How to Use Husky Encased Sink Cleaner

Best Selling Husky Encased Sink Cleaner

Blockages in sewers result from excessive clogging of waste in the inner walls of the pipes. Clogging in sink pipes is caused by residue from food and vegetable debris and grease buildup.

Therefore, regular snaking of sink pipes clears build-up and lessens sewage overflow that causes an unpleasant smell. If a blockage occurs, use the husky encased sink cleaner to safely and effectively unblock the sink’s drainage system.

In this post, we will explore how to use husky encased sink cleaner.

What is a Husky Encased Sink Cleaner?

The husky encased sink cleaner is oil-tempered spring steel coiled into a protective self-storing poly case. The tool is stainless steel that resists rust and corrosion. A corkscrew-like head at the end of the cable unblocks clogs in your sink drainage system.

The metal cable clears clogging of 1-2 inches of up to 20ft drainage pipes. The sink cleaner is exceptional at removing stubborn clogs in sinks and tubs. In addition, the oil-tempered spring steel is safe, reliable, and easy to use.

The 4*20 ft encased sink cleaner also has a handle for easier cable control during penetration.

How Do I Use the Husky 4×20 Ft Encased Sink Cleaner?

The Husky 4 × 20 ft encased cleaner comes with an instruction manual that is easy to read. If you are a beginner, Thoroughly Read through the instructions before attempting the task.

Cleaning of the sink drainage might result in unexpected splashing of the clogged dirt, which is unhygienic. Therefore, taking safety precautions is essential to avoid direct contact with bacteria-filled soil. The following tools are necessary for the task:

  • Safety gloves
  • Protective glasses
  • Rag

Steps to Follow When Cleaning With a 4 × 20 ft Encased Sink cleaner

  1. Wear the necessary protective garments
  2. Find the access point of the cable. When draining sinks, the stopper is usually the point of access
  3. Remove the sink stopper and place it aside
  4. Grab your husky encased cleaner and slowly release the cable lock
  5. Carefully feed the cable down the drain by hand to reach the clog
  6. Upon reaching the clog, the cable will get stuck
  7. Stop feeding more cable to the drain
  8. Lock the cable using the cable locking device located on the boring head of the husky encased cleaner
  9. Open the tap and run some water down the drain.
  10. Rotate the cleaner clockwise while gently pushing the cleaner toward the drain for easier obstruction
  11. Rotate the cable till the clog clears
  12. Unlock the cable and manually remove the metal steel from the drain
  13. Clean all the clogging waste from the cable
  14. Resume feeding the cable down the drain until there is resistance
  15. Rotate and navigate through the pipe as necessary until all clogs clear
  16. Once the drainage unblocks, manually remove the metal steel from the drain
  17. Drain water down the sink pipe to ensure unblocking was successful
  18. Thoroughly clean the metal cable of the husky encased cleaner and store it in a cool, dry place
  19. Return the sink’s stopper to its position

How to Maintain a 4×20 Encased Sink Cleaner

Like any other cleaning tool, the 4×20 ft encased sink cleaner should be appropriately maintained and cleaned after every use. Consequently, there is the prevention of bacteria and odor build-up on the encased cleaner.

Therefore, it’s crucial to design a cleaning and storage routine for the husky encased cleaner. Maintenance ensures the quality and condition of the tool is maintained and increases the lifespan.

1. Regular Cleaning

When cleaning the husky encased sink cleaner, consider following the following steps:

  1. Dust the encased sink cleaner while removing any visible debris on the surface and the metal cable
  2. Lightly rinse the cleaner until any stubborn dirt is entirely or partially removed. Wash
  3. Add a detergent to the cleaning water and thoroughly scrub all the husky-encased cleaner’s metal pipe using a gentle brush.
  4. Rinse away all the detergent on the tool
  5. Wipe the cleaner using a sanitized towel
  6. Store appropriately
  7. If the cleaner has unblocked a sink pipe, repeat the same skip the dusting step and repeat the cleaning process.
  8. Store in a dry, cool Place

2. Store in a Cool, Dry Place

Storing your 4 in *20 ft encased cleaner in a cool, dry place prevents moisture build-up, which results in rusting or corrosion of the metal steel. Avoid storing the cleaner in enclosed areas like the basement.

However, if you have limited storage space, consider investing in a dehumidifier to reduce the dampness.

3. Store in the Original Storage Case

Original tool cases are designed to protect tools from external forces like humidity and breakage. Storing the husky encased cleaner in its original case ensures the tool’s condition is maintained.

In addition, you can insert rust collectors inside the case to prevent rusting. If you find any rusting, the following materials effectively clear the rust:

  • Vinger and salt
  • Baking soda
  • Oxalic acid

The above rust removers are easily found in a local store if you are under a budget.

4. Lubrication

The husky encased cleaner has a 20 feet steel cable that is inserted in the drain. For effective penetration and rotation in the gutter, lubrication is essential. In addition, lubrication prevents scratching of the metal steel.

5. Regular Inspection

Inspect your 4 in×20 husky cleaner regularly to avoid any accidents. Regular checkups help in detecting defects such as loose grips, missing screws, fading, and splinters.


If your sink drains water slower than usual, there is the possibility of a stubborn clog. The 4*20 ft encased cleaner is the ultimate unblocking tool designed for small household sink pipes.

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