Directions on How to Use Plink your Sink at Home

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Are you wondering how to use plink your sink at home? Worry no more! Plink garbage disposal cleaner and freshener is an innovative and cost-efficient product that washes away foul odors and keeps your sink and the whole kitchen smelling fresh.

Plinking your sink means washing it using a biodegradable product called plink. It was an invention by plumbers that do not harm your drain pipes, and the disposal yet works in seconds.

Read on to know how to plink your sink and the benefits.

How to Use Plink your Sink at Home

Step 1: Turn on the water and run the disposal to remove any remaining food particles.

Step 2: After 15 seconds turn off disposal and reduce water pressure to a slow stream pencil width flow (you can use bursts of hot water )

Step 3: Plink your sink by dropping one plink ball and turn on your disposal for fifteen seconds

Step 4: Turn off disposal and reduce water. You plinked your sink in seconds!

Note: For best results and continued freshness, plink your sink at least twice a week or as needed using citrus orange or lemon scent.

How Do I Clean my Sink the Right Way?

Considering the amount of soap and water that runs into your kitchen sink every day, you may think it’s ever clean. Sinks are the best places for bacteria to thrive in your house without being noticed. Here are tips on how to clean your sink the right way.

1. Wash Dishes and Rinse your Sink Well

Before you clean your sink, ensure that you have washed all the utensils and wiped food particles around the sink area. Scrub your sink with soap, then rinse it thoroughly with bursts of hot water. Clear the drain as well after rinsing the sink.

Different sinks material work well with different cleaners .I.e., stainless steel sinks work well with water, vinegar, and baking soda, while porcelain, copper, and granite work well with mild dish soap and a soft cleaning pad.

2. Clean Sink Handles and Faucets

Faucets and handles are cleaned using soap and water regardless of the material. Don’t forget to wash them using a brush that will reach the hard ends that harbor germs.

After cleaning, spray or wipe the handles with a mixture of water and vinegar to clear lime build-up, which appears like white spots.

3. Disinfect the Sink

After scrubbing and cleaning your handles and faucet, you can now disinfect your well-rinsed sink. Mix an equal ratio of water and vinegar in a spray bottle or a basin to make it sparkle.

Spray your sink with the mixture or soak paper towels in the basin, then line the sink with them. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant, and besides killing common household germs, it removes hard water too. Allow the mixture to sit on the sink for twenty minutes before rinsing.

For sinks material that is not vinegar friendly, you can mix hot water and antibacterial soap as an alternative. You can also learn how to use plink your sink, a garbage disposal freshener cleaner that washes away foul odors and leaves a fresh scent throughout your whole kitchen.

4. Clean your Sink Tool

Sink tools include spoon holders, soap dishes, cleaning sponge holders, sink brushes, and mats. They are all part of your sink, and when they start to stink, the best remedy is to replace them.

However, wash them regularly as you wash your sink using a laundry detergent pack to avoid germs buildup, which can contaminate all the utensils as you clean them.

5. Clean the Disposal and the Drain

Kitchen smells should be inviting at all times. But with clogged disposal and drain, it won’t be easy to hang around the kitchen. Here are three simple methods you can use to keep your disposal and whole kitchen smelling fresh all the time.

I. Clean with Vinegar and Baking Soda

This is one of the easiest methods you can use to clean your disposal and drain. For best results, you use a ratio of 1:2 that is 1 spoon of baking soda and 2 spoons of vinegar.

Start by putting the baking soda, pour vinegar in slow motion, and wait for 15 minutes for the mixture to finish fizzling. Follow by adding bursts of hot water to a slow speed down the drain to remove any remaining waste.

II. Clean with Sea Salt, Ice, and Lemon

This is another combination which, although not common; it’s effective if your garbage disposal is in good working condition. Cut your fresh lemon into wedges and put them in the disposal together with ice cubes and sea salt. Like plink your sink, turn on the disposal and water.

Why salt and ice? The sea salt has big particles which scrub the disposal blades while the ice knocks off and removes any sticking grime on the disposal walls. Then the fresh lemon helps in natural deodorizing.

III. Clean using Plink

Plink is an innovative, economical garbage disposal freshener cleaner that washes away the foul smell from your disposal and leaves the whole kitchen smelling fresh and pleasant. After cleaning your sink, run bursts of hot water in a slow stream pencil width.

Plink your sink twice a week or as needed by dropping in one plink ball and turning the disposal on for 15 seconds. Finish by turning off the disposal and water. Plink garbage disposal freshener cleaner washes away foul odors leaving a fresh lemon scent in your house.

Cleaning your sink with a plink garbage disposal freshener cleaner is not only convenient and economical but also safe and effective.

6. Maintain Your Sink Tidiness

After cleaning and sanitizing your sink using a plink garbage disposal cleaner deodorizer, maintaining the tidiness is another task. To keep your sink area healthy, change cleaning sponges and dish brushes regularly by taking advantage of free shipping on orders for kitchen tools.

Again arrange them in a well-ventilated holder and often dry your sponge and wiping towels in direct sunlight to keep bacteria away.

Benefits of Plinking Your Sink Disposal and Drain

Cleaning your sink disposal and drain may not be your favorite chore, but the benefits of doing it are incomparable. Since the cleaning process is simple, you should incorporate it into your weekly schedule. Here are the benefits of regularly cleaning your drain and sink with a plink garbage disposal cleaner deodorizer.

1. Eliminates Foul Odors

If at one time you had ever noticed a slow water drain when washing utensils on your sink and what followed is a foul smell that filled the whole house, chances are you have stayed for long without cleaning your sink and disposal.

Use no-mess way by dropping in one plink ball and turning your disposal and water to a slow stream pencil width plink your sink regularly. The odor free plink washes away foul odors leaving your disposal and the whole kitchen smelling fresh.

2. Reduces Clogging

The main reason for cleaning your drain and disposal is to avoid waste buildup along the waste pipes. Over time, mineral deposits, debris, and other obstacles can cause blockages. If not attended, they will result in major problems like overflows, pipe bursting, and blocked sewer lines which are expensive to repair.

You can tell a clogged pipe by the speed of water down the drain, and the best preventative measure is to clean the drain and sink by dropping in one plink ball and turning the disposal for seconds twice weekly.

3. Saves you a Fortune

At first, you may think that the cost of buying sink cleaning materials and products is too high, but when the plumber gives you a repair quote, you realize the prices are incomparable.

Poorly cleaned drains will cause pipes to rust leading to leaks which in turn cause flooding and increased water bills. Hence cleaning your drain quite often will help you save all the unnecessary costs.

4. Reduces Bacteria and Mold Growth

Any clogged and leaking pipe creates a haven for bacteria and molds growth.  They, in turn, create an unpleasant smell, as we discussed above. You’ll need to plink your sink and drain regularly-it keeps it odor-free and eliminates the bacteria.

5. Speeds up Water Flow in the Drain

When washing your dishes, it’s obvious to expect the speed of draining water to be high and consistent. However, when your drain is clogged, this will not be the case.

Learning how to use plink your sink and disposal at least twice a week will help unclog and maintain water speed through the drain.

7. Keeps Your Home Clean

Who doesn’t like a clean and fresh-smelling home? You all do, but with a clogged drain, it can be hard to maintain the freshness.

Routine cleaning of your disposal and drains will ensure no bad odors and leaks around the house. So when you plink your sink using the lemon scent product effectively and safely, the whole house will remain fresh.


Learning how to use plink your sink at home is a straightforward practice. Ensure you clean and rinse your sink well before using plink disposal freshener and cleaner.

Using a trust mark icon that reveals a popup describing BV authenticity search topics, look for the original plink and ensure it’s from Benckiser group of companies or finds a retailer plink who has a  license by summit brands.

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