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Whether a top-loader or a front-loader, any Maytag washing machine is a piece of efficient washing equipment to have. However, you must carry out regular maintenance on your Maytag washer to enhance the washer’s efficiency and give it a longer life span.

The Maytag washers have different wash cycles to comfortably wash your delicates and cotton clothes without fearing tear and wear. Furthermore, the manufacturers of Maytag washers equip them with many internal features to ease your washing and rinsing of clothes.

Your Maytag washer comes with a motor, a water inlet valve, a washtub, and a drain pump. All these components need regular care for them to function efficiently. One of the common maintenance acts involves removing the washer’s drum to clean it or replace it accordingly.

But how do you remove the drum from the washer? To remove any internal component from this washer, you must open the washer’s door and remove your washer’s front panel to have access to the washer’s inner tub.

Read on to find the procedure for executing this important activity:

Gather Relevant Tools

Removing the inner or outer drums from any washing machine, whether a front loader or a top loader, requires some effort. So make sure you’re home on that day and ready with all the tools you may require.

If you’re replacing the drum, have a new one next to you. If you intend to clean the drum and put it back, gather all the tools you’ll need to scrub the drum.

Get a toothbrush to help you scrub off any mold. Get a screwdriver too to enable you to open the screws on the front panel’s bottom.

Have a new bolt ready in case you’ll need to replace any old or rusty bolt. With all the tools, you can open the door to have access to the washer’s tub.

Take Care of Your Safety

Suppose you’re going to clean your washer with different solutions, whether commercial or homemade, put on some protective gear to shield you from spills. A pair of gloves and some gumboots can help you protect yourself from coming into contact with chemicals that may cause allergic reactions.

You can also get a face mask to prevent inhalation of these solutions or mold. Once you’re dressed well for the task ahead, disconnect the machine’s power cord. Turn the cold water and hot water faucets off to avoid water splashes as you pull out the drum.

Get Physical

Once you are dressed for the job and have disconnected the washer’s power code, it’s time to get handy but first, understand the tub bearing.

Start by removing the screws located on the bottom part of your upper front toe panel. Then lift your panel off the washing machine.

As you insert the screwdriver, disengage the clips holding the top panel to the front panel. Press the tub’s cover to unsnap any plastic clips holding together the appliance cover. For the clips, you can see, individually press down above each of them to unsnap them. Lift your cover from the outer and inner tubs.

Proceed to remove the screws on your upper front panel’s base. You’ll need them later as you reassemble the washer. Use a suitable screwdriver so that you do not damage these screws. Be careful as you hammer the driver so that you don’t smash any screw or nut.

At this stage, you can take a snapshot of the screw alignment for your ease of putting them back after you’re done cleaning or replacing your drum. Pull your washer’s panel down and gently move it away from the washer to extract it.

Remove the other screws that connect your top board to the other side panels. Lift your top board and let the panel rest on the washer rear hinges.

Get your flat blade screwdriver and insert the driver’s top onto the seams between the agitator and the fabric softener dispenser. Gently extract the fabric softener dispenser and pry it off.

Remove all the bolts holding the top part of your agitator to the socket wrench. Hold the base of your agitator and lift the agitator straight up to pull it from your drum.

Loosen the screws on the hose clamp on your drum’s outside part. Remove the fill hose and pump from your drum.

Open all the clips surrounding the edges of your drum, and finally, remove the bolts at the base of your drum from the inside. Your drum is now loose enough, and you can pull it out from the washer’s cabinet.

Flip it towards the left and the right sides as you gently pull it out. Finally, remove the drum of your load washer and perform an appliance repair on your Maytag washer.

Should you find it difficult to pull out, you can insert a putty knife between the top panels and the upper front panel on the right and left sides to let go of the spring shaft.

Remember, your Maytag washing machine has both inner and outer drums. Therefore, as you pull out the inner tub, use a spanner wrench to remove the mounting stems. You can also loosen this mounting stem by moving your stem in a clockwise direction.

After loosening it, you can lift the stem holding the outer tub. Afterward, you’ll have access to the washer’s boot seal and the o-ring.

You can use a thin flathead screwdriver to extract the o-ring. Twist the seal of the boot clockwise until you finally remove the boot seal. However, be careful lest you grab the carbon rng and damage your washing machine.

Be careful to remove the screws connecting different parts of your inner drum to avoid causing more harm to your washing machine.

Also, ensure you remove the four screws that hold your drum before you remove the drum. Two screws are usually on the bottom part of the tub, while two others are on the upper part of the tub. You must also remove the middle bolt that holds your tub to the outside case of the machine.

Seek the help of a technician

Most appliance repair activities need some technical interventions. Your Maytag load washer is one of these major appliances that a technician can help you repair.

Therefore, you can consult a technician online and ask them the right questions for you to get an accurate answer. Ask the technician any related questions to help you repair any other issues with your appliance in the future.

While consulting online, let the technician know your washing machine’s model number. Different machines have different procedures, so the model number can help these experts give you accurate guidance.

You can also have a technician physically come to offer you this appliance repair service if you get stuck or fail to complete the procedure of installing your new machine.

Note that you must disconnect the washer’s power cord before anything else. This is the most basic safety tip. Have a small basket nearby. This basket can be very helpful when you want a holder for your screws.

Above is a complete answer to the question of how to remove the drum from any Maytag washer. You can follow the steps sequentially to perform the service yourself. Alternatively, you can seek the right professional assistance.

Asking the right question when consulting online will give you the right answer. However, you must understand how to handle each nut, the agitator, and any belt holding together the appliance before you disassemble it for a successful process.

As you hammer a certain nut, do it gently. This process must not yield too much noise. Protective gear can be so helpful during this process. Good luck with the trials!

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