The Best Water Purifier for TDS Less Than 200

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The essence of high-quality water can’t be overemphasized. Accessing water from natural resources such as rivers, lakes, or underground water would mean consuming contaminated water by humans and plants and minerals.

To mitigate the risk of high contamination levels, the government steps up to purify the tap water through additives like chlorine and fluorine monitors. However, the tap water still contains impurities that need to be eliminated.

Investing in a water purifier becomes a necessity for every home.

You need to invest in a RO water purifier for TDS less than 200 to purify your tap water.

But with the many water purifiers in the market, getting the right one becomes a challenge.

That is why we have put together a detailed review of the best water purifiers.

Let’s delve in.

Home Master TMAFC-ERP Artesian Full Contact Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

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This water RO purifier comes as a favorite for many households as it handles most of the problems presented by a tankless RO system.

The system offers great tasting water. The purification process involves adding both calcium and magnesium, which results in remineralization of the water. This means the dispensed water has a permissible TDS level, and it’s sweet.

This home master water purifier can extract a vast range of water contaminants, including lead, heavy metals, microplastics, and fluoride. The RO water purifier makes this possible as the whole process allows 7 filtration stages and enhancement leaving no room for bacteria and viruses to thrive.

The home master meets the NSF standards for protection and performance. It comes highly recommended as the manufacturers are NSF listed, which alleviates all the fears of acquiring a poorly functioning system.

The system’s most outstanding benefit is that it comes with a super high flow RO kit that comprises large enough tubing and fittings, making it the best water purifier as the flow rate is double compared to previous traditional systems. Furthermore, it is easy to update the system as the filters need a review once per year, making the system worthwhile.

The catalytic activated carbon incorporated in the system allows the system to eliminate any micro contaminants, including chemicals and chloramines, making the water purification process a success. Through the downward filters, it becomes easy to monitor the water usage and preventing any water loss as the system allows for maximum pressure throughout its prolonged life.


  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Tds level below 200
  • Sweet tap water
  • It comes with a storage tank.
  • Minimal water wastage


  • Pricey
  • Requires more space

Home Master TMHP HydroPerfection Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

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This water purifier system is EPA registered and offers tremendous benefits for your water purification process. It has been approved and found effective in killing viruses and bacteria. The device further improves water quality as it stunts the growth of water fungi and other impurities found in the purification system.

Having this water purifier in your household will guarantee sweet-tasting tap water as the minerals lost during the purification process are restored through this system. The upgraded system ensures that only pure water is dispensed. This is achieved through the 9 stage filtration process, whose outcome is pure water.

The extensive filtration process allows demineralization of the water and at the same time removes impurities such as lead, TDS, and chloramines, giving you the best water for consumption and domestic use. Further, the UV purification process boosts the quality of the water dispensed.

Home master, water filter system, requires minimal electricity given the in-built permeate pump and comes with a productivity rate of up to 50%.

The RO water purifier system’s effectiveness is evident as the filter must be maintained after production of up to 2000 gallons of water. Besides, the system doesn’t demand wrenches for a whole year.


  • Reduced electricity consumption
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Pure water with great taste
  • Easy to operate


  • High initial cost

APEC Water Systems ROES-50 Essence Series Top Tier 5-Stage

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Guaranteed high-quality drinking water as it ensures eliminating bad odor, chlorine, lead precipitates, and all impurities present. With a water pressure of 40-80 PSI, the system ensures total dissolved solids at 2000ppm.

This system, which is WQA approved, can provide contaminants-free water. Its durable filters ensure in a long time, and you have access to highly purified water all year long.

With over 20 years in production, this water purifier has become a favorite for many American households. The minimal noise it produces makes it a priority for many that are looking for guaranteed pure water.

The additional 1/4 inches water pipes and in-built faucets boost the system’s capability to eliminate lead contaminants present in well water. It is more effective when one is obtaining water from different sources as it can highly filter and purify the water with different impurities levels.

Additionally, the system, which is JG Food grade approved, ensures that the water’s safety is guaranteed. This water purifier is easy to install and operate for anyone; this simplicity of operation is what endears it to most homeowners.

Unlike other purifiers, the Apec water system doesn’t require extra fittings to contain leakage. It has in-built leakage-free fittings that ensure that at no time does leakage occur; this feature also ensures that there is minimal water wastage while in use.

The reverse osmosis membrane and carbon filters that come with the system make it possible for the system to purify different water types and retain the essential minerals that could have been lost during the purification process.

This system can eliminate the toxic fluoride present in water obtained from natural resources and other micro impurities, guaranteeing safe drinking water.


  • Easy to operate
  • Value for money
  • Minimal noise
  • Leakage free
  • Great tasting water


  • It takes time to set up.

APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75 Essence Series Top Tier Alkaline Mineral pH+ 75 GPD 6-Stage Certified Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System

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For great tasting water whose alkalinity has been boosted, this is the water purifier to go for. It comes fitted with a 75 GDP 6-stage system, which ensures maximum filtration at all levels. It eliminates all impurities present in the water and makes it fit for consumption.

The purifier guarantees total dissolved solids at 2000 PPM, and the high pressure of 85 PSI makes it possible to eliminate the major water contaminants.

With the food-grade calcium procured from dependable sources, this purifier guarantees great tasting water with the PH enhancement, which boosts its alkalinity. With controlled PH levels, the result is pure drinking water.

This water purifier is WQA certified, and the durable filters allow the retention of essential minerals giving you access to pure drinking water all year round.

The system that doesn’t produce any noise has been trusted by most households, given its durability and capacity to eliminate common water impurities through the comprehensive reverse osmosis process, making it among the best water purifier on the market.

Additionally, this water purifier doesn’t come with leakage detectors as the in-built leak-free fittings ensure there is no water wastage through leakage.

Moreover, the tubings are JG food grades, which guarantees that the tap water dispensed is safe for consumption.

With simple instructions, the water purifier is easy to operate for anyone seeking to have pure drinking water with TDS levels below 200.


  • Easy to install
  • Leakage free
  • Noise-free
  • Controlled alkalinity
  • Great taste


  • Is quite expensive for some households

ZeroWater 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher with Water Quality Meter

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This water purifier comes with a water meter that allows you to measure the quality of water you are consuming at any given time. The 10 cup water filter can purify water through the 5-stage filtration process.

The purifier makes use of advanced technology of Ion exchange technology to eliminate contaminants present in the water.

The zero water filter, which is NSF approved, can eliminate total dissolved solids and other impurities such as lead, metals, and plastics.

This water purifier’s size makes it a favorite for many as you can easily use it for bottle filtration process or even for traveling cup filtration since it is portable. This ensures you have access to purified drinking water no matter where you are.

The filter removes chromium and lead from the water making the water purification process a success within minimal time.


  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Great taste
  • It has a water meter.
  • Requires minimum space
  • Easy to operate


  • Small in size, not suitable for large volumes of water

LEVOIT Water Filter Pitcher 10 cup with Electronic Indicator

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This pitcher has a detachable spout, which allows it to be cleaned easily. With easy cleaning, it helps to keep off mold and algae.

The modified design ensures there is minimal water wastage as the detachable top-lid is leakage-free.

The water purification process with the use of this Levoit purifier goes through 5 stages of filtration. The thorough process ensures minimal impurities as all contaminants are eliminated during the process.

The most outstanding aspect of this water purifier is that it enhances the great taste of water as it can soften hard water and eliminate all pollutants present in the water.

This purifier is a great option for domestic use but the filters need to be replenished after 40 gallons of water.

With the in-built electronic indicator, you don’t need to worry about when to replenish, as it will alert you on the status of the filters. This will allow you to budget on time for the filters and ensures you don’t overuse the filters.

For safety purposes, this water purifier is fully certified under FDA and LFGB. This ensures that your household is not exposed to harmful plastics, metal remnants, and lead precipitates.

The Levoit water purifier is space-saving, which allows it to be easily installed in a fridge.

To ensure there is no leakage, you need to ensure that the cartridges are properly and firmly secured. Immersing the lid in water could potentially damage the electronic indicator that alerts you on the need to change the filters.


  • Saves on space
  • Affordable
  • Alerts when filters need to be changed
  • Portable
  • Removes bad odor
  • Easy to assemble


  • Hard to clean the lid as it shouldn’t be immersed in water.

Waterdrop Chubby 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher with 1 Filter

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The most important aspect of a water purifier is to ensure that you end up with high-quality water. Quality of water is measured by the level of contaminants and impurities present in the water, including having a low TDS level.

With the waterdrop chubby, the water quality is improved by the seven-stage filtration process to get rid of the impurities like lead, heavy metals, and microplastics.

This pitcher is NSF 42 approved, which means it has taken care of great taste, reduced chlorine, and bad odor.

The purification process encompasses high technology, which eliminates any arsenic components that could be present.

Filters of the waterdrop chubby purifier have a longer life span. This is evident as it can handle approximately 200 gallons of water before replacing. Moreover, it contributes to the greater good of reducing plastics as a single filter pitcher can handle 16-oz bottled water.

The waterdrop chubby has a unique design fitted with an intelligent indicator that shows the status of the filters in real-time. This allows you to plan for replacement in good time to ensure water supplied by the purifier is free from disease-causing bacteria and other impurities. Additionally, the indicator allows you to access pure water since it can be replaced in case of breakdown.

This pitcher comes with a lid that helps prevent dust and other impure particles from invading the pitcher; this makes the purification process a success. Refilling the pitcher is an easy process as there is no need to open the lid, minimizing the chances of contamination.

It comes with a wooden handle, and it also comprises activated carbon, ensuring high-quality water and easier handling. The filter pitcher is made of BPA-free plastic boosts the quality of water.


  • Easy to clean
  • Simple to use
  • Great taste
  • No need to remove the lid when refilling
  • Durable
  • Convenient handle


  • Filters require constant replacement.

Brita Longlast Everyday Water Filter Pitcher, Large 10 Cup 1 Count, Turquoise

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The Brita water filter pitcher comes with an indicator that serves as a reminder to replace the filters. It is recommended that you change the filters twice per yea to ensure the organic impurities present in your water have been handled.

The Brita saves on space and ensures high water quality as it eliminates lead, chlorine, metal components, and other impurities that could decline your quality of water. The purification process further boosts the taste of water and begets a more pleasant odor.

Brita water filter pitcher has become a favorite for households given its high functionality in the purification process, ease of handling, and improved water flavor.

The filter pitcher is easy to clean, making it easy to remove impurities like dust particles that may have found their way into the item.


  • Affordable
  • Require minimal space
  • Improved water flavor
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to operate


  • Possibility of leakage at the top lid

KENT Super Plus 8-litres Wall-Mountable RO + UF + TDS Controller

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For a long time, the Kent water purifiers have been a favorite for most households. This advanced water purifier ensures minimal water wastage.

It has in-built upper and lower tubing, allowing rejected water to be recirculated to the top tank through its pump for further purification.

This water purifier can be wall-mounted, which comes as an advantage in ensuring better space utilization.

The advanced purification technology incorporated by the Kent purifier ensures that the water goes through multiple purification processes that involve RO purification, UF, and UV purification process to ensure the final product is devoid of any impurities or contaminants.

This water purifier also has a TDS controller that monitors and replenishes the essential minerals that could have been lost during the whole RO purification.

This water purifier’s disinfectant feature ensures that water storage in the tank is purified for a long duration.

The 15Ltr/Hr purification time and 8-liter tank capacity ensures that your household has pure water to last you even during a power outage session.

This advanced water purifier ensures the automated purification technology that has led to the incorporation of gadgets such as the TDS controller and filter change alerts to help keep your household a round-the-clock supply of pure drinking water with the right TDS level.


  • Guaranteed purification process
  • Suitable for domestic use
  • An indicator of the water level allows you to run the purification process in good time
  • A moderate storage tank
  • Value for money


  • White color requires regular cleaning.
  • Frequent filter replacement results in more costs
  • High initial cost

HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 stage Tabletop

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The presence of copper in this purifier integrates the traditional theory of using copper water storage vessels to believe that it purified water.

HUL Pureit water purifier incorporates multiple stages of the water purification process, which ensures that the organic impurities present in the different types of water have been eliminated

The activated carbon filter helps eliminate bad odor and organic impurities in the water—furthermore, the wire mesh in this water purifier helps contain the less soluble contaminants.

Pureit Copper water purifiers come with a UV reactor whose essence is to help eliminate bacteria and viruses in the different water types. They also have a UF membrane whose purpose is to maintain the desired TDS levels.

The presence of copper in the Pureit copper water purifier allows you to rip the copper’s medicinal benefits. It dispenses moderately charged water through the RO technology incorporated in the purification process.

The 8-liter tank capacity can serve most households, and since the purifier can be wall-mounted, it enables you to save on space.

With the incorporated automatic sensors, it becomes easy for the purifier to schedule the cleaning routines, which guarantees consistent water quality.

The double-lock feature in this purifier, together with the activated carbon filters, ensures that at no instance does the purifier dispense impure water.

Additionally, the purification system has an in-built alert system that gives you a timely feedback before expiring of the germ kill kit. This allows you to budget on time and helps you monitor the usage rate in addition to monitoring its effectiveness.

Upon expiry of the kit, the automatic shut down feature halts the water’s purification and supply until the kit is replenished. This is to ensure that you only access purified water.


  • Copper element in the purified water
  • Automatic shut-off feature which guarantees access to the best water
  • Multiple stage purification process


  • Water is lost during the purification process.

What to Consider Before Buying a Water Purifier

With the many water purifiers available in the market, it can be hectic to settle for one. However, this guide will enable you to make the right decision after evaluating all the important factors.

Water obtained from different water sources contains varying impurities levels; this is why you must acquire a water purification system.

Let us examine the essential aspects to consider before buying a water purifier.

1. Water Source

It is important to consider your water source as it influences the type of water purifier to buy. Sources with hard water may require you to obtain an RO water purifier.

Once you identify the source, it’s important to test your water to establish the TDS levels. This will require you to purchase a water test kit commonly referred to as the TDS meter.

The different water sources will provide water that contains varying levels of soluble and insoluble impurities. In the water source quality is altered by humans, plants, and minerals.

Underground water contains impurities that could be gathered across the piping work as its being pumped. Despite the authorities’ efforts to purify tap water, the piping works, even those made of stainless steel, could alter the quality leading to higher TDS and loss of essential minerals.

2. Water TDS Levels

To establish the level of organic impurities and heavy metals present in your water, you will need to test it.

Investing in a TDS meter will go along way in influencing your decision of the right water purifier for your household. There are several types of these meters available in the market, and your choice here depends on your budget.

Most TDS meters come with manuals. Ensure you follow all the steps indicated to measure the TDS levels of your tap water.

After measuring the TDS levels, the next step is to get the best water purifier for your household based on these levels.

TDS levels below 50 mean the water has lost its taste and most of the essential minerals.

Water with TDS levels of between 50 and 500 is deemed fine for your household; however, it calls for different types of water purifiers to get the purest and high quality, and great tasting water.

Between 500 to 2000, which is the highest TDS level, the water is unfit, and at the 2000 mark, most water purifiers in the market may not be able to handle that. The available water purifiers work well for levels below the 1200 mark.

To get a better glimpse of the best water purification system for your household, consider the following:

Water with TDS levels below 500 means that though it’s good for consumption, it contains bacteria and viruses. Thus, a UV water purifier should serve the purpose. When buying a water purifier, the most important guiding factor is the total dissolved solids (TDS) level. However, if the TDS level is below 500 and the water is muddy, get a combination of UV and UF water purifier.

It calls for a more advanced purification technology for water with high TDS levels of between 500 and 1900. To get rid of such water’s impurities, you will have to go for a water purifier with multiple water filters. To purify such water, you need a purifier that carries out several purification processes like RO and ultrafiltration. For these TDS levels, it means the water has high levels of contaminants, bacteria, and viruses. The ideal purifier for such water should be a combination of RO, UV UF water purifiers.

3. Cost

The budget you have planned for the water purifier will influence the type of water purifier you purchase.

There are water purifiers for every budget. Your geographical location will also influence your budget when buying a water purifier because some areas may need a stronger RO water purifier.

4. Space Available

The best water purifier is one that fits within your available space. Most under-sink water purifiers are bulky.

When buying a water purifier, consider going for one that can be wall-mounted as it saves space.

5. Water Supply

A consistent water supply allows you to have a functional water purifier. Some water purifiers are made of metal, and long durations of no water could lead to reactions like corrosion.

You may even end up with a malfunctioned water purifier.

6. Water Wastage

When buying a water purification system, consider the rate of water wastage they dispense. One of the main disadvantages of RO water purifiers is that they waste a lot of water.

The rejected water could contain heavy metals, making it unfit for consumption. This should make you consider where you will direct the rejected water.

Frequently asked Questions

1. What is the maintenance cost for an RO water purifier?

Most of the companies that sell RO water purifiers offer a one-year warranty and an after-sale service, but it is necessary to find out first as you buy a water purifier for your home.

The main cost comes from replacing the RO membrane, UV UF filters, activated carbon filter, and sediment filter.

These water filters require annual replenishment to ensure consistent quality of water through the RO technology.

2. What does RO, UV, and UF in water purifiers stand for?

RO stands for reverse osmosis, UV means ultraviolet, while UF stands for ultrafiltration.

These are terms in a water purifier that indicate the purifier’s processes in a position to undertake.

A combination of the three is the best water purifier and ensures high purified water.

3. How much water does a RO water purifier waste?

Unfortunately, the RO water purifiers are known to be big water wasters. It is estimated that for every liter of pure water dispensed by a RO water purifier, two water liters are wasted. That is why some people opt for just the UV water purifiers.

4. Is it safe to buy a UV water purifier online?

While buying a water purifier should not be a tough task, you will need to clarify whether you want a UV water purifier, RO water purifier, or UF water purifier. You could even go for a combination depending on your water TDS levels.

With the advancement of technology and online shopping, there is no harm in buying one online just ensure the website is reliable and their water purifiers work.

5. Is Low TDS water safe for Drinking?

The recommended TDS level for drinking water should fall between 50 and 200.

6. Which Purifier is best for tap water?

The best purifier is the one that incorporates UF, UV purification, and RO processes in the water purification process

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