deal.

Factors to consider before building a pool

Know your zoning laws

Before you break ground or schedule for consultation service for building a swimming pool, ensure that your property is abiding with zoning ordinances for pools. Many cities have strict restricting laws regarding pools.

Decide on the pool you want to build

There are three main types of in ground pool design you are supposed to choose from, this includes;  vinyl lined pool, fiberglass pool and concrete pool. Properly weigh the pros and cons of each before you set up your pool.

Look towards durability.

Good things last. Fiberglass and vinyl liner pools can be tempting to install, but when temperature rises, your pool will be no more. Despite taking a lot of time – 4 to 6 weeks- and resources, concrete pools tend to withstand high temperatures and so will last longer

Put into consideration maintenance costs 

A swimming pool that is properly maintained is a treasure and increases value to your property. A swimming pool that is poorly maintained decreases the value of your property. It is advisable to install a pool that can be maintained with much ease.

Seek quality circulation system

It is a requirement that swimming pool construction needs a quality water circulation system regardless of whether it is chlorine or salt water, indoor or outdoor. A new pool needs a water circulation system will help keep your pool fresh and maintain its sparkling look. Pool contractors will always guide you on a high performance aquatic system to install in your swimming pool.

Determine your budget properly

A good budget determines how frequent the pool is maintained, longevity of the pool, the quality of the lighting system you will install in your pool and also other accessories like handrails. Poor budgeting will lead to a poorly maintained swimming pool hence a reduced lifespan.

Ensure proper landscaping

diving into swimming pool water treatments 321839

Proper landscaping will protect you against gracious mistakes. A pool generally must not be obstructed by either a shed as a result of a tall building or your palm tree in the backyard is preventing you from enjoying the evening sun with your family. Proper landscaping will also determine the longevity of your pool. You are required to seek expert advice before installing a swimming pool lest it becomes a waste and a pain in your home.

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