How to Find the Right Water Filter for my Refrigerator

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Does the quality of your water worry you? If you are concerned by the numerous reports on water contaminants, then it’s time you invested in a water filter for your refrigerator.

A good water filter for your refrigerator will remove most of the contaminants in your water with ease. However, the market is flooded with so many brands of filters that promise to deliver pure water.

Once you decide on buying a filter for your refrigerator, you are a step ahead in taking care of your health.

Here is how to find the right water filter for my refrigerator

Contaminants Removal

In finding the right filter, ensure you go for one that can get rid of the most impurities found in your water.

This raises the need to know the type of contaminants present in your water. Equip yourself with a TDS meter that will show you the number of dissolved solids in your water. Ideally, the reading should not go beyond 200 for drinking water.

Different filters are suitable for eliminating different types of contaminants. Check to see the size of particles that the filter can eliminate. The type of impurities in your water vary in size. Once you know the size of the particles, ensure the filter is a micron lower.

Some filters will remove up to 60 types of contaminants, while others eliminate only 25. Upon getting your water tested, go for the filter that removes most of the contaminants present in your water.

Flow Rate

The amount of water you need to satisfy your household will influence the type of water filter you choose for your refrigerator. Different filters vary in the amount of water they can filter.

Your daily water needs should guide your choice of the filter. Go for a filter that can produce slightly above your needs. This will ensure you don’t fall short of pure water in your fridge.

You’ll need to evaluate your daily pure drinking water requirement, then get a filter that meets your needs.


Water filters suitable for your refrigerator vary in cost. It would help if you were guided by the budgetary allocation you have for the filter.

The difference in cost of these filters is influenced by the size and the number of contaminants that the filter can eliminate.

Replacement of the filters is also something you should consider when acquiring the filters. Depending on your water contamination levels, you will be required to replace the filter at least twice a year. The cost of these replacements may be costly in the long run.


When looking for the right filter for your refrigerator, ensure that the one you settle for is approved by relevant bodies such as the NSF.

The essence of checking this out is to ensure that your filter meets the necessary quality standards and can function optimally to give you pure-quality water.

Using certified filters gives you peace of mind knowing that it performs the function intended for removing sediments and contaminants in your water.

Quality of Water

A water filter fitted in your fridge should be in a position to improve the taste, odor, and appearance of your drinking water.

Check out the reviews from verified customers on their experiences with the water filter brands you settle for. Upon installing a filter in your refrigerator, your water should taste better and the bad odors eliminated.


When shopping for your filter for the refrigerator, go for the one that is easy to maintain. Ensure that the maintenance does not need daily monitoring, as this will take up much of your time.

It can also be expensive to replace filters that wear out frequently. Check to ensure that the filter does not wear out so soon upon replacement. A good filter should serve you at least 6 months before replacing or equivalent 200 gallons of water, whichever comes first.

You can research online on the more durable filter. You can also get this information by getting in touch with the manufacturers either through email or call.

A water filter for a refrigerator is mostly a one-off investment so take your time with the research to get it right the first time.


The right water filter will be compatible with your fridge. Basically, there are two major considerations that you should pay attention to under compatibility. The water filters in the market will either be from your fridges brand or others available.

The two types function in the same way, and the main difference is seen in price. The branded filters are more expensive. When you choose to go for the non-branded filters, ensure they are suitable for your fridge and perform equally well.

To establish the right filter for your refrigerator, you need to have your refrigerator’s model number. You will find the model number either on your fridge’s outer side, mostly the left top side, or on your unit’s inside vertical wall.

Once you have the model number, you can search for your refrigerator’s right filter by running the model number on your fridges’ manufacturer website. A list of the compatible model filters will appear.

How to Find the Right Water Filter for my Refrigerator


Filters within your refrigerator work to remove contaminants from your water. Having the right filter for this task is critical as it boosts the health of your family.

Purifying your water through a refrigerator water filter involves running your water through special activated carbon that eliminates the contaminants through adsorption.

For optimal water filter performance, ensure you regularly check on the filter and replace it on time. Most filters require replacement at least twice a year.

Changing the filter is an easy task that you can do on your own, especially now that most filters nowadays shut off automatically. This means you don’t have to keep looking for the shut-off valve or shutting off the whole system.

Bypassing the filter on your fridge means that you will end up with tasteless and foul-smelling water that is not appealing.

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