Every 98 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted

This alarming statistic is from RAINN, the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization. 

A Discrete Tool

Our product is a cocktail stirrer that detects the two most common date-rape drugs: GHB and Ketamine

The Social Impact

Our goal is to create an awareness to the problem of date-rape drugs in social scenes

We are in the process of collaborating with a sexual assault organization where we will donate 5% of our profits! 

The Smart Straw

What is a Smart Straw?

You have all seen a cocktail stirrer. With this in mind, our Smart Straw is a recyclable plastic cocktail stirrer! However, it is not an average stirrer since it notifies the user whether your drink- alcoholic or nonalcoholic- has been tampered with. 

How does the Smart Straw work?

At the end of the cocktail stirrer, there are two detectors for GHB and Ketamine. Once the stirrer has been placed in the drink, the detectors will detect your drink and the detectors do not contaminate your drink! If the detector turns to the color blue, then your drink has been tampered with. After you have been notified, take the necessary precautions. 

Safe Drinking

Our goal is to make a positive social impact. We want to reduce the alarming statistics we hear or see in the media. We may have our own ways to take the precautions, but we are offering a new precaution that is a discrete tool that you see at social scenes: bars, clubs, restaurants, etc. Might as well drink and stay safe with our Smart Straws!


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