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Sims 4 is a strategic life simulation video game developed in 2014 as the fourth major title in the sims series. Building a swimming pool in sims 4 is fascinating if you know the game basic rules! But with an easy-to-follow building guide, you will be a pro in a short time.

The sims 4 series is unique, fun, and allows creativity. You can build the pool on rooftops, on lots with or without foundation, inside the house, or as free-standing pools.

Below is a tutorial on how to build swimming pool sims 4 and enjoy the game.

How to Build Swimming Pool Sims 4

1. Shaping and Building the Pool

Step 1: In the upper-right edge of the pool menu, select the build mode icon.

Step 2: Select the construction tab, which will then direct you to various swimming pool images. There are predefined shapes that allow you to pick and place them as complete units.

Step 3: Activate the arrows, which you can move to manipulate the pool.

Step 4: Zoom in and out, move it to different locations and adjust walls to desired shapes. If you find that the submenu is blocking your view, rotate your video camera to a better view—it makes it easier to track your progress.

Step 5: Add the bar and the pool identification of species using the left selection icon.

Step 6: Be creative a little and join two-room units to become one solid shape. You can then customize the unit to your liking using the cheat sheets.

Step 7: To remove parts of the pool, hold the CTRL button while using the pool tool and highlight the section you want to delete. This will delete one square at a time, enabling you to redesign the whole shape.

Step 8: To add an island at the center ground, hold CTRL with the pool active and draw an island of your best and latest shape.

2. Adjust Pool Depth

Sub-menus enable you to select pool depth and adjust it to your desired level. You need to select a short wall for shallow pools, a medium wall for deep underwater, and a tall wall for the deepest waters. For the rooftops, the depth level depends on the height of the walls.

Since sims 4 can’t get hurt in deeper water, a depth change will be pure beauty!

Note: Remember to adjust your house windows and walls every time you change the depth of your pool.

Always check around after adjustment and confirm all the interiors and exteriors match the latest pool.

3. Install Pool Objects

After learning how to build swimming pool sims 4, click on your pool menu to check out the available pool object categories in the gallery. There are lots of live pool objects for placing internally and externally, and you can also watch tutorials on how to choose the best.

Note that you can only install objects that are in the gallery inside the swimming pool. However, you can get creative and use cheat sheets to place non-pool objects in the water traditionally. You’ll only need to do a test to your pool to ensure that the objects do not prevent your sims from swimming freely.

Where Do you Build Pool Sims 4?

The new pool sims 4 game placement depends on the size of your site, and there are many options that you can explore before deciding on your best pool location. Here are the different placement areas you can use.

1. On Rooftops

Sims 4 pools game is flexible can be placed on any location within your compound, including your rooftop. After placing the pool on your rooftop, no further roofing is required.

You can place a roof up to the edge of the pool and ensure you allow enough space for your sims to access the pool. You can also have two or more pools in your multi-storied house but do not stack them.

Have one pool and the next up to the edge of the first one, then install a staircase for each to allow easy access. Rooftop pools do not interfere with your home exterior and fencing.

When you decide to move a rooftop pool, a gap will be left in the house. You can draw a new room unit or pull the nearby walls to cover the gap.

2. On Lots With a Foundation

In-ground sims 4 are best placed on foundations that don’t have any other pool. You can also have them next to each other, one on the ground and the other above ground, although you have one unit spacing between them.

Start by drawing your pool away from the foundation if you are building an in-ground pool. It will help you avoid the game, placing it on a foundation automatically.

3. On Lots Without Foundations

You can build the new sims 4 game pool at the edge of an existing wall for lots without foundations and not through or under a wall.

If you want your pool to pass through a wall, you’ll have to delete the entire wall where you want the pool to pass, build a pool then finish the broken wall with columns for a neat look. Again adding a deck foundation to your pool will make everything else on the lot have a foundation-thus no need for decking.

4. Build Inside the House

Whether your house has a foundation or not, you can still place a pool inside it, but you cannot stack them. That is, you cannot place a pool on the first floor and another directly over it on the second floor.

Since the pool walls in the house function like normal walls, you can place windows on them. It’s worth noting that if you place windows on the pool walls, you will not see the sims from the inside windows but through the exterior windows.

Again when inside the room, the pool will appear empty while, when you look from outside, you’ll see the sims swimming.

5. Build as Free Standing Pool

Freestanding designs are flexible, customizable, and easy to build. To build a free-standing pool, you start by placing a deck of the exact pool size you have in mind on the floor. Raise the foundation height to the right sims level and place a staircase for easy access. For uniformity, all the structures on the site floor will have the same foundation height as the pool deck.

The next step, draw a pool to match and fit the pool edges. For your sims to use and sit on the edges floor, you’ll need to create at least one deck unit around the pool.

 How Do you Decorate Sims 4 Pool?

Sims 4 game exterior decorations, especially those affiliated with electronic arts, are eye-catching and add a beautiful look to any building, including the pool area, which is a good site for sims video photography. As we shall explore in this tutorial, you can use a cheat sheet to; plant trees, add water features, gates, terrain, and many others.

1. Using Pool Objects

In the new sims 4 games, there are several objects that you can use for decorations, including light. Pool lights are not limited to inside the pool placement—they can be placed anywhere around the pool like any other decorations.

Open the submenu and select the best light color and intensity. For the underwater lights, their intensity is ever muted automatically by pool water effects.

You can also get creative with mosaic, which is affiliated with electronic arts and has different colors and shapes. Although mosaic can’t be reshaped like the room units, you can layer them around your pool floor level for an aesthetic look instead of placing them in water.

2. By Planting Trees and Plants

You don’t need to have a garden around the pool ground. Strategically planted trees, flowers, and shrubs are enough to improve and change the appearance of the entire pool area. Flowers are eye-catching regardless of their number.

Maximize the cheat icon to create a realistic flower garden with minimal but crowded flowers and shrubs.

3. Using Terrain Paints

Terrain paints add a little touch of reality to your new sims 4 pool building. Add some dusting around the foundation floor of the house and more heavy dirt around the trees and flowers bottom using a cheat sheet. Color the flowers around the lot different shades using a soft brush to make them appear real.

4. By Fencing

Fences are used to mark territories of your home or maybe a yard—for privacy or restriction purposes. They add a sense of beauty to the decks and porches. You can draw them the same way you draw your walls, or you can insert them in square or rectangular shapes only to make an enclosure. Use the pool drawing tool to replace an existing fence or delete a wall and replace it with a fence.

5. By Building Gates

After drawing the fence, you leave a space for the gate, which completes the beauty you had desired to bring. You can even add the gates to an existing fence. Although it’s not automatic for a gate to fit on any fence, you can search the moving object icon and activate a cheat to delete a few fence panels for the gate to fit as desired.

However, in normal circumstances, some gates match with specific fencing details and so when choosing a fence, match it with a corresponding fence.

6. By Installing Fountains

Fountains are used to accent your pool’s appearance and are made using shallow water, decorations, and emitters. Use your pool fountain to draw and shape the fountain you want. You can add different fountains together to make a bigger shape.

Before settling on a fountain shape, you may need to test it and see how it works since different emitters squirt water differently. However, there are limitations when placing fountains on your pool which include:

  • Fountains cannot be directly placed on a pool floor—place them on land.
  • There must be a one-unit space between the pool and the fountain
  • The spray of the fountain jet should not fall into the pool –the game will not allow the jet location
  • To place the water fountain at the center, you’ll need to create an island, and the water jet should be straight and long enough to emit water out of the pool.

7. By Building Different Pool Shapes

They are the simplest yet elegant decorations you can ever have, and they are easy to build. After placing your original pool, you can add two other pool shapes to it or pull and drag its walls in and out to redesign and resize to your satisfaction and desired shape. Use the criteria of room reshaping to customize your pool designs.

You can also place them on top of each other but on different levels to avoid stacking. You can be creative and try out all manner of designs to see the possibilities. You can also add rooms with windows next to the pools and not above the same level. Finish your pool with pool lights and decorations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do you Get a Swimming Pool in Sims 4?

Initially, swimming pools were not part of the sims 4 base game but were later added in bits. You can use the pool tool to construct the pool as you did on the previous sims, or you can choose the already made pool designs and adjust their size to fit in your new placement floor area.

They can be directly built on an existing foundation or the rooftop of a house and adjust the pool depth level, although it cannot affect the sims.

2. How do You Build a Pool on Sims With the Pool Tool?

Open the home store main menu and click on pools. Drag the shapes similar to those of room building.

Using the cursor, drag the pool lines to adjust and redesign to the shape that you want.

Ensure that the pool sits one square unit from the land or other buildings around the pool ground.

You may want to add paving and other decorations to the pool as you may wish by clicking on the pool paving or decoration options.

3. How Do you Build Pool Platform in Sims 4 Game?

Start with a large pool enough for a platform and an area of at least a 3×3 platform at the center for this tutorial. You can exceed this size, though.

Once you have selected the pool with the middle section, drop to the basement tool. Click on one of the corners of the middle section and drag to the opposite corner while holding down the CTRL-key.

Repeat dragging the other corner to the opposite again. You now have an underneath basement when you release the mouse. Paint the basement with your preferred color.

Next, place wood or other material for your platform. Use the move objects tool to fit the support column depending on your desired look.

You may use flowers and rocks to decorate the platform basement, create a sense of reality, and show creativity.

4. How Do you Build a Pool with a Water Lot in Sims4?

Use your pool tool to create a foundation and place it on top of the water lot.

Using the cursor, reshape and resize the basement to the desired size before selecting okay, as you cannot change it again.

Select the center of the foundation to get a duplicate top of the pool and place it on top of the basement but a few meters high to determine your pool depth, then end the pool leaving a one-unit paving area.

The next step is to submerge the pool and extend the deck area.

You can now install the windows to allow natural light.


Learning how to build swimming pool sims 4 is awesome! Whether you are a simmer or an amateur, the process is straightforward and fun. The game is more advanced compared to the previous sims series.

Sims 4 pool can be built in different shapes, locations and decorated in different ways using cheat sheets yet allow the sims to swim freely. You can also reshape and delete the pool in a customizable way and attain your desired design.

Have you played the sims 4 game series?

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