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Bidets are bathroom fixtures that are fitted under a toilet seat and uses a stream of water to clean you off after using the toilet. So, does bidet replace toilet paper? If you are using the bidet properly, especially if it is of high quality, then you don’t have to use toilet paper to wipe your butt clean.

A high-quality bidet can clean your butt more thorough than any amount of wiping with toilet paper. You may use a small amount of toilet paper to dry yourself. However, if you have a bidet model that has an air-dry feature, you may not require to use toilet paper at all.

Types of Bidets and How to Use Them

Bidets are available in different forms, which is the reason they are becoming are popular by the day. With different bidet models in demand in modern bathrooms everywhere, you can’t really be sure whether you will encounter a handheld or a built-in bidet. So, what are the different types of bidets area there?

Handheld Bidet

Handheld bidet

Also known as a bidet sprayer or bidet shower, it comes with a nozzle that is attached to the toilet. it requires to be placed manually near your private areas for cleaning after using the toilet or just freshening up. With a handheld bidet, you are fully in control of the position of the stream of water.

However, you must be cautious about the pressure and temperature of the water. Make use of the valve to adjust to an ideal pressure before pressing the handle for a cleanup.

Freestanding Bidet

Freestanding or standalone bidet with a toilet

The freestanding bidet is a traditional kind of bidet that is placed next to the regular toilet and looks like a large, low sink. These types of bidets can either be filled with water that rises nearer to the surface of the bowl or may be fitted with jets for cleaning.

When using the freestanding bidet, you can either sit facing it or face the opposite side. However, sitting facing the controls will be much better. Should you sit facing the faucet, you will require removing your pants. Since there are no seats on these types of bidets, you have to sit with your legs swinging around.

If the bidet comes with a hot water option, gradually switch on the hot water tap to see if the temperature is right, then turn on the cold water tap to reach an ideal temperature safe for cleaning your private area(s), especially during cold winter days.

Be sure to adjust yourself in a way to have the bidet faucet direct under your butt area. Gently open the tap since you don’t know how much pressure is in it. However, most freestanding bidets come with the pressure that is enough to clean up your butt. Otherwise, you can use your hand to clean up thoroughly.

Built-in Bidet

Built-in bidet

A built-in bidet is a toilet equipped with a bidet device. So, once you are done using the toilet, the built-in bidet may automatically dispense a vertical stream of water to clean your butt. Unlike the other types of bidets, built-in bidets are relatively the simplest to use since they come with buttons or control knobs that make them easy to use.

After you are done using the toilet, simply press the button and position yourself for a cleanup. The control buttons are located near the toilet seat and within your reach. Some come with the option to use warm or cold water while others have even pressure level controls.

Therefore, tweak these controls to suit your specific need before pressing the start button. Upon pressing the start button, the nozzle with spray water and you can let it clean you or assist by using your hand for a thorough cleaning. The nozzle can shut automatically and retract or stop it if it has a stop button.

Warm-Water Bidet

A warm-water bidet can be a free-standing, built-in or handheld attachment. This type of bidet is hooked to a hot water supply system or comes with a built-in water warmer, which provides a warmer spritz to your private area when in use.

What is the Difference between a Bidet and a Bidet Toilet Attachment?

A traditional bidet comes built-in with jets that you can install in your bathroom. While some are simple with basic settings, others come with more advanced features like drying options, adjustable spray settings, pressure controls, lights among other technologically advanced features.

A bidet attachment, on the other hand, can come either as a bidet toilet seat or washlets. These are bidet devices that you can attach to your existing toilet so that it works just like a traditional bidet without having to remodel your bathroom. You simply attach the bidet under your toilet seat with the water supply valve connected to the water supply.

Bidet attachments are available in manual or electronic models and have varying features such as pressure control and temperature control among other features depending on the model.

How to Wipe Yourself after Using a Bidet

Drying up after using a bidet is essential as leaving your bum wet is not only uncomfortable but also unhygienic. To quickly and easily dry yourself up after using the bidet, check out the following easy ways:

Allow your butt to air dry

If you are the kind that takes time in the toilet, then you might prefer to let your butt air dry. Besides, this can give you the time to do some time like scrolling on your phone or simply take the time to ponder life while you take a break from your daily hassle.

However, if you are in a hurry or someone else is waiting to use the toilet, then air drying is not the ideal option. It can take a few minutes for you to completely dry thus not a good idea if you are required to get back to work as soon as possible.

Use the Drying Function on Your Bidet

The high-end bidets often come with a built-in dryer function that can come in handy when you want to dry yourself faster than with air drying and needs no wiping. Bidet dries feel more luxurious and can turn every time you are using the bathroom into a luxury hands-free experience

But due to the varying quality of bidet drier functions, this still is not the quickest way of wiping your butt. Therefore, not an ideal option if you are in a hurry. Besides, not all bidets offer this function, especially the nonelectric bidets. But if you are looking for a bidet with a great dryer, then go for BidetMate 2000 Series as it is equipped with the best and latest bidet technologies.

If your drier enables you to control the temperature of the air, then setting hotter air will significantly speed up the process. This is a common feature in the higher-end bidet models.

Use Toilet Paper

Drying up with toilet paper is another excellent way to get your butt dry quickly, especially when you are short on time. Getting a few square pieces of toilet paper can be the best option.

But since the toilet paper is not made to handle a lot of water, we recommend you go for high-quality toilet paper like Scott Essential Professional that is strong and absorbent. Moreover, it is an environmentally friendly brand that will help limit your overall impact on the environment.

High-quality, strong, and eco-friendly toilet papers save you money in the long run since only need to use less per wipe. Ideally, use 1 to 2 sheets and fold the paper in half to make it even thicker for absorbing more water without tearing. Besides, dabbing instead of wiping can also help prevent tearing of your toilet paper while stopping small bits of toilet paper from clinging onto your skin.

Use Reusable Towel

You can opt for a reusable towel, it is even better compared to eco-friendly toilet paper because a reusable towel is by far better for the environment option there is. However, when using reusable towels to get your butt dry, it means you have to wash the dirty towel. This is the part most individuals find a little too gross.

However, having a designated wastebasket next to your bidet is ideal if you ensure it is cycled out can help ensure that all of your reusable towels stay fresh and clean.

Are Bidets Easier to Use than Toilet Paper?

If you have limited mobility or a particular disability, or for women who just gave birth, wiping with toilet paper can be a hassle. Toilet paper can also be painful to use, especially if you are suffering from skin sensitivity, and water is a gentler substitute.

But, you must be mindful of the water pressure level you set. A high water pressure level can feel uncomfortable and forceful and if you have broken skin or ulcers in your anus area, then it can be very uncomfortable.

For women, just like you use toilet paper to wipe from front to back, be sure to direct the bidet stream from front to the back away from your vagina. Otherwise, you may risk getting feculent material into that area, which can result in an infection. If you are unable to turn the angle of the nozzle of your bidet, simply turn around and have the stream spraying from your front to the back.

Can I Still Use Toilet Paper with a Bidet?

Yes. If you do not want to wait a bit to air dry and your bidet does not come with a drier function, you can still use your toilet paper to dry off yourself.

Traditionally, it was convenient to use a towel to dry yourself off. However, this is the age of extreme sanitation and it might be best if you ditch the bidet towel in favour of toilet paper. Simply grab a few sheets of TP and pat yourself gently to dry.

Does Bidet Replace Toilet Paper?

If you are still wondering whether using a bidet can actually replace toilet paper, it is certain that bidet can actually do. Use a bidet as an alternative to toilet paper because of the following:

  • Bidets waste less amount of water
  • Bidets significantly reduce the risk for your butt such as hemorrhoids and rashes
  • Bidet make the bathroom fun

Without a doubt, a bidet can replace toilet paper because they tend to be more hygienic, eco-friendly, comfortable and cost-effective in the long run. So, are you ready to dump your toilet paper? Check out some of the best easy-to-install bidet attachments that are you can buy affordably.

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