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How to Use Tide Pods in Washing Machine:  Your preference for laundry pods to a liquid or powder detergent is most likely is due to the ease of using these pods. Laundry detergent pods consist of very concentrated detergents with polyvinyl alcohol covers. Tide manufactured these laundry pods back in 2012 and they are still very popular.

What are tide pods?

A detergent pod has about 10% water content. This super-concentrated detergent is unlike liquid detergents, which have 90% water. The pods are biodegradable and soluble in water. A tide pod has three distinct features. Tide pods have a detergent component, but they also remove stains. These pods also brighten laundry. You will find these pods having three colors: blue, green, and white. The different components remain intact until introduced to the washing machines.

Advantages of Using Tide Pods

Single-dose detergents are easy to use and very effective. There is less waste because these pods contain pre-measured amounts of detergent. You can pack single-dose pods as you travel and thus reduce the need to buy liquid detergent from nearby shops.

Challenges of Using Tide Pods

But so far, you have only known that laundry detergent pods are better than other detergents. What about the cost? Tide pods are more expensive than powder or liquid detergents. You can only use these pods for machine washing and not for hand washing or pre-treatment of your laundry.

So how do you use these tide pods?

1.  Place  pods into the machine’s drum

You will need to put the tide pods first into the washing machine drum before putting your laundry. As you take the pods from the container, ensure that your hands are dry. Any water may cause them to dissolve, and you would remain with detergent on your hand.

It would be best if you put tide pods at the bottom or back of the machine drum. Even though standard top load washers have fabric softener dispenser drawers, you should ignore them.

2.  Put your load of  laundry  into the Washing machine

You will then put your laundry in the drum. The number of pods you will use depends on the load size. You could first determine what space your laundry occupies before pacing the pods. When you have a rough idea, you can remove your laundry and then place the pods.

You will need to sort your clothes based on the fabric. Another obvious criterion is color. It would be wise if you used hypoallergenic and gentle pods for delicate laundry like undergarments. You can also use a specific laundry pac to deal with laundry with foul smells.

3.  Set the machine to the correct wash cycle

To ensure you get the best results, make sure the wash lasts at least 15 minutes. Where the user sets the appropriate wash cycle, the automatic detergent dissolves entirely. You should make sure the machine is at the largest load capacity setting, and the laundry should be moving freely. Most pods dissolve in cold or higher temperatures. The tide pods dissolve particularly well in cold water. However, if it during winter or the weather is cold, you could increase the temperature setting.

The amount of laundry and how soiled they are will be essential factors to consider. Your settings will be higher when you have heavily soiled loads. If you have delicate clothes which are not as dirty, a delicate /gentle cycle would be best, unlike the normal cycle. It would also help if you referred to the machine’s instructions.

 4.  Store the tide pods  correctly

It would be best if you kept pods in cool, dry places. In humid areas, the laundry pack may stick to the container walls and therefore be of little use in the future. When traveling, you should consider using a hard plastic container to ensure the pods are not cut or broken.

Well, those are the four basic steps. Let’s deal with common questions that arise with the use of pods.

Can you use Tide Pods in any washer?

A tide pod may be used with most machines. Top loader, HE, and the front loading  washer will work

as expected.

Should you cut or Break Tide Pods?

You should use these pods when they are whole.  Open tide pods may release the detergent. Pods are super concentrated and may irritate your skin. Pre-treating your laundry is unnecessary in any case since the pods are super-concentrated

How many tide pods should you use?

The laundry load determines the number you use. One pod is enough for lighter loads. These loads are often occupying about a third of the space within the machine. Another way to determine the size of your load is by the weight of the washing machine drum. Small loads fit in drums of about 4 to 5 kilograms.

You can use two pods for a typical or large load size. Medium loads, in this case, weigh about 20 gallons. Your load often takes up about half the capacity of the machine. A drum of over 6 kilograms would accommodate this kind of load.

It would be best if you use three pods for extra-large loads. The machine is most likely full. Laundry would also occupy about three-quarters of the capacity.

You would also have to consider how soiled your laundry is or the hardness of the water you are using. The number of pods you will need will depend on several factors. You might have to settle for the trial and error method.

What happens if you put 2 Tide pods in the washer?

You can put 2 pods when you have an extra-large load. You can even use three pods as long as they dissolve completely.

How do you arrange  Laundry when using Tide Pods?

You will need to ensure that you don’t overload the washing machine. Don’t force laundry to fit into the barrel, as this will interfere with how the pods dissolve in the available water. Overloading could lead to the formation of streaks and spots on your laundry. You should ensure that the pods are in contact with enough laundry surfaces.

It would be best if you loosely packed the laundry within the barrel. This arrangement prevents wrinkling and pilling. There should be some free movement with the laundry being sufficiently agitated.

How do you ensure the pods dissolve completely?

If your laundry has spots or streaks, it means that the pods did not dissolve fully. You can repeat the wash without adding more pods. It would help if you used warm water. You can also rinse your laundry and repeat washing.

If you find that the concentrated detergent did not dissolve fully, do not proceed and place your laundry in a drier. There may be too much detergent, which would give the fabric an odd smell.

Where these laundry packs fail to dissolve at the first step, you will need to use some warm water. You can dissolve the pods in this water and then pour the resulting mixture into your machine drum before adding your laundry.

How do you deal with streaking or spots?

Streaking is common when users put the tide pods after the laundry. You may fail to achieve a complete wash if the water does not entirely dissolve the tide pods.

Where streaking persists, you might consider rinsing your laundry with  hot water .You would then rinse to remove the excess water. It is then advisable to lay your laundry flat and add some rubbing alcohol to it. You should wait for about ten minutes and observe if the laundry pack dissolves in the water. Where streaks and spots are still clear, you should rinse again in a water filled basin and go through the process a few times.

Pre-treating your laundry in blotting stains and cold water can also remove stains. You can also rub the stain before washing using an instant stain remover.

What is the deal when it comes to the eating of tide pods?

These laundry packs have colorful and attractive packaging. Children, pets, or individuals with mental health issues may confuse the pods for candy. The high concentration of detergent within these pods increases the risk of poising. Manufacturers and health experts have criticized those who

claim to eat tide pods.  It is very crucial that you store these pods safely. You could also keep them in locked cupboards for poison control. Where these cupboards are high, children will have no access to them. In case of accidents, you should call poison control immediately.

Closing Remarks

You must first put the pods into the barrel before adding your laundry. The load size will determine how many pods you add. Temperature affects the solubility of pods. Spots and streaks appear due to insolubility. How to Use Tide Pods in Washing Machine

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