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Having a combi boiler requires you to have a compatible powerful shower to have constant high pressure, hot water flow.

Combi boilers don’t have a water tank or a water cylinder; they are designed to provide hot water on demand. They require powerful showers that don’t crack as they provide high-pressure water.

Your shower type choice is influenced by several factors, including your water supply, pressure, temperature, and flow rate.

Before buying a shower for your combi boiler, you need to know the type of water system you have in your house. This is because some showers may not be compatible with your boiler. For instance, while an electric shower can work with any system, mixer showers require a hot and cold water supply all through.

The best shower for combi boilers falls under four major categories. We have electric showers, power showers, mixer showers, and digital showers.

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Electric Showers

Below we look at the most powerful shower for combi boiler available in the market.

Let’s jump right in.

Electric Showers

Among the top performers for combi boilers are the electric showers. The showers use elements as their primary source of power.

Based on the scale you have selected, and after it gets to the water’s right temperature, it’s passed on to the head.

The most outstanding feature of an electric shower is the wattage. Evaluate the kilowatts of your shower to determine its compatibility with your combi boiler. Most electric showers will range from 7 to 10 KW. However, the higher the wattage, the more powerful it will be.

Avoid disappointments when acquiring an electrical shower by ensuring that:

  • Your water pressure at home is suitable. Electric showers are powerful and require higher pressure.
  • Establish whether your electricals can handle the high power of electric showers. If you are getting a 7KW shower, ensure your fuse is not below 32A. This also goes for the circuit breaker.
  • Ensure the wiring that runs from the boiler to the shower head is adequate. It is recommended that for a 7 KW shower, a 6 MM cable and above is used.

The electric showers are most conveniently installed in ensuites all the ground floor bathrooms.

They are the most convenient showers for combi boilers as they come with their heating units and do not require further connections to hot water feed.

The installation should be done by a professional electrician who also has some knowledge of plumbing works.

Electric showers that are most powerful are the 10.8KW ones that require a 1.5 bar of pressure, and they are in a position to produce 11 liters in a minute.

One of the benefits of an electric shower is that it’s among the most economical, and other water uses in your house don’t affect your shower water temperature.

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Power Showers

power Shower

This is a special type of shower that most people confuse with an electric shower going by its similar appearance. Going by its name, these systems are among the powerful showers for combi boilers.

This Powerful system uses an inbuilt pump that obtains the hot and cold water from your water tank and increases your water’s flow rate. This also works to obtain your ideal temperature of the water.

These work perfectly with your combi boiler as they require your cold water tank and hot water cylinder to work uniformly to improve your showering experience.

These showers work perfectly under low water pressure, but your water supply needs to be consistent. These systems will boost your water’s low pressure and maximize the output.

Based on your hot water needs, these systems come with either manual or thermostatic valve that you can choose from.

The thermostatic one is more powerful and efficient in saving time in heating your water. It also gives you an upper hand in maintaining the right water warmth even with fluctuating water pressure.

These showers work perfectly for bathrooms shared with the young children, elderly, and those whose movements have been affected.

The Manual powerful unit has a different flow valve and temperature valve that allow you to customize the water flow and temperature you desire.

For the power shower to work perfectly, you require constant hot and cold water supplies with a pressure of not below 0.1 bar.

For this type of shower to perform optimally, it’s recommendable to use the gravity-fed water system if your water pressure is very low.

One of the major benefits of these systems is that you do not require an extra pump to boost your water outflow.

Digital Showers

Digital shower

The digital showers offer you a combination of perfect control over your water and flow rate temperature. Using a simple processor box, these systems give you the ultimate showering experience.

This system allows you to choose the different types of water temperatures that you desire, even at a distance through technology.

They work more like the mixer showers as they operate by combining the hot water supplies and the cold water blend to give you the ideal water temperature.

At the comfort of your bed, the digital system allows you to remotely turn on your shower using a special controller or even your smartphone.

The digital system is most suitable for ensuites or bathrooms that don’t have very many users. You don’t want to have the children and the many users tampering with the processor box.

For your combi boilers, you can choose to have the shower with a concealed or exposed valve. The digital shower systems for your boiler are the easiest to install for your bathroom.

For these types of showers to perform optimally, you require a constant hot and cold water supply, the right electrical power connections from the combi boiler to the shower head.

Ensure that your hot and cold water pressure does not fall below the 0.1 bar. With this, you are assured of having the right water warmth for your bathroom.

In case the flow rate is below the 0.1 bar level, you can install an electric pump to boost the flow.

The major benefits of these systems are when water is being used on other points in your home, it won’t affect your showering water temperature, and you can control it remotely. Secondly, they feature easy controls, so you don’t have to fear scalding risk.

You also have the option to choose either a wireless digital system or a wired one. They can also be either a shower head with a single outlet or multiple outlets. Consider whether to acquire a pumped one or high-pressure digital shower heads.

Mixer Showers

A mixer shower comes either as a manual or as a thermostatic mixer shower.

1. Manual mixer showers

This system blends the hot and cold water supplies so you can set your preferred water temperature for your shower.

This type of shower is ideal for your home, especially if you have a consistently high flow of hot water. It also requires your water system to have a high pressure above the 0.1 bar.

The manual mixer is quite easy to install and control, making it the perfect showerhead for your combi boiler, especially if you have children and older people in your home.

2. Thermostatic mixer showers

The most outstanding feature of this powerful system is that they have a thermostatic valve that retains your water warmth at a constant level.

They are a perfect choice for your loved ones as they will help you prevent a temperature increase and avoid the risk of scalding, especially for children and the elderly.

It’s also designed so that your water temperature doesn’t change as you shower, even as the water from your combi boiler is being used at different points in your home.

Choosing this shower gives you the liberty to incorporate an electric pump to boost your water stream when showering if your flow is below the minimum.

Ensure your heating element is working perfectly and the hot water cylinders are constantly filled with water for the thermostatic mixer shower to perform optimally.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you make a strong shower with a combi boiler?

To make the shower strong, you need to connect the shower with a hot water cylinder.

Since the combi boiler depends on water from the mains supply, the only modification option you have to make a strong shower is to use the hot water cylinder.

Ensure that your combi boiler maximum outflow rate doesn’t exceed the mains water stream flow rate. This means that by getting the right pressure throughout your mains, to the boiler, and finally to the showerhead, you will have made a strong shower for your boiler.

2. What is the most powerful shower?

The most powerful shower available in the market today is the electric shower with a 10.8 wattage. It requires a minimum of 1.5 bar water pressure with a capacity to discharge 11 liters of water a minute.

3. How many showers can run off a combi boiler?

You can run two showers off a combi boiler but be aware this may affect the water pressure and reduce the flow rate.

Ideally, it would be best to run a single shower off a combi boiler for maximum benefits.

4. Can I use a thermostatic shower with a combi boiler?

Yes, you can; in fact, they are the most reliable and popular system easily compatible with a combi boiler.

The only thermostatic showers not compatible with combi boilers are the power showers which can’t be connected as they have an inbuilt pump. It’s not advisable to connect to the combi boiler as they don’t work well with the pressurized water stream.

5. What is the best shower head with a combi boiler?

The thermostatic mixer system has always been considered the best shower heads. However, the most popular shower heads for the combi boilers today are the electric, digital, and mixer showers with the advancement in technology.

6. What is the right hot water pressure for a combi boiler?

The hot water outflow rate should fall between 11-15 liters per minute for a good shower. This is the amount of water that the shower dispenses when the boiler is working.

Factors You Need to get Right Before Buying a Powerful Shower for Your Combi Boiler.

1. Water Pressure

Ensure that your water pressure from the mains is compatible with the maximum boiler capacity. This is necessary because it requires high water pressure for your shower to work effectively and may fail to function under low pressure.

Getting a boiler whose pressure is higher than your main supply will be wasting your money since the extra capacity will be going to waste.

2. Electrical Connections

Among the best shower system are the electrical ones. Ensure your connections are of high quality as a simple mess on these connections to your shower could be disastrous.

For electrical showers, ensure your connecting cable is above 6MM. The digital shower mixers also depend heavily on your electrical connections. Ensure you get them right.

3. Compatibility

Ensure the power shower you intend to buy is completely compatible with your boiler. The shower should be designed in a way that is easy to install and control

4. Cost

The different power shower differs a lot in cost. Digital shower systems are among the most expensive, while the manual thermostatic ones are a bit affordable. Buy the one that suits your budget as long as its water heating ability meat your expectation.

5. Space

Ensure that you have enough space for the system you plan to acquire. Given that your combi boiler has already occupied much of your space, enjoy your bath in your available area.


A good shower system for your combi boiler will give you a great bathroom experience. Buy a power shower that meets your desires.

Let your loved ones’ bath in the heated controlled water from your boiler under their preferred pressure.

Fully utilize your bathroom space by fixing any of the above hot water showers. Eliminate the need to heat water manually as you waste time waiting for it to heat.

Get yourself any of the above systems and treat yourself to a spa-like bath right at home.

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