How Does a Brita Filter Sensor Work

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Brita filter sensor is a simple countdown type of timer. Once you have reset it, it begins counting down. The indicator has several bars on it that will let you know when the manufacturer recommends changing the filter, for instance, after every 90 days.

It has nothing to do with the actual filtration of your water. Heavy use requires you to change it more often, and lighter use needs it to be changed less frequently.

So, how does a Brita filter sensor work?

How does Brita Smart Light Work?

Brita smart light

The status indication is based on time and volume measurement. The volume recorded using an intelligent mechanism by registering the amount of water flowing out when you tilt the jug during usage. For the first usage and every reset, you will need to press the LED button for 5 seconds.

Just after pouring water, the LED blinks to show the cartridge status. Additionally, you can check the cartridge status at any time by simply pressing the LED button. When you are not using it, it is then deactivated to save energy. The battery lasts for approximately five years. As the BRITA Smart Light is removable, the lid is dishwasher safe.

The LED light indicates different colors such as;

  • Green – It shows that the cartridge is okay and there is full filtration performance. LED is fading in and out three times.
  • Yellow– During this stage, you should take caution since you should exchange the cartridge soon, and you should stock up soon. LED is flashing three times.
  • Red – Here, the cartridge is exhausted, and you should replace it immediately. LED is flashing six times.

In other words, it acts as an intelligent traffic-light-display that prompts when to replace your filter depending on the time and water quantity in time for optimum results.

Do Brita Filters Actually do Anything?

Brita filters come as tap faucets fittings, jug pitchers, and water bottles. If you have concerns about germs, chemicals, or disease-causing organisms in your tap water, you may use these filters to remove the water components that may affect its smell, taste, or safety.

Such water filters come in various designs depending on their purpose, and there is no single type that can filter out everything. Brita provides different filtration options that can change how water tastes. They reduce 99% of lead and are certified to reduce chlorine which contributes to taste and odor, asbestos, mercury, benzene, cadmium, etc.

Brita filters can replace bottled water, thus reducing more contaminants and pollution. This pitcher has a flip-top lid which makes refilling easy. Moreover, just a glance at the filter indicator lets you know when to change the Brita replacement filter. They are certified to reduce cadmium, mercury, and lead.

How do I Know if my Brita Filter is Bad?

You are likely to notice some signs that will warn you about a failed water filter. If you see the following indications, know that your water filter needs replacing.

1. Decrease in Water Pressure

If your note that the water pressure in the fixtures around the house has dropped steadily, you may have a clogged-up filter that needs to be replaced.

It is one of the reasons you must have a plumber check on the situation. Your plumber can change the filter if it’s a filter issue. However, if it is a leak issue, the plumber will recommend it to be repaired.

2. Checking the Indicator

Some Brita filters, such as the Brita pitcher, come with lights that will activate when the filter isn’t working or needs changing out for a new filter.

Ensure you are familiar with how your filter works; Check its manual to see if there are warning signs to consider. You can visually inspect the filters for a build-up of too much debris as well.

3. Odd Noises From your Faucet Filters

It is a common warning sign for reverse osmosis filters, one of the best types of filters available. You can expect to hear some strange sounds from the faucets and drains right after an RO filter is installed. It is normal.

However, if it keeps up, you need to have the installation checked to see if you have done something incorrectly.

4. Bad Tasting water

You may come across cloudy water from your faucets. Hold up a glass of water to the light to check on it. Bad tastes in water include metallic or salty flavors. If you have a water softener, the salty taste may mean the system puts too much sodium into the water to counteract hard water minerals.

It may also be an indicator that your water filter needs a replacement for clean and better-tasting water.

Why is my Brita Filter Light not Working?

If your Brita filter light indicator isn’t working, try to replace the battery CR2032, you can see the LED color.

Another way is; when the light seems to have stopped working, check the small spring-loaded clip inside the base unit.

This spring-loaded clip is supposed to flip up to reset the filter replacement light with the filter cartridge removed. This clip can sometimes become stuck, so try gently prying upon it; you may need to use a flashlight to locate this clip.

If the steps of restoring the indicator light do not work, try to reset it by; pressing the STATUS button and holding it down. If using a standard Brita filter white in color, hold down the STATUS button for 2 seconds, then release. All lights will blink simultaneously twice, then the green light next to STANDARD FILTER will blink three times. It indicates that the standard filter mode (40 gallons) is selected.

If you accidentally select the incorrect mode, repeat the step 1 instructions above until you successfully choose the method that correlates with the filter you are using. The indicator light will blink after each time you fill the reservoir and close the lid. A blinking green light indicates that your filter is good.

Check filter life status at any time by pressing the Status button for 1 second and releasing. The light corresponding to your current filter status will blink for 1 second. When 0% of the filter life remains, the red light next to REPLACE will blink, indicating that you should replace the filter. Replace the filter and reset the indicator.

How do I Set up the Filter Change Indicator on Brita Stream?

Brita Stream filter

Reset your filter change indicator each time you replace your Brita Stream filter. Filter replacement is essential for the product to perform as represented.

  • To reset or activate the indicator, press the STATUS button and hold it down for 8 seconds. Red, yellow, and green lights will blink simultaneously.
  • Release the STATUS button when only the green light blinks.
  • Open the Fill Lid entirely and fill the pitcher with water. Close the Fill Lid. If you removed the pitcher lid to fill the pitcher, place it on a flat surface while filling.
  • Check filter life status at any time by pressing the STATUS button for 1 second. Light will flash green, yellow, or red depending on the filter life remaining.
  • The light will also blink after you pour water from the pitcher. A blinking green light indicates that the filter is good.
  • When 25% of filter life remains, the yellow light will blink, indicating you should change the filter soon. The light will continue to blink yellow through 1% of the filter life remaining.

How can You Improve Tap Water?

Tap water

You cannot be 100% confident that your tap water is clean and safe for drinking. It may contain several chemicals, heavy metals, and disease-causing microorganisms. Therefore, you can opt for filtration, which is an excellent way to improve the tap water’s taste and quality.

Removing the chemicals, such as chlorine and pesticide residues improves the flavor of drinking water significantly. Moreover, the type of filtration system you choose will impact the taste of your water. A simple, inexpensive Brita water filter system or water pitcher will remove over 95% of chemicals, heavy metals, and disease-causing organisms.

Reverse osmosis filters are widely chosen since they can filter out many contaminants. You may initially balk at the unit’s cost, but when you compare the price per gallon of reverse osmosis filtered water with the cost of bottled water, it’s easy to see that such filters are a wise choice.

Carbon-activated and reverse osmosis systems are not designed to remove bacteria, viruses, and parasites, but these should be absent from treated tap water for the most part. If you are filtering well water or spring water, you must boil it for at least five minutes to deal with this kind of contamination.

What are Some of the Best Water Filters to Use?

Many water filtration systems can help, from pitchers you store in your fridge to options you attach directly to your faucet.

The following is a list of some of the best water filters you can buy, with several different needs and budgets in mind.

1. Brita Standard Metro Water Filter Pitcher

It has a 5-cup capacity and comes in three colors, and you can choose between standard filters, which last around two months, or Longlast filters, which only need replacing every six months. These filters use coconut-based activated carbon to remove chlorine, mercury, copper, zinc, and cadmium from water. Moreover, the pitcher has a built-in indicator light that lets you know when the filter needs replacing.

2. Soma Pitcher Plant-based Water Filtration

It is made from 65% renewable plant-based materials certified sustainable activated coconut shell carbon and plant-based sugar cane, plus ion exchange. The pitcher is made from BPA-free plastic and sustainable bamboo, so you can feel extra good about filtering out those unwanted chemical and mineral flavors from your tap.

3. PUR Faucet Mount Water Filtration System

It installs right onto your kitchen faucet, allowing you to get freshly filtered water right from the tap. It’s easy to install onto most faucets (no tools necessary), and the filter uses activated carbon and ion exchange to reduce more than 70 contaminants, including lead, mercury, and certain pesticides. It also has an indicator that informs you when you need to replace the filter.

4. APEC Water Systems Essence 5-Stage Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Due to its five large-capacity filters, which can remove 99% of chlorine, taste, odor, and VOCs, as well as toxic fluoride, sodium, arsenic, lead, nitrates, heavy metals, and more. Designed to be installed underneath your sink, a process that can be a bit tricky, depending on the connections you have.

It uses a super-fine membrane to remove any minerals, salts, metals, cations, or anions that may dissolve in water.

Therefore, you should take your time when choosing a water filter to suit your needs without compromising your water quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Brita filtered water better than tap water?

Yes, it is. Brita filtered water has a better taste than tap water and will contain fewer contaminants.

2. What happens if you don’t change your Brita water filter?

If you don’t change a filter in your Brita, your water is no longer filtered. You can get sick since germs contaminate the water making it taste weird. The water can get cloudy and smell funny. If you have a dirty old filter in your Brita, it’s not going to work correctly.

3. How do I know if my water filter is clogged?

Even if you have nice soft water, the filter may become clogged over time with the same elements as filtering out your water. If you notice that it’s taking longer than usual to fill your glass, it might be time to replace your water filter.

4. How long can water sit in Brita?

Once you’ve opened the Brita water container of stored water, try to use it within two to three days. It will last a bit longer in the refrigerator, and you can stretch its shelf life there for about three to five days.

After that, the water will remain safe to drink but may not taste as good.

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