The Best Water Filter for Nickel Allergy

Contaminants that make water impure like lead, nickel, mercury, and other contaminants can cause adverse health effects if they are not removed. Luckily, several filtration systems can remove these impurities depending on the technology used.

Nickel is a natural element mostly used to make jewelry, kitchenware used in buildings, and the textiles industry. Most of these factories release Nickel into the environment, so it is hard to prevent exposure.

Although the human body has Nickel, this element can become harmful to the body if it gets in high doses. It causes harm to your internal system and allergies when it gets in contact with the skin.

So, which is the best water filter for nickel allergy?

SimPure 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

SimPure 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis System T1 - Alkaline Mineral pH+ Water Filtration System - 75 GPD...
  • ✅ 6 STAGES FILTRATION BEATS IMPURITIES - The SimPure T1 reverse osmosis water filtration system with three stages of pre-filters (PP sediment, GAC filter & CTO filter), reverse osmosis (RO filter), post-carbon (T33 filter), and a pH balancing alkaline (ALK filter), purifying tap water into clean, healthy drinking and cooking water by removing up to 99% of contaminants like rust, dust, chlorine, fluoride, lead, arsenic, asbestos, calcium, and more helping to keep your family protected.
  • ✅ ALKALINE REMINERALIZATION FILTER - Compared to a regular 5 stage RO system with acidic water pH at 5-6.5, this unit with an additional alkaline filter adjusts the pH at 7.5-9. Reverse osmosis removes most elements from your water both pollutants and helpful minerals, SimPure’s ALk filter rebalances the water with active mineral technology adding calcium, potassium, magnesium, and other essential minerals back to the water, giving your drinking water a more natural taste.
  • ✅ 100% LEAD-FREE FAUCET - The system is pre-assembled with American plumbing fittings and comes with european-style kitchen faucet. The faucet is made of SUS304 stainless steel and lead-free brass body material, never rust and guarding your purified water. With quick-connect, no hassle to install. Follow the comprehensive operator handbook or online assembly video to connect the components using the provided installation kit.

This SimPure water filter is a powerful system that has a sediment filter, granular activated carbon, RO filter,post-carbon filter, and a pH balancing filter. SimPure 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis System is an under-sink filter that helps purify your water and adjusts the pH of your tap water by reducing acidity in the water.

Usually, many reverse osmosis systems remove all the impurities from the water, and they may remove the essential elements from your tap water. Unlike other products, SimPure has an active mineral technology that adds essential minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium back to the water.

Installing this filter in your kitchen will save you a lot of stress because it will get clean drinking water and even drinking water from your kitchen faucet without any hassle.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on maintaining a water filter. SimPure is easy to maintain. It does a great job eliminating 99% of impurities like lead, nickel, asbestos, and other chemical impurities that may be coming through your kitchen faucet.


  • Maintains drinking water quality
  • It eliminates 99% of contaminants hence keeping you in good health
  • Has high-quality stainless steel faucet
  • Easy to install and maintain


  • This water filter is an under-sink filter, so you might need to buy a separate filter for your shower to remove nickel and other impurities in your bathing water.

AquaOx Water Filtration System

AquaOx Water Filtration System
  • Industry Leading 10-Year Warranty with no replacement filters
  • Zero-Maintenance, Self-Cleaning Automatic Backwashing
  • Veteran Owned Business - Manufactured In The USA

AcquaOx Water Filtration System is on this list because its high-performance filtration exceeds other water filters by far. This water filter can produce finely filtered water better than the bottled water.

Coming from the best manufacturers, this point of entry water filter can provide you with clean and healthy drinking water and supply you with highly filtered bathing water. If you have a nickel allergy, this powerful 7-stage filtration system will reduce the nickel and other chemicals like chlorine used for water treatment that may cause skin irritation.

We love how you can easily get filtered drinking water from any sink at your home without running to the refrigerator for clean bottled water. Another upside about AquaOx Water Filter is that it removes harmful chemicals that might damage your appliances like the heater, icemaker, dishwasher, and other appliances, not forgetting the toilets. Extend the benefits of this filtration system to your pets by ensuring that their health is well taken care of by giving them clean, chemical-free drinking water directly from your water taps.

We love this water filter because it has self-cleaning technology, and it doesn’t require any maintenance. Once you buy this water filter, you won’t have to worry about changing the water filters.


  • Removes heavy metals like nickel, mercury, and other 99.9% of other contaminants from water at the point of entry
  • Designed for both big and medium-sized homes
  • This water filter can filter up to 1.2 million gallons of water
  • Self cleans itself and also cleans its filters by itself
  • No maintenance required
  • Easy to install especially if you have basic plumbing skills


  • Expensive
  • It has a bulky design

AquaHomeGroup 15 Stage Shower Filter

AquaHomeGroup 15 Stage Shower Filter with Vitamin C for Hard Water - High Output Shower Water Filter...
  • PREMIUM CARE: Your body deserves fresh, chemical-free, odorless water. Our shower head filter with 15 stages of MAXIMUM water filtration makes skin SOFTER, nails STRONGER and hair SHINIER
  • EFFECTIVE shower filters to remove chlorine and fluoride, heavy metals and other sediments. This shower head water softener makes bathing KIDS and PETS pleasant and SAFE. Our Vitamin C shower filter keeps eczema, dry skin and dandruff at bay!
  • FULL COMPATIBILITY: Our EASY to install universal shower filters can be placed on wall-mounted, handheld, rainfall and combo shower heads for versatile home use. They help to remove rust and iron

AquaHomeGroup 15 Stage Shower Filter takes the lead in our list today because of its great features that work together to ensure no nickel exposure to your skin. This filtration system is specifically designed for showers, so if you don’t have enough money for a whole house water filtration system, you might need to consider this robust shower filter.

If you’re looking for a filtration system that will reduce chemicals and scale build-up on your showers, this AquaHomeGroup water filter is worth consideration. It will reduce all the harmful products that cause build-up while ensuring that your skin feels rejuvenated and smooth.

Using this shower filter protects your hair from dryness and dandruff caused by hard water and well water.

AquaHomeGroup 15 Stage Shower Filter is designed for high output showers, and we love how constant the water flow remains even after using the filter for some time. Another good thing about it is that you can easily install the filter, and it comes with a free plumber’s tape and a replacement filter.

The filter life of this system is 6 months. This means that you won’t have to buy filters often, but if your water is very dirty, the filters will need to be replaced before six months.

The price of this filter is low, so you don’t have to break the bank for you to get one for your home. Enjoy the powerful and reliable water purification from AquaHomeGroup and forget about nickel allergies and other skin, nail, and hair conditions.


  • Affordable
  • Effective for removing heavy metals and other chemical contaminants
  • A 15 stage purification means better results
  • You can use it on different types of showers like handheld, wall-mounted, combo shower heads, and rain showers
  • It comes with essential vitamins like vitamin C
  • Maintains consistent water flow


  • The weak connection can cause problems

AcquaBliss Universal Shower Filter

AquaBliss High Output Revitalizing Shower Filter - Reduces Dry Itchy Skin, Dandruff, Eczema, and...
  • DAY 1 - IMMEDIATELY BEGINS REJUVENATING SKIN, HAIR & NAILS: HARD, chlorinated, chemical ridden water causing itchy skin, flaky dandruff, eczema, bone-dry hair and brittle nails? Let our UNIQUE, PROPRIETARY SYSTEMS MULTI-STAGE sediment filters, redox media, calcium sulfite, activated carbon and ceramic beads deliver MAXIMUM WATER FILTRATION to NEUTRALIZE ODORS, balance out your PH levels and INFUSE BENEFICIAL MINERALS into your skin, nails and hair from the first time you turn it on!
  • ACTUALLY WORKS - EXPERIENCE THE CLEANEST CLEAN: MOST filters for showers eliminate some chemicals for a short time, but do nothing to restore the damage done to your hair, nails and skin. Our ADVANCED MULTI-STAGE HEALTH FILTER reduces Chlorine, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dirt, odors, helps control scale buildup plus restores what your hard, chemical filled water did to your hair, skin and nails!
  • JUST .09 CENTS/DAY: WHAT is your HEALTH worth? What about LOOKING YOUR BEST? If you’re a savvy shopper, you’ve done your research so you know that most shower filter cartridge options for well or city water only last a few months, then cost a pretty penny to replace. AquaBliss “EASY SWAP” showerhead FILTER replacements last longer cost less - for CLEANER, CLEARER, BEAUTIFYING SHOWER TIME for LESS than .09 cents per day.

If you want to solve your skin allergy problem, then this AcquaBliss Universal Shower Filter might be the solution. This filter system is ideal for you if you struggle with itchy, dry skin and dry hair. It has a 12 stage filtration system that consists of sediment filters, redox media, ceramic balls, and activated carbon.

AcquaBliss filter does not only remove impurities from tap water, but it eliminates bad taste and odor. When it comes to installation, you don’t have to worry about hiring a professional to help you install this filter neither do you need any tools to install it.

The filters are designed to last exceptionally well.

This system is good for chlorine removal, heavy metals, and other chemicals. Although, if you use water that has chloramide, you might need to replace your filters often.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Quality product
  • It comes at an affordable price


  • You will need to replace filters often if the tap water contains chloramine

Final Word

Water is important to us and thus any contamination can cause health problems like skin allergies and other illnesses. It is important to ensure that your water is purified to remove the contaminants that might affect you. Although you might not see the contaminants in the water with your naked eyes, you have to ensure that you take caution so that your bathing and drinking water will be safe for your daily use.

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