Does Bidet Replace Toilet Paper? Why Bidet is Better

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Europe and the rest of the world have been using the bidet for centuries, and it is standard in a European bathroom.

However, the bidet is not as popular in the United States as it is in other places because many Americans might not be familiar with it.

Using toilet paper is a common practice in many American households, and you might have grown up not knowing better alternatives, like the bidet. The bidet is a better substitute for toilet paper because it is eco-friendly, cleaner, and cost-effective.

So, does bidet replace toilet paper? Let’s explore in this piece!

Why Should I Use a Bidet Instead of Toilet Paper?

The Coronavirus pandemic offers you the most compelling evidence that bidets can replace toilet paper.

The United States faced a shortage of toilet paper in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, and many Americans had no choice but to look for an alternative for toilet paper.

The demand for bidets was so high that Tushy, a company that sells bidets, started recording sales of 1 million in a day from the first week of March 2020.

Here are the other reasons why you should replace the toilet paper

1. Protect the Environment

Using water not only provides you with a gentle and comfortable cleaning experience but is also environmentally friendly. Bidets use less water compared to toilet paper. 37 gallons of water are used in manufacturing a roll of toilet paper. Not to mention the water that is polluted and wasted when bleaching the paper to white.

Americans use an average of 34 million tissue papers rolls per day, that is 1.258 billion gallons of water used per day. You can imagine how much water is used in a year. Using a bidet significantly cuts down on the usage of water. You only require 0.13 gallons of water in one use.

It takes cutting down 384 trees to make 28lb of toilet paper, and those are thousands of trees in a year. On the other hand, you don’t need those many trees to use a bidet. Thus, if you use the bidet, you would save thousands of them from being cut down.

Even though you can use wet wipes to clean yourself, they are not environmentally friendly. Wet wipes usually take a long time to dissolve and cause sewer blockages.

2. Bidet is Sanitary Than a Roll of Toilet Paper

The bidet is popular in Europe because it is believed to be more hygienic than toilet paper. You can never compare the hygiene of washing your body to wiping it.

The cleanliness of using the bidet is definitely unmatched. The water gently cleanses your butt area, removing poop residues, unlike wiping with toilet paper. Repeated wiping with tissue paper will irritate your skin.

Cleaning using water is gentle and reduces the cases of urinary tract infections, hemorrhoids, and rashes. Since the bidet seat is fixed on your toilet, everything stays in the toilet bowl as you clean yourself.

Best of all, Tushy bidets have a self-cleaning nozzle feature that ensures it is always clean and free from bacteria.

3. Using A Bidet Is More Affordable

It would be best to consider installing a bidet because it will save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

A case in point being a roll of toilet paper costs $3 on average, and Americans use approximately 34 million rolls of tissue paper in a day. Thus, the United States spends a staggering $ 102 million just on toilet paper in a day.

Instead of digging deeper into your pockets, you can cut at least 75% of your spending on rolls of toilet paper by investing in a bidet. Moreover, some models are as low as $35, thus saving you 2 rolls per paper for every user per week.

Most importantly, there is a wide variety of bidets that you can choose from depending on your budget. You may get the hand sprayers for as low as $10 to the electric luxury brands of a higher price.

Choosing the Best Bidet for You

You have finally decided to get a bidet, but before you purchase one, you need to know the various designs and variations currently available in the market.

Here are the types of bidets that you could choose from

1. Stand-alone Bidets

The stand-alone bidet is the traditional type of bidet that has been in use for centuries. This bidet is a separate unit and is detached from the toilet bowl. You can mount the bidet on the wall the same way as a urinal or on the floor like the normal toilet.

The stand-alone bidet now has innovative features that adjust the water temperature from hot, warm to cold. This type of bidet has become very affordable because of the new designs that have come into the market.

However, this bidet requires a lot of space as it is installed separately and may not be renter-friendly. The bidet also requires you to install extra plumbing to function properly and ensure a smooth flow of water.

2. Portable Bidets

A portable bidet is a more ideal and affordable option when you are a frequent traveler. A portable bidet is also safer for women suffering from hemorrhoids and cannot use public bathrooms, especially when only toilet paper is available.

These women don’t have to worry about skin irritation because they can carry the bidet and clean themselves wherever they go.

Though you have to refill the bottle each time you use it. You may find that it has lower water pressure, but electronic versions are built to deliver a higher pressure.

The water in the spray bottle may also run out before you finish cleaning yourself. You also have to be cautious about how you use it, especially when there are no taps around.

3. Spray Bidets

The spray bidet is an attachment to the normal toilet. The sprayer connects the hand-held bidet to the toilet plumbing and would give you flexibility when directing water flow.

The bidet also gives you more control of the water pressure. Not only is the spray bidet affordable and easy to use, but you can also install it yourself. The hand-held bidet is also the right choice if moving is a challenge or when you are recovering from an injury.

You can go for the one with dual feeds if you prefer one with both hot or cold water selections.

4. Built-in

Built-in combines the toilet with a bidet. The toilet seat has angled spray jets that help you to wash.

The bidet seat also has a heated toiler rim, an air dryer, music, controlled pressure, and temperature, which are not found on the other models of bidets. The built-in bidets seem to offer an ambiance and settings that improve the bidet’s use when visiting the bathroom.

Therefore, it is no surprise that the bidet is the most expensive because of the luxury feature, as well as you would need electricity to operate it.

5. Bidet Attachments

Bidet attachment is common in American bathrooms because the attachment perfectly fits under the toilet seats. Bidet attachments are attractive, affordable, good to the environment, and provide the same benefits as the normal bidet.

Even though it may lack some features such as temperature control, users can find different designs which provide the basic cleansing function.

What to Consider When Buying a Bidet

Bidets are a common toilet fixture around the world. Here are things you have to consider as you intend to buy your own, and ensure that it is the best fit for you

1. Price

The cost of the bidet is the first factor that determines the type of bidet that you will buy. Your budget will dictate the design of the bidet, and higher budgets will give you the option of a built-in bidet that offers a good ambiance and more additional components.

2. Space

Do you have enough room in your toilet to install the ceramic bidet? Don’t worry if you are limited with space. You still have a variety of options you can choose from. Types of bidets such as the handheld, built-in, or attachment are suitable for small spaces.

3. Design

Not every bidet has an electric toilet seat, temperature control, regulated spray strength, air dry, and self-cleaning nozzle. Your style and preference will determine the type that you will settle for. For example, women who want a feminine wash will go for a movable one.

4. Reviews

It is a good idea to search for a bidet’s reviews from other users. The ratings will help you to make an informed decision on the best purchase.

5. Materials Used

The material used in making bidets will determine their durability. Laminated and wooden bidets do not last long compared to plastic ones because of the moisture under them.

Another key point is to choose the stainless steel nozzles for durability and hygienic purposes of preventing bacteria.

You can check the Tushy website for the different bidets that are affordable and are easy to install. The bidet fits all toilet types, and you may opt for the standard ones or go for the modern ones with a self-cleaning nozzle and other controls.

Regardless of the type that you would choose, it will still give your butt a clean wash.

How to Easily Clean Bidets

To maintain the hygiene of the bidets, you must clean frequently.

Mix antibacterial soap with warm water, and use a towel to wipe the entire surface.

Please do not use bleach or harsh chemicals to clean it.

Can I Still Use Toilet Paper?

There are instances when you will need to use toilet paper when visiting the bathroom. You could still use the toilet paper when:

1. Wiping Before Washing

Although pre-wiping is not a must, you can first wipe yourself with toilet paper or wet wipes before washing. The water will still wash off any residue without using toilet paper.

2. Wiping the Skin Dry

If you don’t have a built-in drier, you can use a few sheets of toilet paper or a towel to dry the body area after visiting the bathroom.

Final Remarks

The bidet can and should replace toilet paper. Switching to a bidet is the best alternative because it is cheaper, sanitary, and safe for the environment.

There are different bidets you can choose from depending on your budget. You can opt for the basic ones or go for a luxe experience with added features like the built-in.

You should dump the toilet paper and try the bidet. You can start with the seat attachment and explore the other options as you get a bit comfortable in using them. All in all, you are cleaning yourself without getting in the shower.

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