Updates on the Team & Product

Joined an Accelerator

The three co-founders have joined WINLab Miami, a female accelerator program apart of Babson, to help accelerate the business growth of Smart Straws. 

Speaking Engagements

Being that there is global attention, Team Smart Straws has been invited to speak to conferences around the world! 

Finalized the Prototype

The team of three has finalized their design and are in the process with a manufacturer to begin the production. They will reveal the release date of the product soon! 

News & Events

WINLab Miami

All three co-founders have been selected to participate in this eight month long program to accelerate their growth of their product, the Smart Straws. 

Babson TV Series

The team will be featured on a short film series where they will speak about the progress of Smart Straws throughout the program of WINLab Miami. 

CIC Miami

This is a co-working space where you will find the team of three working diligently on their product and development. 

Market Research

Currently the co-founders have created a survey where they are collecting market research to better their understanding regarding their potential customers.