Waterdrop G2 vs G3

Waterdrop G2 vs G3

Best Selling Waterdrop G2

Clean and safe drinking water is essential in any home. And since tap water doesn’t cut it, Waterdrop Filters have manufactured their top-notch filter systems. With the under sink water filtration system in your house, you can make your tap water safe for both drinking and cooking.

However, you have to choose your filter from the multiple Waterdrop filters. But the question is which one is best? To help you make an informed decision on which Waterdrop filter to choose, we compare the Waterdrop G2 and G3 filtration systems.

Without a doubt, Waterdrop G2 and G3 filters are all high-quality filtration systems that come with innovative features but at different price points. So the real question is how clean your water will be when using either of these Waterdrop filter models. Let’s check out.

Waterdrop Filters Reverse Osmosis Technology

The unique reverse osmosis stage is what sets Waterdrop Filter models apart from other filtration systems on the market. Both G2 and G3 filtration systems come with a multi-stage filtration system that features a proprietary reverse osmosis membrane. The system eliminates all the microparticles as small as 0.0001 µm to enhance water alkalinity.

The reverse osmosis membrane eliminates up to 99% of all contaminants. Both the G2 and G3 water filters remove over 1000 toxins and these can include lead, fluorine, chlorine, and arsenic. This way, you can enjoy smooth-tasting water that is alkaline courtesy of the reverse osmosis filtration system. Whereas both the G2 and G3 come with reverse osmosis membranes. However, the G3 filtration system has a 7-stage filtration while the G2 comes with 5 stages.

Let’s look at how G2 and G3 differ in the following sections.

Waterdrop G3

The Waterdrop G3 is a powerful under-sink reverse osmosis filtration system that comes with excellent features with a sleek compact design to deliver lots of clean, safe drinking and cooking water for your family.

It features a seven-stage filtration system that includes a sediment pre-filter containing three stages, a carbon post-filter, and a 0.0001 µm reverse osmosis membrane that effectively eliminates up to 99% of all harmful contaminants with three internal stages.

Let’s have a look at the main features that sets the Waterdrop G3 model from competing G2 systems:

  • Tankless Design

Most under-sink filtration systems rely on a pressurized storage tank to hold the filtered water. However, this is not the case with Waterdrop G3 filters that produces water on demand without the need for a tank. This only means that it continuously produces water when filtration systems with the tank slow down to refill the tank. Besides, it has a tankless design means it will take up less space under the sink or on the countertop area making it an ideal choice for a small kitchen.

  • Superior 7 Stages Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration

The G3 features 7 stages of water filtration that can eliminate up to 99% of harmful contaminants in water including chlorine taste and odor, sediments, VOCs, Viruses, bacteria, total dissolved solids, and heavy metal.

  • Stage 1 of Filtration – CF Filter (Pre-filter)

The initial stage of water filtration in the G3 water filtration system has two pre-sediment filtration layers (PP cotton) and a carbon block filtration layer with a pore size of 0.8 microns. While the PP cotton removes sediments such as dust, rust, large particles, and sand, the carbon block eliminates Chlorine, VOCs, and other harmful chemicals from the water. The CF composite filter, on the other hand, is used as a pre-filter to protect the following filters from chlorine chemicals and sediments.

  • Stage 2 of Filtration – Reverse Osmosis Filter (Main filter)

The reverse osmosis filter is the core of the G3 water filtration system that eliminates water impurities such as dissolved solids. The RO filter features a large 3-layer DOW ® RO membrane with a pore size of 0.0001 micron, which allows it blocks even the smallest impurities that pass through with the water.

  • Stage 3 of Filtration – CB Filter (Post-filter)

The CB filter is made from a 0.5-micron coconut shell activated carbon block that works to eliminate any residue impurities and odor to improve the taste of water for drinking purposes. Without a doubt, reverse osmosis is the best filtration system that can produce the safest and purest drinking water.

  • Fast Water Production Rate

The G3 produces reverse osmosis water at 400 GPD making it 7 times faster than most reverse osmosis filtration systems on the market today. Ideally, it takes 12 seconds to fill a standard 8 oz. glass. That is how fast it is.

This filtration rate is very fast for the reverse osmosis systems, no wonder the G3 is tankless. Therefore, there is no need for it to have a tank to hold the filtered water. It produced clean drinking water on-demand.

  • Low Filtered Water to Wastewater Ratio of 1:1

The G3 can produce reverse osmosis filtered water at a 1:1 ratio of wastewater. This means that 1 gallon of wastewater is used to produce 1 gallon of reverse osmosis filtered water, making it 300% more efficient compared to most RO systems on the market that commonly come with a standard ratio of 1:4 filtered water to wastewater. This means that these RO systems waste 4 gallons of water to produce just 1 gallon of safe drinking water. Thus the G3 offers a huge saving of water!

  • Aesthetic

Your kitchen will look great with the Waterdrop G3 filter system as it comes with a compact, modern, and sleek design. This design will also give you flexibility in selecting the placement. It is great to put it in a visible area to show, but it is also easy to put it hidden under your kitchen sink owing to its compact design. Most traditional RO systems feature all tubing and cartridges around, but the G3 adopts a new generation design of water filtration system that has a clean modern look.

  • Automatic Flushing Features

The G3 is an under-sink RO filtration system that features an automatic flush. It features flushes the system automatically after every two hours of accumulation to remove clogs while extending the filter’s lifespan. Moreover, it features a Holiday mode, which automatically flushes the system when it has not dispensed water for a day to keep the freshness of clean water.

  • Lead-free Smart Designer Faucet with Real-Time Water Quality Indicator

The G3 has a lead-free smart faucet that is designed from brass to ensure durability while it is chrome plated for aesthetics. The smart display displays the quality of the water with a LED light when in use. This way, you will know when filter replacement is due.

  • Smart Pressure Pump

Like most Waterdrop RO systems, the G3 comes with a smart pressure pump that allows adjustment as per the feed water pressure to run at optimum efficiency in generating reverse osmosis water. The smart pressure pump comes with the key component that produces up to 400 GPD with a ratio of 1:1 filtered water to wastewater.

  • TDS Level Display

The G3 features a TDS display to show the current TDS level of water so that you are aware of the quality of water you are drinking. Unlike most RO water filters that require you to separately buy a TDS meter to test the quality of water, the G3 comes with an inbuilt version.

  • Certification

The G3 is tested and certified against NSF standard 58 for reducing TDS as well as standard 372 for lead-free materials. Moreover, it is also tested and certified for passing over 400 chemical tests.

What We Like About the Waterdrop G3

Certainly, there is a lot to like about the G3, and topping the list is its multi-stage reverse osmosis composite filter. The filter eliminates more than 1000 harmful contaminants leading to 99% or even higher purified water results. When tested, all the harmful substances were eliminated including traces of arsenic and lead.

Even though the G2 can remove most of the harmful substances from water, the purification result has a slightly different taste than the G3 model. The G3 has much cleaner-tasting water and has a little faster delivery.

The 400 GPD flow rate results in rapid delivery of purified drinking water, therefore you can easily get clean drinking and cooking water on-demand from your faucet. Additionally, the G3 is no doubt efficient, reducing wastewater with a 1:1 drain ratio.

Regardless, the G3 comes with the same under the sink and second faucet fixing as the G2. The system is slightly bigger due to the extra filters, but you still need to watch videos to install the G3 water filter. Although the G3 has more premium pricing compared to the G2, this owes to the higher filtration and smart features. But with the increased water quality, smart features, and overall low-cost filter replacements make it worth the price.

Waterdrop G2

Without a doubt, the Waterdrop G2 is an economic version of the G3. It is also a small version of the G3 in size and with only 2 filters – the CF filter and the MRO filter. The MRO is a smaller version of the RO filter in the G3. So, what makes the G2 comparable to the G3 in producing pure drinking water?

  • Strong Filtration Performance

Although the G2 features a 5 filtration stage compared to the 7 filtration stages in the G3, it still maintains a similar filtration performance of eliminating over 99% of harmful substances like the G3 model.

  • Tankless Design

The G2 comes with a tankless RO system just like the G3, making it take up to 70% less space of your under sink or countertop area. The tankless design also makes the G2 deliver clean water on-demand.

  • High Water Output and Wastewater Efficiency

The G2 under-sink RO system produces clean pure RO water at 400 GPD with only a 1:1 clean water to wastewater ratio. This way, the Waterdrop G2 saves up to 75% of water compared to most other RO systems on the market. However, this percentage is lower than that of the G3 can save. Nonetheless, it takes about 12 seconds to fill a standard 8 oz. glass just like the G3.

  • Compact and Modern Design

The G2 features a compact design construction that easily fits into small spaces under your kitchen sink. Moreover, the sleek modern design allows you to place it on a visible spot in your kitchen countertop, thereby improving the aesthetic value of your kitchen.

  • Smart Filter Life Reminder

The G@ RO filtration system has a smart filter life reminder that alerts you whenever it is time for filter replacement. This way, it takes out the guesswork, thus maintaining your water clean and pure always.

  • Reasonable Price

The Waterdrop G2 model is reasonably priced compared to its competitor, the G3. In fact, it comes at half the price of the G3 model. As such, it is a great budget option if you are not able to afford the G3 model.

  • Certification

The Waterdrop G2 RO filtration system is tested and certified for standard 58 for TDS reduction over 94% and standard 372 for lead-free materials.

What We Like About Waterdrop G2

Even though the G2 RO filtration is designed to be small and sleek, it is a powerful system. Best of all, it has an efficient reverse osmosis filtration that eliminates most of the harmful contaminants from your drinking water. Besides, it fits right under your sink as it takes very little space.

The G2 produces clean and pure water faster than most systems in its class. Besides, you won’t have to wait for your drinking water; it produces pure drinking water on-demand. It uses a Today-brand semi-permeable membrane that eliminates 99% of all toxins compared to most filters that remove about 95% of all harmful contaminants. However, this G2 can remove chlorine, fluorine, detergents, Lead, Arsenic, pesticides, chloramine, sulfates, and nitrates.

The G2 delivers a flow rate of 400 GPD with a drain rate of 1:1. As such, it operates more efficiently with minimum wasted water, to cut down your overall cost of running your water filter. The 5 stage filtration system allows water to flow through multiple filters to dispense clean pure water ready to drink.

The G2 is equipped with both the CF filter and MRO filter. The CF filter works to eliminate dust, sediments, chlorine, larger particles, bad taste, and odor from the water that flows through. On the other hand, the MRO filter works to remove most of the remaining contaminants like micro-toxins, bacteria, microscopic organic matter, and limescale that may infect your drinking water. This way, the G2 produces clean, taste, smooth, and pure drinking water.

Nonetheless, the system requires time more time for installation compared to the G3 model. Just like any other under sink water filtration system, the G2 equally requires a second faucet installed. Besides, you need to drill a small hole where the drainpipe will pass to drain out the wastewater.

The Unique Benefits of Waterdrop Filters

Most of the under-sink water filters are affordable since they don’t come with reverse osmosis or tankless design. Instead, they are bulky with large water storage tanks coupled with many water lines. However, the Waterdrop water filters are different in both design and performance. They are both tankless, compact designs and with a reverse osmosis system. So, what are the other benefits of having a Waterdrop filter?

  • Quick and Direct Installation

There are under-sink water filters that come with many lines that require several hours to install. However, that is not the case with Waterdrop, they need a few minutes, and they will be ready for use.

With the video help and the quick-to-install design of both the G2 and G3, you only require about 15 minutes to install each of them. Moreover, you don’t need the services of a plumber to get it done. The two models come with the necessary hardware for the installation process.

The process of installation is the same for both the G2 and G3. They both come with a water line hookup and a second faucet. Nonetheless, both systems need to be plugged into electricity for each of them to work efficiently.

  • Easy Maintenance

With the tankless design, you won’t have any problems when it comes to maintaining your water filter. Problems such as mold, mildew, and contaminant accumulation are water filters with tanks are no longer there. Just plug and play filters make it seamless to maintain the case and the interior clean without taking it apart for cleaning purposes.

  • High Efficiency

The Waterdrop RO systems are very efficient and can produce a gallon of pure water for every gallon of wastewater.  However, the amount of water waste can vary with the pressure of the water entering the filtration system. Higher input pressure results in less water wasted.

Both the G2 and G3 are designed with an integrated pump that increases the pressure to help reduce water waste while increasing efficiency.

  • Filter Life

With a filtration system, be sure to always check the filter life. Most water filtration systems need filter replacement after every 3 to 6 months. However, both the G2 and G3 come with multiple filters. The composite filter in the G3 systems requires replacement once a year, and the RO membrane needs replacement within 2 to 3 years.

The G2, on the other hand, comes with fewer filters. However, the carbon block filter and the RO membrane offer the same replacement time.

  • One-year Extended Warranty and Customer Support

Seamless customer support is a valuable necessity when it comes to household appliances, especially something like a unique water filter. Waterdrop offers one of the best online and phone support for its customers. Besides, it has the best-qualified product support teams across its water filtration companies.

Waterdrop also offers warranties for both the G2 and G3 filters and systems. A one-year warranty on the composite filters and a two-year warranty on the reverse osmosis membrane filter. Therefore, you can replace all the filters and any malfunctioning parts in the first year of owning the water filter.

However, zero issues have been reported on either system. Therefore, customers have reviewed both the G2 and G3 with high scores and recommendations.

Final Thought

Both the G2 and G3 filtration systems purify drinking water by removing 99% of all harmful substances. Although both filtration systems feature the same design, the G3 is fitted with a 7-stage water filtration system that eliminates more substances and even purifies the taste of the water to be a bit smoother.

Both have tankless designs featuring a plug-in filter design. As such, you don’t need to worry about how to maintain the system or cleaning the filters. But the G3 is fitted with a smart LED indicator that alerts you whenever the filters require replacement.

When should you consider the G3 filter system over the G2? Well, if you want the best Waterdrop under the sink RO system, then the G3 becomes the perfect pick. This model comes with the most efficient and stronger filtration process and innovative smart features convenient for your needs. Better yet, your family benefits from tastier water!

The G2 is best suited for a smaller family, homes, and small offices. Even with its integrated composite filter and RO system, it delivers effective filtration that yields pure drinking water. The filters remove 99% of all harmful substances. Moreover, you get a fast flow rate of 400 GPD and a 1:1 wastewater drain ratio like the G3 filter system.

When should you consider buying the G2 filtration system? You can consider the G2 filter system if you are looking for a small-sized RO system that is more affordable and the extra features you get in the G3 are not necessary to you.

Overall, you will get incredibly clean, pure drinking, and cooking water from either filter system. For an economical filter for a small home or office, the G2 is a good option. But for higher purity, more capacity, and innovative smart features, the G3 is a better pick.

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