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If your need toilet repair, then you need to contact plumbing professionals who can diagnose your toilet problem and fix it professionally. And this is where Roto-Rooter comes in. These are plumbing professionals you are at your call 24/7 to fix your residential or commercial toilets. So, does Roto-Rooter fix toilets? Check out what toilet problems does Roto-Rooter fix?

Unclogging Toilets

Clogs are some of the most common toilet problems that most residential and commercial property owners experience. Unclogging toilets with simple clogs will only require a plunger to unclog, but you will require a professional plumber to do the job for severely clogged toilets. Simply turn off the water supply valve behind your toilet and call trusted Roto-Rooter plumbers to unclog your toilet and fix any other clogged toilet issues you might have!

Running Toilet Repair

If you are experiencing a running toilet, brace yourself for higher water usage and more water bills. A running toilet problem is often caused by an unseated flapper valve, worn-out flush valve, corroded overflow pipe, among others. Roto-Rooter professional plumbers can help you repair these plumbing issues and put an end to the all-day-long noisy disruption from your bathroom.

Leaking Toilet Repair

A leaking toilet is often occasioned by several issues such as worn out flapper valves, water line seal, wax ring gasket on which the toilet sits. A toilet leak repair can be done without necessarily replacing the entire toilet.

For instance, you can have the water line seal or flapper valves replaced or re-waxing the wax ring gasket. However, when the leaks are occasioned by a cracked bowl or tank, a replacement can be done. To identify and repair the toilet leak issue on your commercial or residential property, call Roto-Rooter plumbing professionals now!

Weak Flush

If your toilet bowl is emptying slowly, then your toilet lack flushing power, which is often occasioned by clogged holes underneath the rim of the bow. You can easily unclog these holes with a curved coat-hanger then flush them to remove the blocking dirt away.

Toilet Installation and Replacement Services

Installing a new toilet or replacing your old toilet with a new one is not one of the easy home improvement projects there is. Hiring a professional plumber is a wise decision you can make. For commercial plumbing services or residential plumbing services, call Roto-Rooter or book an appointment for a free estimate.

How Much Does Roto-Rooter Charge to Replace a Toilet?

Roto-Rooter is, without a doubt, a trusted plumbing company. And since the company operates in almost every city in the U.S and throughout Canada, it means the operation cost equally varies from one location to another. Besides, Roto-Rooter offers several residential and commercial plumbing services.

As such, the cost Roto-Rooter charges for its services is competitive with other plumbing companies providing the same levels of service. To know the cost charged for your toilet fixing, call Roto-Rooter and request a quote. They will send their plumber to assess the problems and issue you with a free estimate.

So, does Roto-Rooter fix toilets? Yes.

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