Toilet Which Cleans You

Best Selling Toilet Which Cleans You

The best fixture you could ever have in your home is a toilet that cleans your butt with warm or cold water. You will feel a lot cleaner than when using toilet paper. So what is this toilet which cleans you?

A bidet toilet seat or attachment can greatly get you clean after answering nature’s call in your bathroom. Modern bidets will not only clean your butt with warm water but will also heat its seat, dry your butt and deodorize the toilet bowl.

The formal name of a bidet was Toto Washlet and the first model come out in 1980. Over the years the washlet has advanced technologically to include advanced modern features to improve the toilet use experience. The cost and effort of getting a bidet to your bathroom will depend on the type of device and experience you want.

Here is what you need to know about toilet bidets, their pros, cons and why you really need to adopt one into your bathroom regardless of the fact that they are superior to toilet paper.

What is a Bidet?

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Bidet spraying water from its nozzle

A bidet is can either be a standalone type that is commonly found in European countries or an attachment to an existing toilet. even though they are different devices, bidets and bidet add-ons share a common goal of cleaning by washing your genitalia – for women, anus and inner buttock after you use the bathroom.

Bidets vary depending on the type and model. While some come with advanced features like a water heater and controls for pulsation and water pressure, others come with a simple feature of shooting a fresh stream of water to clean your butt.

Do Bidet Toilets Fit in a Standard Bathroom?

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Bidet installed under the toilet seat

Bidets are designed in different styles and with different price ranges and most of them will fit standard bathrooms. Some bidets are designed for one-piece toilets in which both the spraying and drying systems are part of the toilet bowl assembly. Other bidets are designed to be part of the toilet seat and allow installation on existing toilets. These bidets are often referred to as bidet toilet seats and toilet seat washers.

Like any other product, the bidets models range from economy to luxury models. However, the basic features that come in all these models may include a heated seat, front and rear spray wash, temperature controls, air dryer and spray pressure. Whether you want a bidet or an add-on bidet, it is best you have it professionally installed by a qualified plumber.

What are the Benefits of a Toilet Which Cleans You?

The greatest benefit of using a bidet becomes obvious once the toilet paper runs out from the store shelves. Regardless, less reliance on toilet paper is just but a single advantage. So, what are the other benefits?

  • Saves Money

When toilet paper is readily available, it does not seem to be expensive. However, it is necessary that you require replenishing quite often, especially if you have a larger family. Besides, the price of toilet paper can go up substantial whenever a shortage is experienced in the market. But with a bidet fixture in your bathroom, the need for TP is eliminated.

  • Improved Personal Hygiene

This benefit might be difficult to sell, especially to someone who has never used a bidet toilet. the thought alone of having a stream of water shooting into your nether area might seem awkward and unhygienic. However, studies have shown that washing with water eliminated more faecal matter and bacterial compared to using toilet paper. Besides, it can greatly contribute to improved health in that region.

  • Fewer Plumbing System Issues

Limiting the amount of toilet paper you use is not only good for the environment and your pockets but can also be great for the plumbing system. When too much toilet is flushed down the toilet it can lead to a clog, more so in low-flow toilets. When this happens, you may require to use a plunger or call a professional plumber for help.

Pre-moistened toilet paper and flushable wipes have been widely used in recent years. This is because they are said to be better cleaners than a dry wipe with TP. Unfortunately, they may be a bit expensive than toilet paper and even worse when they clog your toilet drains. Even though some brands claim their moistened wipes are flushable, they are really not!

  • Environment Friendly

Without a doubt, toilet paper is widely used not only in America but across the world as well. Unfortunately, toilet paper is not created with any recyclable content, therefore, there are questions about whether toilet paper production can be sustainable in the long run. Toilet paper is manufactured from trees.

When trees are cut down often there is a direct environmental impact. Moreover, during the manufacturing process of toilet paper, 12 to 37 gallons of water are used to make a single roll which is not environmental friendly.

How to Clean a Bidet Seat or Add-on

If you neglect your bidet seat or attachment, it can easily malfunction. For instance, the nozzle heads can get clogged with sediment buildup more so if you are using hard water. Although not every bidet comes in the same design, the maintenance involved is more of the same.

Overall, try to stay away from harsh chemicals such as bleach and abrasive powder since when used in excess can cause rubber O-rings and gaskets to weaken and eventually fail and lead to internal leakages. Besides, scrubbing too hard when washing could scratch the bidet as well.

Equally, never fully wash or submerge your bidet seat or attachment, especially if it is powered by electricity. This is because water can destroy the electronic elements and pose a shock risk. So, what should you do to maintain your bidet device?

What to Do Every Day

Ensure your bidet nozzle wash feature operates and runs water over the nozzle to clean after every use. Wipe the seat and crevices that are reachable without removing the bidet with a soft, slightly damp cloth. Consider using a mild cleanser such as Simple Green to clean. Even if your bidet has germ-resistant plastic, consider wiping off dirt daily.

If your bidet is riddled with heavier dirt, use a soft, slightly damp cloth soaked in a diluted dish detergent with a neutral pH to wipe. If your bidet features a control panel or remote-controlled, lightly dampen a soft cloth with a mild spray cleaner and wipe it clean. Don’t submerge the remote or any controls in water or overly spray them with the cleaner.

What to Do Monthly

At least once a month, remove the bidet and the toilet lid for thorough cleaning. Wipe them with a soft dampened cloth with neutral dish soap. Have them dry or wipe them dry with a dry soft cloth. If your bidet seat features a deodorizing filter, remover it and clean it ideally with a toothbrush and water, then rinse and let it dry.

Once all the components you removed are dry, reassemble everything and clean the water nozzle. Should your bidet be using electricity or battery-powered, make sure to plug it back in. regardless of the nozzle wash feature, it is essential that you clean it manually at least monthly.

Some bidet models come with a nozzle cleaning button or setting, for this model, press it to extend the nozzle out for easy wiping on the outside of the nozzle with a soft dampened cloth. Don’t use any detergent! If it is an add-on bidet, see if you can gently pull out the nozzle to clean the interior of the nozzle hole with a toothbrush.

What to Do After Every Six Months

Some bidet seats are designed with a strainer near the inlet to help protect the inner elements against the mineral deposits. Make sure to check this feature after every few months. You can do this by shutting the water supply to your bidet, remove the filter and rinse thoroughly to eliminate any sediments, rust or grime.

If you are using hard water, consider adding an extra layer of filter between the water hose and the seat for protection against mineral deposits. You can replace the filter after every six months for the best protection.

If you have connected your bidet to a water shutoff valve, make sure to clean the inside of the valve to clean any sediment, mineral deposit or buildup. You can use a toothbrush for this purpose.

Clearing Up Common Misconceptions about Bidets

There are several misconceptions about bidets that most people think are true. However, what these people don’t have is enough information about what a bidet is, how to use it and how to care for it. If you are looking to improve your bathroom experience, hygiene and ensure healthy well-being, then a bidet is the device to bring into your bathroom. But first, let’s clear up some of the most common misconceptions about bidet seats and bidet attachments.

Bidets are Unhygienic

The necessary question you may be asking yourself is, is water more sanitary than toilet paper? The answer is washing with water your butt through the use of a bidet compared to frequently wiping with toilet paper allows you to get a general cleaner feeling quickly and even more efficiently than when using TP alone.

Without a doubt, water is more hygienic since it cleans your butt area as opposed to smearing as experienced with toilet paper. Moreover, the nozzles are automatically self-cleaning, especially on all-electric bidet seats. Ponder this, when your hands are dirty, do you wipe them clean with a paper towel or do you wash them with water to get clean?

Bidets are Messy

One thing you have to get clear is that bidets aren’t designed to jet-propel water to soak your butt. However, modern bidets allow you to control the position and pressure of the shooting water for the most comfortable cleaning experience possible. Moreover, you no longer need to fear the jolt of cold water since you have the option to choose models with water temperature control settings. Besides, the warm air dryer feature found on models like TOTO C100 Bidet Toilet will dry your washed butt after every use. With a bidet, you have clean but after using the bathroom while the mess is flushed down the drains!

I don’t have an extra space in my bathroom for a bidet

Most people think that bidet will require extra space and duplicate plumbing to install. However, there is always room for a bidet seat –which requires you to replace your existing toilet seat or an add-on bidet – which is installed directly under your existing toilet seat.

Moreover, the Japanese-style bidet seat comes affordably and is a practical option for anyone wanting to reap the benefits of a modern bidet. If you want an even more economical option, you can opt for hand-held bidet sprayers like Purrfectzone Luxury Handheld Sprayer, which require installation at the toilet tank fill valve or mounted on either to the wall or the side of your toilet tank.

Bidets are for Women

Some people think that bidets are meant for women. However, have you ever walked to a men’s room and wondered what a bidet is doing there? Even though a bidet is effective for maintaining feminine hygiene, especially during pregnancy and menstruation periods, it is equally sanitary for men to use a bidet along with or as a replacement for toilet paper. Generally, bidets are ideal for men, women elderly and children.

You Need Soap to Clean Properly with Bidet

The misconception about needing soap for better washing with bidet is completely false. Frequent use of abrasive soaps to clean your genital area can lead to drying out of the mucosal lining, which will eventually lead to increased risk of infection, anal fissures and inflammation.

The medically recommended way to clean your genital area is warm water and you can opt for heated water bidet models for effective cleaning your butt after using the bathroom.

Frequently Asked Question About Bidet Toilet Which Cleans You

A toilet that washes you is somewhat foreign to most Americans and these are the frequently asked questions about bidets in general.

Q: Will I still need to use toilet paper?

A: Most bidet toilet seats are equipped with warm dryers and therefore if you have this model then there is no need for using toilet paper. Some people prefer to use a couple of squares of TP to completely wiping themselves dry. However, the amount of toilet paper used is reduced considerably from the traditional use of toilet paper alone.

Q: Are there specific people that might benefit most from the use of a bidet?

A: Although the bidet seat or attachments are for everyone to consider using, they can be, especially beneficial to persons with disabilities or those experiencing difficulty with traditional wiping. Bidets are frequently lauded by caregivers who tend to patient’s personal needs.

Q: Is a toilet which cleans you difficult to clean?

A: A bidet toilet is not as difficult to clean as a typical toilet, whether it is a bidet seat or a one-piece bidet model. Moreover, they are built and designed with hygiene and ease of cleaning in mind.

Final Thought

Toilets that cleans you come in different styles and styles and will easily fit with the design of any bathroom. Moreover, you can hire a qualified plumber to provide professional installation for a bidet seat or attachment to set you up for many years of benefits with your new toilet which cleans you.

So, are you ready to stop the toilet paper chase and embrace a hands-off bathroom experience with a toilet which cleans you?

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