How To Get Water Filter Out of Whirlpool Refrigerator

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Every homeowner and most offices have a refrigerator that helps store food and drinks chilled. You must, therefore, keep your refrigerator in good condition to prevent contamination. One way to get water filters as they contain carbon that acts as a magnet and traps the water’s contaminants, to give safe and clean water.

Your water filter is safe to the extent you change the cartridges on time for optimal performance.

That said, a whirlpool refrigerator is a good fridge with customized storage options with an average life span of 12-20 years.

This piece will look at how to get water filter out of whirlpool refrigerator during replacement.

Let’s get started!

When Do You Know That it’s Time to Change Your Water Filter?

1. Manufactures instructions

When buying your whirlpool refrigerator, you should check the manufactures manual to know when you should change your cartridges’ filter as they do have a limited life span. You will get some signs in case you forget when you should replace the filter.

2. Change in taste and color

Have you noticed some unpleasant taste and smell? If yes, it will be a clear indicator that there are some unhealthy contaminants, and it’s time to change your whirlpool filter. Clean water does not contain any flavor or color. A proper filter should give your crystal clear water

3. Time

Most manufacturers, especially for whirlpool refrigerators, advise that you change your filter between 4-9 months as they get worn out and no longer serve the purpose. So, if it’s been over 9months, it’s time you change the old filter.

4. Filter Light Indicator

Whirlpool refrigerator will indicate some filtered light to show you it’s time to change the old filter. The lighting can be due to the gallons of water that have been dispensed or the time passed since you last changed your filter.

So, it’s good to notice these signs to make sure that you change the refrigerator filter to ensure that the water is clean for drinking.

How Do You Locate Your Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter?

Most water filters for the whirlpool refrigerators are either located on the grille at the bottom. Other models have water filters at the back or in the upper right-hand corner inside your refrigerator.

If your refrigerator is the old model, you should check on the outside at the back of your refrigerator.

In case you fail to locate your filter in these areas, you can always check online by indicating your model number as your times have changed and the internet has made things easier.

The manual also has all the information that you need. The water filters look like a tube that is a few inches long, and most manufacturers have made it easy for you to locate, twist out and replace your water filter.

How Do You Change Your Whirlpool Water Filter?

You can easily change your water filter to ensure that the water your drinking is clean and fresh. The trick is to know the kind of filter type and model you have so it can be simple to replace it. Then, follow these steps or instructions from the manual.

So, how do you do this?

1. Locate where your water filter is placed

In the base grille or the upper-hand corner. Ensure the refrigerator door is completely open and then lift the filter door; press the button to release the filter and then pull it out and discard the old filter.

2. Open your new whirlpool filter

After this, remove the protective coverings from the O-rings. Make sure when you remove the cover, the O-rings are still intact.

3. Aligning your filter cap

Place the filter cap on the new cartridges’ and make sure you align it well. You may need to turn the cap clockwise to ensure that it is well locked and in place.

4.Insert your new filter

You may need to ensure that it’s pointing upward as you push it in so that the filter can begin to rotate and the button pops back-out.

Push the filter door up so that it can snap closed.

5.Gallons of water

Lastly, once you have succeeded in replacing your water filter, ensure that you run four gallons of water through the line to flush the new filter properly.

Tips To Fix Your Stuck Water Filter

It’s possible to make a mistake, especially if it’s your first time replacing your water filter. You will notice that the filter is stuck if you didn’t turn it the right way or you failed to push-button all the way in.

However, you can unstick it easily by following these tips;

1. Quarter Turn Filter

This is mostly for the filters located at the base grille. Sometimes you may make a wrong turn or fail to push the button in.

To fix this, place a cloth over the water filter cap to prevent damaging it, use your pliers and lock it onto the water filter cap, then turn the cap a quarter turn and pull the water filter straight out.

2. Push-button Filter

You should locate the button at the base grille. If the water filter is stuck, press and hold the button as you eject the water filter, push on the filter and then the button, make sure you unplug your whirlpool refrigerator so you can easily remove the bottom grill.

Remove the filter and then follow the instruction on installation.

3. Filter located inside the refrigerator

Ensure you completely open the water filter compartment door and then pull the filter out.

If it gets stuck, try closing and reopening the compartment door again.

Purge the waterline and try to remove the water filter so you can fit it well or follow the installation instructions.

4. Push-button / pull Tub

Ensure you open the water filter compartment door. If the water filter is stuck, remove the shelf located below the water filter compartment, turn the water filter counterclockwise, and pull it straight out.


Water filters help keep your water fresh and clean as they contain carbon which helps to filter every contaminant. Whirlpool refrigerator has customized storage options and recommends you change your water filter every 4-9 months.

Water filters have a limited lifespan that requires you to replace the cartridges with new filters. Whirlpool refrigerators will indicate some signs that alert you to change your old filter. You get to notice; unpleasant smell and change of your water; time-lapse since you last replaced your water filters and filter lights pop out.

Locating your water filter is easy. Some are situated in the base grille, the back, or upper right-hand corner inside your refrigerator. You can also check online if you fail to locate your water filter.

If your water filter gets stuck while replacing, worry not. Make sure you make the right turn and ensure that you push the new filter entirely in. You can also check the tips explained to unstuck the water filter.

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