The Best Showers for Hard Water Areas

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Does the texture of your skin change every time you take a shower? What about your hair? Do you find it dull anytime you wash it? Well, if this is the case, there are high chances your water is hard, and you are using the wrong shower head filter.

It would be best to have a special shower head suitable for your hard water area to soften the water before it hits your body.

This will improve your physical appearance and eliminate the need for a whole house filter which is usually expensive and may not be as effective.

Below we look at some of the best showers for hard water areas.

Let’s get started.

AquaBliss High Output Revitalizing Shower Filter

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Reduce the dryness of skin, protect your hair and nails as you invest in this shower filter. With the proprietary multi-stage sediment filter, redox media, and activated carbon, this filter will soften your water and give you maximum benefits.

Eliminate the bad odor common in well water by removing the chlorine component present. Additionally, infuse the essential minerals necessary for enhancing your overall appearance with this showerhead.

With no tools required, you will be in a position to install this shower filter within minutes effortlessly. The same case when you will be replacing its used-up filters. All you need is to twist open, place the new filter, and close—a simple, effortless affair.

This filter is fabricated to fit in any shower arm, including the fixed, handheld, or wall-mounted.

Save your hard-earned money as you invest in this showerhead, as it will serve you for a long time before you need to replace it. It will serve you for 6 months or produce an equivalent of 12,000 gallons of water before replacement.

Remove the build-up caused by the water that makes the shower constantly clog by using this shower water filter. It will clear the pores as it eliminates the dirt and impurities that lead to the build-up.

With the capacity to sustain a high water pressure, you don’t have to worry about a reduced flow rate; even with the 12 filtration stages that this shower filter uses, it still maintains a high flow rate.


  • It’s easy to install
  • Effortless filter replacement
  • Eliminates bad odour
  • Prevents build-up
  • Remineralizes the water
  • Multi-stage filtration
  • High flow rate
  • It fits in all showers
  • It doesn’t leak


  • Its a bit expensive

AquaHomeGroup 15 Stage Shower Filter with Vitamin C for Hard Water

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Protect your sensitive skin by investing in this shower filter. It will moisturize, soften and remove the fatigue leaving you refreshed and ready to face the world. Conveniently use it to shower your beloved kids and pets and save them the agony of itchy skin.

Consider this filter for a continuous high flow rate. With the ability to withstand the high water pressure from your plumbing system, you don’t need to worry about a reduced flow rate.

With a whole 15 stages of filtration, It will eliminate all the impurities in your water, including heavy metals, chloramine, chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals. As it removes the chlorine component, this shower filter will eliminate the bad odor that comes with it.

This shower head filter has vitamin C that makes it most suitable for hard water. It will help soften your water to protect your hair and skin as it reduces your skin’s itchiness.

Get yourself this shower filter as it’s compatible with any type of showers, be it fixed, handheld, wall-mounted, overhead, or a combination of either.

It’s an easy to install shower filter, and you don’t need a professional to fix it. Just place the nozzle to your existing piping and twist it tight to close, and you can begin to use it. Replacement of the filter is an equally effortless affair.

Talking of replacement, this shower filter will produce up to 10,000 gallons of purified water without the need to replace arising, or an equivalent of six months. Do this promptly and forget the harmful effects of showering with hard water.

In addition to the extra filter cartridge that comes with this shower filter, acquire the replacement cartridges in good time to keep your family’s hair and skin protected.

Once you have replaced the filter, allow the water to run for around 10 minutes to eliminate any excess carbon dust impurities and activate it. No matter the source of your water, this shower water filter will work just fine.


  • It has a high output
  • Easy to install
  • Low on maintenance
  • Compatible with any shower arm
  • Removes bad odor
  • High filtration-15 stages
  • Value for money
  • It doesn’t reduce water pressure


  • It requires extra taping to avoid leakage

Shower Head and 15 Stage Shower Filter Combo, with Water Softener Filter

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Consider investing in this water softener shower head to protect your family from the adverse effects of hard water. Retain the glow of your skin and hair softness with this showerhead.

It will eliminate the impurities in your water including, chlorine, heavy metals, chloramines, iron, and other chemicals that could be present in your water. In both hot and cold water, this filtered shower head works perfectly in its 15 stage filtration process.

The ability to eliminate chlorine removes the bad odor that comes with it, so you can stay in the shower for as long as you wish. You will also have an easy time as you wash your kids and pets with the water this filter dispenses.

With the adjustable 4″ showerhead, this filter works perfectly even under low water pressure. The tiltable swivel ball joint head allows you to twist it to the angle of your preference, making your showering experience an enjoyable ordeal.

This is enhanced further by the five jets that allow 5 spray modes that this shower filter features. Depending on your prevailing mood, you can use the mist mode, rain mode, massage mode as per your preference.

The showerhead combo is easy to install. It will only take up a few minutes to have it up and operational. Using no tool, fix the filter head and twist to tighten, then allow water to run for 5 minutes to remove any carbon dust present.

It’s compatible with any type of existing shower and can even work with a wall-mounted filtered showerhead, so you don’t have to worry about further modifications.

Being a 15 stage shower filter, you will be able to save your money upon investing in this filtered shower head as you will only require to replace it once per year.

This filter comes with an extra filter cartridge to ensure you have a continuous flow of filtered shower water for a long time.


  • Removes unpleasant odor
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with any shower
  • It has a high output.
  • It has 5 spray modes to choose from.
  • Refined filtration -15 stages
  • Low on maintenance
  • The showerhead can rotate to any angle
  • Zero leakage threats


  • Not NSF certified
  • It’s costly

Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System with Adjustable Showerhead

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The Aquasana is among the best shower filter for hard water. It will help protect your hair and skin by reducing the risk of eczema, dandruff, and itchy skin caused by the components present in your water.

It will remove chlorine, heavy metals, and harmful chemicals from your water. Get yourself this shower filter and get rid of the unpleasant odor common in hard water. It also allows a longer contact time of your water with the filter media, which means a more refined filtration. This will improve your kids’ and pets’ showering experience.

The coconut shell carbon that the Aquasana uses effortlessly removes the calcium and magnesium components responsible for the hardening of your water.

You can take it easy and have peace of mind knowing that its components are NSF certified. This means that they meet the desired quality requirements for a shower head filter for hard water areas.

This Aquasana shower filter has a unique up-flow design that makes it possible to withstand high water pressure. It also helps in eliminating scale build-up that would lead to clogging and lowering your flow rate.

The Aquasana is an easy-to-install shower head that you can do yourself without the help of a professional plumber. This also goes for replacing the filter in the future. Upon installation, flush out the filter for a few minutes to remove any dust that could be clinging to the filters’ walls.

Maintain the regular water flow by replacing the filter every 6 months or after it has dispensed 10,000 gallons of water. This could be affected by the number of impurities in your water.

Enjoy your showering experience with the different spray settings that come with this filter. It also features an adjustable shower head that you can tilt to the angle of your preference.

The Aquasana is compatible with most showers that are common in our homes. This means you don’t need further modifications to fix your already existing plumbing works.


  • It has an adjustable shower head
  • Removes a wide range of contaminants
  • It’s easy to install
  • NSF Certified
  • Removes chlorine bad odor
  • Low on Maintainance
  • High output
  • Enhances your water PH
  • It’s compatible with most shower types


  • Its replacement cartridges are pricey

Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Showerhead

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Enjoy your showering experience with this Culligan showerhead. The filter removes chlorine and other volatile organic compounds from your water to give you soft water that protects your skin.

It features a patented filter media that hinders bacteria’s growth and passage on your shower filter.

This shower water filter for hard water is tested and certified against the NSF/ANSI to reduce chlorine. It leaves you with pleasantly smelling water that gives you a great showering experience for both your kids and pets.

The shower filter also meets the EPA WaterSense certification standard.

Protect your shower filter from build-up and eventual clogging by investing in this system; it will eliminate the dirt and sediment scale that could affect your shower head’s performance. With the anti-clog rubber spray nozzle that this shower filter features, you are guaranteed optimal performance at all times.

The Culligan WSH C125 wall-mounted filter has 5 different spray settings that you can adjust depending on your prevailing mood. From a full-body spray to a relaxing massage for your muscles to suit your every mood.

Installing this filter is a walk in the park; with no tools required for the installation, it will fit on any standard showers available in the market today. Replace the filter every six months for optimal performance.

After fixing this shower filter, run the water through for around 10 minutes to remove any loose filter media and get rid of the dust as you activate the carbon.

With the capacity to filter 1.8 GPM, the Culligan has a high flow rate that ensures your family is constantly supplied with filtered water. Even under low water pressure from your water supply, the Culligan will still perform optimally.

When the replacement is due, constantly be on the lookout for a decline in the flow rate. A slight decline is an indication that you should replace the filter. Update and check the filter change sticker regularly to ensure you don’t miss the due date.

It also works perfectly for both hard and soft water. Being wall-mounted, you can adjust the showerhead to your favorite angle.


  • Removes a wide range of impurities
  • A high output of 1.8GPM
  • Withstands high pressure
  • Low on maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Prevents growth of bacteria
  • NSF/ANSI certified
  • Several spray modes


  • Threads may be very tight on your piping

SparkPod Filter Shower Head – High-Pressure Water Filtration

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Invest in this filter system and protect your loved ones from hair loss, itchy skin, eczema, and dandruff.

Remove the unpleasant chlorine odors that are common in hard water. Eliminate other harmful impurities like excess calcium and magnesium that cause the dryness of your skin.

Enjoy the highly filtered soft water with the coconut activated carbon and the KDF filter media for the ultimate filtration results.

With three pressure boosting selections, you have the option to set the filter to your currently prevailing mood. You could choose to boost your blood circulation with the rainy flow or get the relaxing muscle massage that the filter enables.

Installation of this shower filter will only take you a few minutes as it’s something you can do yourself. You don’t even need prior planning as there are no tools involved. Fix the filter to your piping and tighten with your hands.

The Sparkpod has a high output that spans to 2.5 GPM. Compared to other brands, this is an impressive rate for a filter shower head. The fast flow rate will allow you to save on your water heater bills as more water is dispensed per minute.

Encourage your household to take longer thorough showers by investing in the Sparkpod filter for hard water.

Change your cartridge every four months for maximum benefits. The replacement is as simple as the initial installation. You just have to twist open the filter housing, place the new cartridge, close, and twist to tighten.

Run water through for a few minutes to eliminate any loose filter media and kickstart the activated carbon.

The Sparkpod is compatible with any 1/2″ piping, which is the common size for shower pipes in most homes.

Consider investing in this filter for hard water to wash your hair as it also infuses your water with vitamin C, which is responsible for smooth, shiny, and silky hair. Additionally, this shower water filter will allow the shampoo and other beauty products on your hair to function effectively.

The water restrictor that comes with this water filter is optional. You can choose to have the full high performance or go for the low water pressure as you wish.


  • Removes most contaminants
  • Protects your skin and hair from dryness
  • installation is easy
  • Several pressure selections
  • Value for your money
  • It eliminates unpleasant odor
  • High flow rate
  • Infuses vitamin C


  • High on maintenance
  • Not NSF certified

Aqua Eva Shower Filter with Vitamin C For Hard Water

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Take the first step in protecting your skin and hair by investing in this shower water filter. It removes chlorine, fluoride, and heavy metals to soften the water.

This system’s water filtration procedure involves 15 stages that produce highly refined water using highly activated carbon. As the filter removes chlorine, it eliminates the bad odor that comes with it.

The filter infuses vitamin C into the water in its filtration process, which helps soften your hair, keeping it silky and shiny.

Reduce aging and revitalize your skin with the soft water that this shower water filter dispenses. Enjoy the smooth skin and stronger nails that come from eliminating the harmful components in your hard water.

Enjoy your showering experience, especially if you have sensitive skin, as the water produced keeps it moisturized.

This shower water filter doesn’t reduce the pressure of incoming water. This way, it’s able to retain a high flow rate. This is important to save on your water heater bills and give you a good rinse.

The Aqua Eva is compatible with your already existing piping works. It also works well either as overhead, handheld, rainfall, or a combo showerhead. You don’t have to incur extra costs on modifications.

Installing this filter is easy; with no tools required, place the end connector to your pipe and twist with your hand o tighten.

Replacing the filter in the future is an equally easy affair; open the filter housing, remove the used cartridge, and place the new one. Close the housing and hop into your shower.

Enjoy your showering experience with the different spray selections to suit your mood. Awaken your blood flow with the rainy flow or relax your muscles with the mist setting. There is a suitable selection for your prevailing mood.

With a capacity to produce 10,000 gallons of pure water or last six months before the need to replace the filter, then you are assured that your household will have a constant flow of soft shower water. This also means that this filtered shower head’s maintenance cost is minimal, with the need to replace the cartridge once per year.

With this system, you can clean your babies and pets with its water without worrying about hard water adverse effects.


  • Compatible with any shower arm
  • Installation is simple
  • It’s low on maintenance
  • Eliminates most impurities
  • Removes the unpleasant chlorine odor
  • High performance
  • Filter replacement is easy
  • No leakage
  • Works well with both hot and cold water
  • Adjustable spray setting


  • Requires more Teflon tape

Pure Action Water Softener Shower Head – Hard Water Filter

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Remove the chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, and other harmful impurities common in hard water with his shower head filter.

By removing chlorine and chloramines, the water is left pleasantly smelling, which will make your showering experience more enjoyable.

Eliminate the risk of sediment scale build-up on your shower that would eventually lead to clogging and breakdown of your shower system.

Protect your loved ones’ skin and hair texture with this showerhead filter. It will reduce the risk of eczema, itchy skin, dandruff, and skin dryness by producing contaminants-free softened water.

This showerhead further infuses vitamin C into your showering water to protect your hair and make it glow and silky.

Enjoy your showering experience with the three settings selection that this shower head presents. Awaken your blood circulation with the power rain setting or relax your muscles with the massage setting. It’s your take.

Install this shower filter yourself in a matter of minutes. Just by fixing it into your existing pipe and with no tools, twist it with your hand to tighten, and you are good to go.

After the filter has served you for six months or dispensed 10000 gallons of softened water, whichever comes first, then you can replace it. Note that this may be affected by your water usage and the number of contaminants in your water.

The adjustable swivel ball joint makes your showering experience more enjoyable. With this, you can customize the showerhead filter in any direction you wish. This gives you a spa-like kind of feeling.

This showerhead filer has a fast output as it doesn’t reduce the pressure of incoming water. In fact, you can choose to increase the pressure with the 3″ stainless steel nozzle jet that comes with it.

Wash your babies and pets with the water from this showerhead and let them enjoy the great revitalizing feeling that comes with the softened water.


  • It has an adjustable ball joint
  • Compatible with any shower arm
  • Easy to install
  • Low on maintenance
  • Easy to replace the filter
  • Value for money
  • Removes bad odor
  • Eliminates most contaminants
  • High output
  • Different spray settings
  • It doesn’t reduce water pressure


  • Not NSF certified

BWDM 15 Stage Shower Filter – Shower Head Filter – Hard Water Filter

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Enjoy your showering experience by investing in this shower head filter. It will soften your water by removing a wide range of contaminants present in your hard water.

It will eliminate the heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, and other harmful elements commonly found in hard water areas.

As it eliminates the chlorine components, it will get rid of the unpleasant odor common with the chlorine. This will further make your showering more enjoyable.

This shower filter will help protect your dry skin from the adverse effects of hard water. The soft water will also strengthen your nails and minimize the risk of hair loss. It will also help you in removing dandruff and the brittle texture of your hair.

By adding vitamin C to your water, it will leave your hair glowing, soft, shiny, and with a silky texture.

You don’t have to worry about reduced water pressure with this shower head filter. It can withstand high pressure and retain a high flow rate. This will, in turn, save your money on water heater bills.

The high flow rate also reduces the risk of sediment scale that clogs your pipe and shower and could eventually lead to the whole system’s clogging.

The BWDM shower filter is compatible with the different shower arms standards, from the handheld to the wall-mounted showers. This is made possible by the 1/2″ thread that it features.

Installing the BWDM is an effortless task. With no tools required, just fit the connector port onto your pipe with your hands after applying a minimal amount of Teflon tape. Run water through for a few minutes after installation to eliminate the coconut shell activated carbon loose media.

Replacing the filter cartridge is an equally easy task. Open the housing, remove the worn-out filter and install the new one. Twist to tighten. Do this every six months for optimal performance.

Ensure you have the replacement filters in good time to keep you supplied with the filtered shower water at all times. Change the filter upon producing approximately 10000 gallons of softened water.


  • Compatible with different shower arms
  • Removes unpleasant chlorine odor
  • Eliminates most harmful chemicals
  • Can withstand high pressure
  • Low on maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Works well with both hot or cold water
  • No leakage concerns


  • It doesn’t feature an adjustable ball joint
  • Not NSF certified

NearMoon Shower Head and 15 Stage Shower Filter Combo, for Hard Water

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Protect yourself and your loved ones from the adverse effects of hard water. Invest in this shower head filter that will not only help you in removing chlorine but will also eliminate other harmful chemicals.

Guard your skin texture and let it glow from the softened water that the NearMoon shower head produces.

Let your hair shine, and soften as you clean it with the water from this filtration system as you infuse the vitamin C into your shower water. Strengthen your nails and allow them to grow by cleaning them with the filtered water from this showerhead.

Adjust the showerhead filter’s swivel ball joint to your preferred angle and make your showering experience more enjoyable.

It will take you only 5 minutes to install this showerhead. You don’t need a plumber to do it. This also goes for the replacement process after 6 months or after producing 10000 gallons of softened water.

Take note to flush it for around 10 minutes after installation to eliminate the loose filter media.

The NewMoon shower head filter is a high performer. It can withstand high-pressure levels that, in turn, translate into a high flow rate. This translates to a high output of 2.5 GPM.

This shower head filter is a favorite for most households as it features a 6″ showerhead with 60 self-cleaning nozzles. This allows it to serve you for a long time with easy maintenance.

Cleaning the whole filter is easy as it’s made of stainless steel that makes it rust-resistant.

Adjust the showerhead to the spray setting that you desire, from the heavy rain setting that will awaken your nerves and boost your blood circulation to the mist setting that will massage your muscles.

Consider investing in this shower head filter as it works well with both hot and cold water.

Be confident as you clean your pets or your babies with water from this filter as it keeps their appearance protected.


  • It doesn’t lower the water pressure.
  • Compatible with any shower arm
  • Removes bad odor
  • Eliminates most contaminants
  • Installation is effortless
  • High output
  • Low on maintenance
  • Value for money
  • Self-cleaning nozzles
  • Removes sediment scale
  • Rust resistant


  • Not certified

Factors to Consider When Buying Showers for Hard Water Areas

1. Contaminants in Your Water

Before buying filters for hard water, the first thing is to test the water to establish the number and type of contaminants you intend to remove.

This will guide you to ensure that you choose one that works to eliminate your water’s specific impurities.

2. Water Pressure

Evaluate your existing water pressure levels to know if the shower you settle for will function under low water pressure.

You may need to buy a filtered shower head to accelerate the pressure if your water has low pressure.

3. Output

You need a filter with a high flow rate. This will allow you to take a shower at the fast rate you wish.

4. Maintenance

Go for a hard water shower filter that will not need a regular filter change. An economical choice should last for 6 months or produce at least 10000 gallons of softened water before replacing.

5. Ease of Installation

Choose a water softener shower head that you can effortlessly install yourself without the need for a professional plumber.

6. Adjustable Shower Head

Choose a filtered shower head that you can adjust to your preferred angle. This is especially necessary for a home where people of different heights will be sharing the shower.

7. Compatibility

Shower filters for hard water come in different sizes; choose one compatible with your existing shower arm.

Most common shower arms measure 1/2″ but confirm the exact size before buying the shower water filter.

8. Spray setting

Consider buying a shower water filter that features different spray selections. This will allow you to enjoy your showering experience under different moods.

Some will range from heavy rainy settings to misty massage settings. Go for the one with a wide range of settings.

9. Users

You need to evaluate who will be using the showerhead. For instance, for young kids and the elderly, you may consider a shower head compatible with a handheld shower arm.

10. Cost

Without compromising on the quality, consider your available budget for the water softener shower head.

As long as it serves the purpose, the brand name should not make you spend an extra dollar.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best electric shower for hard water areas?

The kilowatt rating will determine the best electric shower. An ideal shower should have a rating of between 7 to 11 K.W. The higher the Kilowatts, the more efficient and powerful the electric shower.

As you plan on acquiring the electric shower, consider first your water pressure. It should be high enough to sustain the powerful electric element.

2. What is the best shower filter for hard water?

The best shower filter for hard water will eliminate most of the contaminants in your water and, at the same time, soften your water.

It will have a high output and produce up to 10000 gallons of soft water before replacing the filter cartridge.

The best shower filter is easy to install and is compatible with the already existing shower arm. It should also feature an adjustable swivel ball joint so you can adjust the filter to your desired angle.

The best filter should also have several spray options to choose from depending on your prevailing mood.

3. Do shower filters work for hard water?

Yes. Shower filters will soften your water by eliminating the chemicals and heavy metal components in your water responsible for your water hardness. This will leave you with a great appearance on your skin and hair.

Shower filters will infuse your water with Vitamin C, responsible for the soft, shiny, and silky texture of your hair.

4. Can you shower with hard water?

Yes, you can; however, there will be adverse effects caused by the hard water. These effects include hair loss, dandruff, itchy dry skin, and the brittle-like texture of your hair.

Hard water will also cause sediment scale on your shower head that will eventually lead to your shower system’s clogging and breakdown.

5. Do I need a shower filter if I have a whole house filter?

You may not need extra filtration of your shower water if you already have a whole house filter.

6. How long should a good shower filter serve me?

A good water softener shower head is a long-term investment. With proper installation and timely maintenance, the filter should serve you for a long time.

7. Do we have a specific shower water filter for hard water?

Yes, not all shower filters are meant for hard water; some may not soften your water. When in hard water areas, get the right water softener shower head for your shower.

8. How do I know if my water is hard?

This you can only know by testing your water. The main components responsible for water hardness are excess calcium and magnesium in your water.

Get your water tested by a professional in a reputable lab and let the analysis guide you on the best shower filter for your hard water.

Your water supply should also guide you. In most cases, well water is hard, and at times the municipal water could also be hard.

You can also tell if your water leaves behind a whitish scale on your appliances or your water won’t lather; instead, it creates a soapy scum, then these are indicators of hard water.

Then again, upon taking a shower, your skin is left dry and itchy while your hair is hard to consider; getting a filtered shower head as your water is definitely hard.

9. Will the C125 wall-mounted filtered shower head soften my water?

Yes, this is among the best shower filters for hard water.

10. How do I reduce the effects of well water on my skin?

Your well water is potentially hard and what you need is a shower filter that works perfectly with such water. In due time your skin will glow, and the itchiness will go.


Well, there you have it—a comprehensive list of the best shower filter for hard water areas.

Let the buyers’ guide be your checklist as you plan on buying a shower filter for your home.

Protect the appearance of your loved ones. Let their skin glow and their hair shine as your nails harden as you invest in the right shower head filter.

Allow your babies and your pets to look forward to their showering experience by getting the right shower filter among the brands highlighted above.





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